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Roach Racing Club

Published: 28 July 2022

Roach racing is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world. This game was already popular in the Byzantine Empire, Greece and also in ancient Egypt. The time has come to digitize this experience and enrich it with a modern blockchain economy.

Basic information

Roach Racing Club is a thrilling roach racing world where you can breed and improve your champions, race with your favorite roaches, watch their races, earn rewards and become a racing superstar.

Roach Racing takes place in a unique digital world that includes:

  • races
  • buying, selling and collecting
  • breeding
  • hiring champions
  • equipment and biohacking

In order for roaches to survive and prosper, they have to participate in races. The most important thing is to choose a suitable racer for the given track. The success of a roach in a race depends on several parameters:

  • Roach genetics and physical condition.
  • Race track status based on ChainLink data.
  • Randomly selected success using Chainlink VRF.

    Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) is a verifiable and fair random number generator (RNG) that allows smart contracts to access random values without compromising security and functionality.

Road Map

Q2 2022
Release of 10,000 roaches (Genesis phase).

Q3 2022
Closed beta for the OG community.

Q4 2022
Reward system public beta.
Breeding option.

Q1 2023
Complete platform launch.
Roach upgrades.
Added tournaments.

Q2 2023
Equipment and biohacking.

About the game

In order to participate in a race, you have to purchase your first NFT roach directly from another owner or on a marketplace, such as OpenSea, Rarible or LooksRare. After getting the first roach, you become a full member of the Roach Racing Club. You can sell your roach at any time.

The race is an independent event in which players assign their roaches to compete with each other. The race goal is to get to the finish line as quickly as possible. Each race takes place on a race track, the properties of which affect the results of roaches in the race. The player chooses a strategy before each race. After the race starts, he or she has no control over the course. Winning requires choosing the right roach with the best characteristics for the race.

Two race types will be available:

No entry fees.
Winning prize for the top three paid in $MTGN.

Entry fees in wETH.
Winning prize for the top three paid in wETH.
Rewards in $MTGN for all participants in the race.

The choice of the race should be made strategically, because each race takes place on a specific track with dynamically changing conditions, such as:

  • length
  • weather
  • surface
  • and more

Syndicates (Guilds)
Syndicates allow community members to unite their gaming efforts and manage the community in a similar way to DAO.
Syndicates allow members to expand the gaming experience by:

  • Access to the roach rental system.
  • Earning TRAX points for the syndicate in the form of member activity rewards.
  • Obtaining $MTGN as cashback from roach breeding with syndicate members.
  • Race tracks purchase and management.
  • Earning on race fees.
  • Purchase unique wearable items for TRAX points.

A $RRC 1,000 deposit is required to create a syndicate.


The system is designed to generate three key revenue sources:

  • Entry fees for race track owners.
  • Breeding fees distributed among race participants.
  • Fees for the NFT resale to the marketplace, paid to the development fund.

The economic cycle of the game consists of:
– Buying a roach.
– Participation in competitions.
– Possibility to breed new roaches and win races.

The system’s economy is based on rewarding players and token holders.

Players can benefit from the races by:

  • Winning races and receiving the prizes.
  • Obtaining the game currency needed to breed roaches.
  • Game currency sales to other players.
  • Selling roaches to new players or lending them.


There are two tokens in Roach Racing Club – one is a governance token and the other serves as in-game currency.

$RRC (ERC-20)

The main token of the Roach Racing Club universe. $RRC holders will be able to stake, earn rewards and vote on the game administration in a DAO poll. The maximum $RRC supply is set to 10,000,000. It is being developed on the Polygon network.
$RRC token usage:

  • Game administration and management.
  • Breeding fees.
  • Biochambers rental via staking.
  • Apply for the administrator role by staking.
  • Creating syndicates in the form of staking.

The mutagen or $MTGN token is an internal payment tool for breeding new roaches. Players can get it as a reward for race participation. $MTGN tokens can be exchanged between players and their supply is unlimited, but the number of tokens in the system is adjusted depending on the economic situation. The release rate may be changed to offset incentives. The $MTGN tokens are burned by the system when used in the breeding process.

Other Roach Racing Club assets:

Roach NFT
A roach NFT is a major gaming asset that allows you to play the game, race and create new individuals. Roach NFTs are freely portable and tradeable cryptoassets on the Polygon blockchain.

Race tracks
Race tracks are NFTs and can be purchased by syndicates for TRAX points. The number of race tracks is limited, only a few are created each year. The tracks are designed by the development team in cooperation with syndicates, who can benefit from them by collecting the entry fees.

TRAX represents non-transferable points in the Syndicate smart contract. They are designed for syndicates, which can spend them on gaming assets such as race tracks.


Andrey Ivanov:
Chief Technology Officer
– Co-founder of the mobile game studio MadSword.

Ildar Zaynetdinov:
Head of Marketing
– DJ and musician, more than 10 years of experience in marketing.

Danila Chestnykh:
Strategic Director
– Co-founder of the first cryptographic analytics service DataLight.

Dmitry Baraulin:
Art director
– Working in the field of 3D design since 2005. Co-founder of the award-winning White Russian studio.

Analyst opinion

“I’ve never heard of roach races, so I was quite surprised and it forced me to really explore the game thoroughly. What this pastime will look like in the modern world of ones and zeros is a question. Anyway, when the developers finish the game, I’ll definitely look at their creation. Unfortunately, the forced investment to buy an NFT roach is discouraging. Still, if roach prices aren’t astronomically high, it can be a fun game.”

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