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Puzzle Hunters
Jun 11, 2024

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Engaging and informative web page
  • Strong and experienced team
  • User-friendly interface
  • Blockchain experience not required
  • Engaging team members
  • Initial investment
  • In-game battle entrance fee

Puzzle Hunters is a real-life game platform with a self-sustaining ecosystem where puzzle gaming is combined with action gaming on blockchain technology. Unfortunately, the team is not very active on social media. We recommend exercising caution.

Official Trailer


Q4 - 2021

  • Idea conceptualization
  • Talent acquisition
  • Marketing strategy
  • Website development
  • Smart contracts development
  • Audit smart contracts
  • Gameplay, character development
  • Whitepaper
  • Trailer release

Q1 - 2022

  • Airdrop Round 1
  • Partnership
  • Website new version
  • Seed sale & private sale
  • Marketing
  • Pre-sale events
  • IDO launching
  • Listing DEX on PancakeSwap
  • Public listing exchange
  • Token distribution
  • MVP release
  • Beta release
  • Marketplace opening
  • LP Staking
  • Partner staking

Q2 - 2022

  • Gamification integration and testing
  • Official game launch
  • Airdrop Round 2
  • NFT generation

Q3 - 2022

  • Marketplace lending
  • Community event
  • Bug and error fixing
  • New character, skill and item update

Q4 - 2022

  • Metaverse Creature Hunters introduction
  • Marketing
  • Community event
  • More exchange listings
  • Mobile version
  • Multiple language support
  • DeFi dApp integration

About the game

Player Requirements

Players must own five robots which will represent the five powerful hunters.

  • First of all, the players must have CHTS Tokens, which is the governance token of the game and the whole ecosystem
  • After connecting your MetaMask (crypto wallet) to Puzzle Hunters Marketplace, you will have to either buy or exchange the desired number of tokens necessary to buy the CHTS NFT Card
  • CHTS NFT Cards will have 5 random robots inside them and once the players purchase the cards, they will obtain randomly selected robots
  • Users can re-purchase the CHTS Cards at any time, but must not forget that the five robots will always be assigned randomly
  • Users will keep earning CHTS cards as rewards for missions and battles


$CHTS Token

Max. Supply: 500,000,000

The staking option is not live yet, but according to the whitepaper, the staking reward is 5% of the in-game tokenomics.

$CHTS is used for GameFi in-game features, such as exchanging XP (experience points), KvP (Khalida Points), CH-P (Puzzle Hunters Points) and to buy item capsules.

$CHTS can be used in the marketplace to buy robots, character cards, and to rent character cards for a certain time period.

Users can also sell or buy their own combined Hunter Characters Cards as NFTs.


XP points are earned by hunting creatures.

By taking down more powerful enemies or taking part in combat, players can gain more XP. The amount won is based on the combat skill and strength of the beast that was killed. Players will earn SPOT points while enhancing the skills of their characters.

Players also will earn Khalida Points during PvP Battles and battle mini-game Khalida Hunt, to earn more Khalida Points. These Khalida Points (KvP) can be exchanged to $CHTS. $CHTS are rewarded from auto-match battles too.

After finishing each level in all the modes, players earn Puzzle Hunters Points (CH-P). These points can later be exchanged to $CHTS.

Players also can earn ranking awards with a huge amount of $CHTS through special events.

Users will keep earning CHTS cards as mission’s and battle’s rewards.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“This is a very easy to play and captivating game. It has “Candy Crush” like elements, which means it is highly addictive and engaging. I strongly believe that Blockchain gaming will be more successful when it comes to reaching bigger crowds who are not familiar with the blockchain system.

Facebook gaming showed us that these games are appealing and successful at attracting even the older aged crowd.

Puzzle Hunters uses similar elements, making the game access easier through these qualities.

Having a game available in the phone stores, such as Apple or Google is always considered an advantage.

Within social media platforms, their engagement on YouTube is impressive - as well as their activity on Telegram and Discord channels. However, their engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is too low.

The game’s story is strong, and well described on the whitepaper. This makes the game appealing and helps the players become more involved.

Hitoshi Mogi, the game’s producer, and Jang Yu-sik, the CEO, both have strong backgrounds having been involved in Disney Animation Studios and Warner Bros.

I don't like the fact that players need to pay an entry fee for the PvE and PvP battles. If there is already an initial investment amount, these features should be free in my opinion.”

Puzzle Hunters is a defense action game that combines puzzle solving with battles, where characters protect people or facilities from threats and enemies.

After a cosmic explosion, the Universe's 5 most powerful hunters fell on Earth’s surface. Their mission is to find the universe’s heart, also known as ‘Khalida’. Khalida had been lost during a Galactic gang attack in the past.

Meanwhile on Earth, naughty kids are waiting for the hunters, aka Space Warrior Robots, to arrive at their club presentation. They are surprised when they see that the robots are broken and damaged from when they fell on Earth.

The kids need the robots, and the five hunters need the children's help in order to recover their damaged bodies to complete their mission: finding Khalida.

The story is built upon the story of five children and five robots defending Earth from creature attacks.

Users must create five robot characters to help them protect the Earth.

The game's mission is to create long-term game play via a fair rewarding system for the users, as well as an appealing and engaging game space, where daily challenges will be applied and the results will be reflected clearly and instantly on the NFT characters.

The game consists of 2 different gaming modes:

  • (PVU): Defend off Creature attacks, destroy enemies, earn rewards, and proceed to your next mission
  • Auto Mode 1:1 Battle game method: The match starts and plays automatically according to the user's settings

Users automatically receive rewards according to the result.

Puzzle Hunters released its first version for PC’s and a second version is available for IOS and Android.