Diego Kebork
Diego Kebork

Project Hive

Project Hive is a Play-To-Earn turn-based RPG with a focus on PvP, featuring NFT items, a Clans system, high-quality 3D graphics and a PvE campaign.

Project Hive Introduction
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  • Graphics
  • Different game modes
  • Encourages creativity
  • Online community


  • Repetitive animations
Rating 6.5
4 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 – 2021

  • Idea and team building
  • Setup foundation and legal structure
  • Basic game concept

Q2 – 2021

  • Finding partners
  • Kickoff of game construction
  • Creation of SCOPE
  • Smart Contracts development

Q3 – 2021

  • Creation of  Road Map
  • Writing of whitepaper
  • Creating of game asset pipeline

Q4 – 2021

  • Official website
  • Creation vertical slice game
  • Beginning of marketing campaign

Q1 – 2022

  • NFT wallet release
  • Public demo release
  • First playable prototype on blockchain
  • IDO for governance token

Q2 – 2022

  • NFT marketplace release
  • NFT presale
  • First demo multiplayer game
  • Own private network
  • Own blockchain explorer

Q3 – 2022

  • Beta test presale participants
  • Quality assurance

Q4 – 2022

  • Game release
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About the Game

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Project Hive is a turn-based NFT card game, in which the player goes into battle against another player or the game’s AI. The battle consists of several rounds, in which the player is given a deck of cards. The game will hand the player six cards each per round – each card has different abilities (e.g. attack, defense, etc.), and the player has to strategically choose three cards only to battle their opponent during each round. The player that lives wins the battle.

However, Project Hive has three different game modes:

  • P2E/Win2E
  • PvE Storyline
  • Large Scale PvP

In the Play-2-Earn mode you will be able to do daily tasks to earn in-game currency, which will encourage players to return to the game every single day. Also, you can fight against other players in the game, where the winner takes the prize.

In the PvE Storyline, the player will have the opportunity to walk through story chapters while discovering new things and the mystery behind the story. In other words, the game has its own story in which the player can fully understand the meaning and backstory of the characters and the plot itself.

Finally, the Large Scale PvP consists of clan wars, in which the player can join forces with fellow game players to battle other clans among the game. In this game mode, the players within the clans can earn money by acquiring Cells which will allow them to earn passive income rewards from outside staking pools.

The player will have the option to use four different characters or archetypes, sorted between twenty-two different classes within them, depending on the different kind of weapons and armors they are equipped with:

  • Bladerunner
  • Bonebreaker
  • Gunslinger
  • Flatliner

By equipping the archetype with different types of armor, weapons, attributes, and skills, the player will have the liberty to discover their own personal play style to defeat their opponent.

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Player Requirements

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The game is Free-To-Play, with in-game purchases to upgrade your weapons, armors, and characters. As of right now, the demo has been released for Windows and Android.

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$HGT - Governance Token

Total Supply: 18 billion

Use cases:

  • Breeding
  • Merging items
  • Enhancing items
  • Purchasing items
  • Battle pass for arenas

$IGT - In-game token

Token Supply: Unlimited

Use cases:

  • Crafting items
  • Upgrading skills
  • Breeding


$HGT can be staked for $HGT or $IGT in return.

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Players can earn $HGT from the in-game most challenging activities. Placing bids through in-game auctions with $HGT to take part in Guild Wars.

Players can earn $IGT, which is the main game token of the game’s ecosystem, from almost every activity inside the game. Using just one character, the player can earn between 150 – 250 in $IGT daily thanks to PvE and PvP Fights.

Crafting and merging weapons or armors using $IGT as a catalyst can yield between 150 – 3,150 $IGT depending on the quality of the item.

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analyst opinion

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“The game itself looks really good. With top-notch graphics and visuals, it is what every user would desire. As they said in their website “it’s created by gamers for gamers”, this game is a well-thought out project that promises to deliver a great ecosystem so that both big and small spenders can play together. Also, it is not only created for big time gamers, but also for beginners who would want to start the journey into the NFT world by having three different game modes. I would say that this game is very versatile since it is actually created for everyone.

The game has a really cool feature that lets you create new skins for your gear. I believe that encourages the player’s creativity and gives the game a fresh look from time to time. Also, players can feel more connected to the game when their skin is used by other users.

Project Hive also has a massive online community, and the game does not even have a release date yet. They are very active on social media which is a good sign that they are serious about their project.

However, I would say the only downgrade is the repetitive movements and actions in battle. The player can play the same card three times in a row, and the character would do the same animation and repeat it. I would probably add more action cards, so that the game feels more dynamic.

Overall, this is a great project with a lot of promise. Let’s just hope they deliver in time.”

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Diego Kebork

Diego Kebork

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