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Riot Racers

Published: 29 August 2022

A racing game on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. Choose your car and driver, and use strategy to lead you to victory.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Riot Racers is a racing game on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. You buy or lease cars and drivers and use strategy to win races and make money. The race itself is a simulation, meaning you don’t actually drive the car.

Road Map

The project first appeared on 18 May 2021. Since then, it has made several first-generation drops, developed a website and marketplace, listed a token, released a beta version, started releasing a second generation, and launched a Play-2-Earn concept and lease system.

2Q 2022

  • 3D race playback.
  • Car upgrades.
  • Tournaments and cup races.
  • $RIOT staking.

3Q and 4Q 2022

  • Secondary sales on Riot Racers marketplace.
  • Land and ramp sales.
  • Release of Riot Rampage (ramps).
  • First metaverse release.


  • Riot Rush drop.
  • Riot Rush launch.

About the game

This is a racing game in which, unlike others, you are not a direct participant in the race and do not drive your car. You only set the racing strategy for your NFT driver, NFT car, and NFT mechanics.

To race, you need to own or lease a car and driver. If you lease an NFT, you can have a maximum of 10 cars and 10 drivers. There is no rental fee – the NFT owner only sets what percentage of your winnings will go into their pockets.

You choose a paid or unpaid Play-2-Earn race and the conditions (weather, track, pit) are displayed. You then choose your car and driver based on these. You set strategies in five different categories: race posture, racetrack, braking technique, engine power and acceleration strategy.

Three factors influence the race:  20% is determined by the driver, 29% by the car and 51% by the race strategy.


There are seven classes of car in the game, from the most common beginner Rookie (O), through Rally (R), Driver (D), Tracker (T), Aero (A), and Pro (P), to Legendary (L).

All cars can be upgraded, so even a bad car can eventually become legendary.

Racers and cars can be multiplied. Each NFT can be multiplied up to seven times. You will always need two cars or two drivers to do this. If you only have one car or driver, you can use the “Milk Truck” for cars or “Queen B” for drivers for a fee.

When multiplying, you always pay part in $RIOT and part in $USDT.


Drivers are in the game for only nine months. After this, they “retire”. There is currently no way to use drivers who can no longer race. However, something is being planned.

There are three types of drivers: men, women and mecha. There is a wide range of visual characteristics, such as facial expressions, hair, hats, clothing and more.

Drivers are also distinguished by rarity: Fire (rarest), Wind, Water and Earth (most common). Rarity determines a driver’s characteristics.

Each driver has the following statistics: speed, braking, handling, endurance, and vision. All these statistics always range between 50 and 100 points. The more points, the better the driver is. The statistics values are assigned randomly, as are type, gender, and characteristics.

Gaming assets

There are several types of assets in the game. The rarest are gas stations. With the exception of free races, you will need to buy fuel for your car. As a gas station owner, you collect fees from all the players who fill up at your station. The game has estimated that gas stations would earn their first owners about USD 2,500 in the first year of the game.

Car upgrades are purchased and installed at a repair shop. The repair shop receives a portion of the upgrade fee. In addition, the total proceeds from all the upgrades purchased at all repair shops are divided equally among all the repair shops. The project anticipated that a repair shop would earn its first owners about USD 1,300 in the first year of the game.

Each racetrack also includes 1,400 plots adjacent to it. Whenever there is a race on the track, the owners of these plots will receive a $RIOT token based on its level.

The last assets on a racetrack are the billboards, which you can place any kind of advertisement on or lease.

Player requirements

The game is played in a browser on a computer and no powerful graphics cards are required. Since the game is Free-2-Play, you don’t even need to buy your own NFT. Just lease a car and driver from another player who is offering this service.

You don’t pay for a leased car and driver either, as the lessor sets how much of the winnings they will get and how much you will get.

So, all you need is a wallet, such as MetaMask or Cinbase Wallet, and you can join the game.


The project token is called $RIOT.

Total supply: 250,000,000

In circulation: 45,000,000

Current price here.

Where to buy: Uniswap, Quickswap


You can earn in the project by selling NFTs, or by leasing them. However, NFT drivers have a “lifetime” of only nine months, after which they retire.

You also earn money by racing and winning prizes.

Although staking is planned, the project has stated that the token is in no way intended as an investment.

Riot Owners Club

The Riot Racers loyalty rewards program motivates players to hold $RIOT and rewards them with assets. At higher levels, additional $RIOT tokens are also awarded. See the project whitepaper for a complete table of requirements and rewards.


The team members are only listed on the Discord. However, you won’t find their names there, only links to Twitter. The project founder is MetaKhan.eth.

The team has not published any more information about themselves.

Analyst opinion

“When creating this analysis, I wasn’t sure if I was fascinated by the project or if the negatives outweighed the positives. In the end, the negatives won out. The fact that your NFT “retires” after nine months and thus virtually loses the value you have invested in it, even if only by multiplying, is simply wrong.

Despite the project being over a year old, the membership base is pitifully small. The response time from the Discord team is not quick either, although they do answer most questions after a while. The team itself has been anonymous for over a year. The project hasn’t formed a single major partnership it could list in a year, which detracts from its credibility.

I take it as a positive that the project is fulfilling the Road Map, and not giving up. I also like the ability to lease NFTs for free from other players, which is much better than investing in the unknown. You can make money this way even while trying it out, and there are no obligations. Plus, the different land types work pretty well.

I don’t recommend the project, but you can definitely try it out and maybe find it interesting. Since it is still evolving, the last word might not yet have been spoken.”

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