Rugged Revenants

A fun game where your task is to beat everyone and get to the next level!

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  • Free-To-Play version
  • The ability to earn tokens without the need for an initial deposit of funds
  • Easy gameplay


  • No Cons for the project
Rating 5
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Phase 1

  • Beta Levels 1-4

        - Custom Pixel Bands Level – The Beach

         - Custom Dope Cats Levels – The Jungle & Digital Spillage

  • Playable Dope Cat and Pixelbands Characters
  • Revenant Arcade Launches in Sovana
  • White Paper v1 Release
  • Comic Book Teasers

Phase 2

  • Full Game Release
  • Levels 5-10
  • Upgradeable Character Mint
  • $RUG Utility Token Launch for Player Upgrades
  • Multiplayer
  • Staking for Player Upgrades

Phase 3

  • More
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About the Game

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Rugged Revenants is a single-player platformer in which the player’s task is to control their 2D character and defeat all the “Ruggers”.

The first level of the game starts in the jungle, and is designed as a tutorial. Players who put $RUG tokens into the game will receive both – tokens and NFTs – as rewards, those who did not deposit any will only receive $RUG tokens.

The game consists of a series of levels, each of which will feature custom designed elements such as traps, easter eggs and final bosses that will fill the battlefield. The game is currently single-player only, but a multiplayer mode is expected to debut by the end of 2022, when players will be able to team up and conquer levels together.

The game includes 3 NFT collections that have been launched with partners:

  • A collection of 4,000 models of sitting monkeys from the Solana Sitting Monkeys collection
  • Collection of 10,000 Rugged Revenants NFTs
  • Collection of 7,777 hippos from the High Roller Hippo Clique partner
  • Collection of 3,333 cats from the Dope Cats partner

Holders of partner NFTs such as Dope Cats and SOVANA will be able to play with a stronger character and receive bonus health points in the game. Rugged Revenants NFTs will then provide the player with many upgrades such as flying, health regeneration and/or extra lives.

Players in the game can earn valuable NFTs from the “loot chests”, which they receive after completing levels. Players are only eligible to receive the chests if they have previously used energy from the Genesis NFT, which they can obtain by burning a Rugged NFT or beating the 1st level of the game. Players will be prompted to use them beforehand and each Genesis NFT has 3 energies.

Players don’t need to buy an NFT to play the game as it has a Free-To-Play version, which they can just join and start playing to earn $RUG tokens.

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Player Requirements

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All you need is an internet connection to play. If you are planning to invest in the game, you need to connect your wallet. The game only accepts the Solana wallet. You can sign up for it using your Google account, Facebook, Twitter, Discord or register with your email.

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The $RUG token

This is the main currency in the game and is a token dedicated to the Rugged Revenants ecosystem. Players can earn the token through in-game activities such as completing levels.


Players will be able to stake their NFTs (Dope Revenants and Genesis) and burn $RUG tokens to level up their NFT characters.

NFT staking will be managed as follows:

  • Players will first load their NFT Rugged Revenants Genesis and their playable NFT Rugged Revenants
  • They then burn 100 RUG tokens
  • Finally, they will then receive an “Upgrade Potion” or a new NFT

After burning the tokens, stats such as health or damage increase by a random value of 1-3. These increased values will then give the player in-game benefits that include the ability to damage the enemies with fire, acid, lightning, or ice, for example.

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Players can earn $RUG tokens by trading NFTs on the marketplace or through in-game activities such as finishing levels in the game.

In addition to tokens, players can earn “loot chests” (a concept known in other games as loot boxes) in which they can find NFTs and other rewards.

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The Revenants project works together with other projects across the Solana blockchain to provide NFT holders with certain benefits such as exclusive in-game characters or custom levels.

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analyst opinion

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“The interesting thing about the game is that people can earn money without having to invest anything into it. So, new players may be attracted to it for that reason in particular. However, the game is only divided into levels. It doesn’t contain any game modes, which means it could quickly get boring, which would prevent it from succeeding.”

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Šárka Mokrá

Šárka Mokrá

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