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May 23, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Interesting concept and vision
  • Appealing theme and design
  • High initial investment required
  • Behind schedule
  • Unknown gameplay

PolyGod is a simulated/real-time strategy video game based upon the Polygon blockchain that will allow players to acquire NFT and battle each other in fights lasting 2 to 10 minutes.

Official Trailer


November 2021

  • IDO on GameZone, then $GULL token launch for the public on PancakeSwap

December 2021

  • INO and first God NFT listing for the public
  • Daily/weekly challenges for NFT holder clans

January 2022

  • $GULL/$MINT farm release
  • 2nd edition of clan NFT and challenges release

March 2022

  • Release of $GULL on Polygon
  • Release of $MYNT on BSC/Polygon

May 2022

  • NFT marketplace launch
  • First NFT warriors unleash

July 2022

  • Complete and launch the simulated PvP game

September 2022

  • Player Leaderboard and Leagues release

November 2022

  • Releasing weekly and monthly tournaments

December 2022

  • Complete and launch the full real-time PvP game

January 2023

  • New Website will be finished
  • Updated PolyGod Branding

February 2023

  • Final touches on the Public Beta with Real Time PvP

March 2023

  • Updated website released
  • By the end of March, Public Beta released for all to enjoy

April 2023

  • The highly anticipated MYNT farming will be released
  • Weekly and monthly tournaments for prizes will be held for Public Beta players
  • Marketing of the full game release will begin and push to grow the player base in anticipation of the full release

May 2023

  • The in-game NFT marketplace will be released and connected to the Public Beta
  • The player's leaderboard will be released, and the XP system will be introduced

June 2023

  • The updated and enhanced clan system will be fully integrated into the game

August 2023

  • The full game will be released and connected to the blockchain with all functionality
  • The full league system will be implemented
  • Additional characters, content, and maps will be added to the game

November 2023

  • Continued development, game materials, and updates will be added

About the game

Player Requirements

PolyGod will offer a Starter pack for newcomers at a fixed price of USD 15. Users are currently able to buy $GULL through PancakeSwap. You will need to have a crypto wallet to make these investments, and BNB is required to pay transaction fees on the Binance Smart Chain. Although we know the game will run on Unreal Engine, it is still unclear what specific PC requirements PolyGod will have after the game is released.


This project has two different tokens:

  • $GULL: this is the governance token and has a fixed supply of 150,000,000 sold during the seed phase as a deflationary token. It will act as a safe store for money
  • $MYNT: used to play the PvP game and reward winners, this is the in-game currency. You can spend it for starter packs, paying game fees, and trading/upgrading NFT game characters. It is backed by $GULL

Farming $GULL will generate $MYNT into the ecosystem, but players will also be able to buy $MYNT for dollars.

Although there is a staking link on the PolyGod website, it did not show any specific staking program.

However, the project is offering 3 different staking tiers: Warrior, King, and God. The specific tier will be automatically calculated by the contract after you connect your wallet to PolyGod. The appropriate benefits will then be applied according to how much $GULL the user stakes.


Winning matches will give players game pool prize rewards, trophies, and experience. The more experience you get, the more likely it is that you will go up a league. Higher leagues have increased farming speed and APYs, meaning you will get the most of your staking if you do well in the game. Climbing to higher leagues will also give players NFT and tournament entry discounts.

Each battle will require both players to stake a fixed amount of $MYNT. The winner will take 90% of the bounty and the remaining 10% will go into the PolyGod $MYNT pool, where players can buy it directly on the marketplace.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“PolyGod is an ambitious and optimistic project. The game itself combines popular genres, which could be a very appealing characteristic for players. Some of the promises made by the developers look very interesting (like the Player-Created Content initiative), and the economics ecosystem model looks sound. The problem is that the most critical factor for a project of this nature is still missing: the gameplay. As of today, the simulated gameplay release by PolyGod is more than a couple of months overdue, making users and possible customers very cautious. It does not matter how good your tokenomics or your vision looks if the actual game mechanics end up being unimpressive. Although the development team and Unreal Engine provide some extra credibility, projects like these have to make sure they have very good gameplay in order to create enough engagement and value for players. It would make little sense to invest in a game that has not yet been able to show any significant gameplay.”

PolyGod is a tower rush game that puts players into a 1v1 arena, where they both try to destroy the most opposing towers to win the game. The destruction of the King’s Tower results in an automatic win for that player.

If the match goes beyond 3 minutes and each player has an equal number of towers, they will enter a 2-minute sudden-death overtime period. If no towers get destroyed in this period, the player with the most damaged structure will lose the match.

The game will have GOD NFT assets, each with its own set of abilities and initial prices. Players can collect and upgrade these assets as trading cards to use on the battlefield and get an edge over their opponents.

PolyGod is about competition and progress, with the developers scheduling weekly and monthly tournaments for players to participate in and earn increasingly higher rewards. The game will feature multiple leagues, with the top 3 players with the highest experience scores going up one league each week, and the bottom 3 going down.