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Polygonum Online
May 10, 2023

Overall Rating

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Project Potential
  • Intuitive control
  • Interesting graphic elements

Polygonum Online is a first-person action game where you face off zombies and other players or relax while building your own farm.

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Q2 - 2022

  • Guild Wars.
  • Browser version for marketing.

Q3 - 2022

  • NFT.
  • Minting in-game items.
  • Minting unique in-game characters with permanent boosted characteristics.
  • Upgrading of NFT with the “Engineering set”.
  • Alpha MOBILE version (Android).

Q4 - 2022

  • Repair system.
  • PvE
  • NPC quests.
  • Mining of ores.
  • World bosses.
  • Private island farm.
  • Growing animals.
  • Growing plants.
  • Autofarm.
  • Guild boosters.
  • Marketing.

Q1 - 2023

  • Horses, transport (boats, motorcycles, cars).
  • Item crafting.
  • Building system (buildings, fences).

Q2 - 2023

  • Pre-release optimization of the VR.
  • Game Release: Virtual reality (VR).

Q3 - 2023

  • Battle Pass.

About the game

Player Requirements

The game is not particularly demanding, and you won’t need an expensive PC. In the future, the game will also be available in browsers and on mobile devices. It is necessary to own a MetaMask wallet.


There are two currencies in play. The SP token (Skill point) is an in-game token used for trading on the marketplace, repairing weapons, making weapons, etc. It’s a currency that only has value in the game and cannot be exchanged for real money.

The POG Coin is a token with value in the real world. In-game, it can be traded on the NFT marketplace to buy in-game items, upgrade weapons, and potentially sold to make money.


Players earn by selling items, mainly weapons, they acquire in the game or by staking tokens in “boxes”.


The player chooses from four boxes, which are divided by quality and value. The least expensive is for 250 POG and the most expensive is for 1500 POG. After “purchasing” any box, the amount is frozen for 14 days and cannot be traded. After the time is up, the token is released back and the player receives a random NFT item that can then be used in-game or sold on the NFT market. The better the box, the higher the chance of getting a more valuable item.




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Analytic Opinion

“The game does not have impressive graphics or groundbreaking gameplay. However, it has elements that are interesting, and I believe that every player will find something they like in the game. In order to get better items and thus earn more money, the player needs to enter PvP zones. On the other hand, if the player just wants to relax or face weaker enemies, the PvE and FARM modes are always available.Although the game is Free-To-Play, you need to own a MetaMask wallet, so trying out the game just like that is not possible at the moment. I believe that in the future the developers will make this more accessible so that everyone can try the game out.”

Polygonum Online is a Free-To-Play open-world multi-platform action game where you can sell and buy everything that you find, grow or hunt in the game.

Polygonum Online is divided into three modes: Farm, PvE and PvP.

This is a safe place where players can store, repair or upgrade their items. In this area, it is possible to accept quests from NPC characters and here you can also find a so-called NPC marketplace where common items can be bought and sold. Eventually, a Private Island will be added to this area. There you will be able to tend to your own farm by yourself or with friends and this will allow you to earn passive income from various activities.

This is a large open world inhabited by enemies such as zombies and wild animals that will attack you as soon as you approach them. In this area you can fulfill certain quests from NPC characters. Furthermore, this area is great for obtaining materials such as skins, wood, plants and much more.

The most difficult area where you will not only face zombie bosses, but will also encounter other players who can kill you for rewards and rare items. There are two PvP towns here. The first, easier one has fewer zombie bosses and fewer enemies overall, but you can still run into other players there. The second town is full of zombies that are fast and strong, and there is no shortage of other players waiting for you there either.