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Published: 29 May 2022

Immerse yourself in a mafia-style world of action and adventure. Become a crime lord and control a whole city of sins.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Play for fun and earn money. Sinverse enables you to play games, take part in underworld activities, and use NFT marketplace tools to expand your empire.

Due to the great interest in the Sinverse concept and ecosystem, the Sinverse Foundation was created, which aims to invest in limited partnerships with other gaming, gambling and NFT protocols to bring their projects into the Sinverse metaverse. Digital space will be reserved for such projects in the metaverse, on which they will be able to host their games.

The game should run on PlayStation.

Road Map

Q2 2021

  • Idea & Proof of Concept reveal

Q3 2021

  • Presale & IDO Launch
  • Initial Land Sale (phase one)

Q1 2022

  • Open World development reveals

Q2 2022

  • Opening of NFT Business License Office & CEX Listings

Q3 2022

  • Demo Reveals & Alpha Gameplay

Q4 2022

  • Launch of SinVerse Open World

About the game

Sinverse is a 3D action thriller that is fictional yet based around the most notorious criminal cities around the world. The aim of the game is to become the biggest crime lord. Clubs and places for online events will be built here and it will be possible to compete in various activities and win rewards. The game will be based on realistic images along with voice and text chat features that will draw players into the augmented reality space.

The journey to the city of sins begins with the acquisition of land. The whole story takes place directly in the fictional Sinverse, which conspicuously resembles some real cities, as revealed by a closer look at the names and architecture. The city has 17 districts with a total of 15,000 plots of land that users can buy and own. Each district has its own unique faction which users can join and then take advantage of the resources provided by their new home. You cannot take a neutral stance in the city of sins, or you will be easily controlled and defeated. There are several gangs you can join throughout the city, but a smart move would be to join the faction that controls your district.

Sinverse originally begins as an undeveloped digital map with 15,000 plots of land. As it begins to evolve according to the plans of the virtual city, a built-up urban environment will emerge. Anyone can purchase and own one or more plots of land and develop them using SDK sets provided in the development arena. The game’s developers have cooperated with Vulcan Verse, which uses state-of-the-art virtual reality technology, including the creation of a VR casino.

Source: https://www.sinverse.com/game-info

Four types of land

Private land – all plots have already been sold at auction and have existing owners with unconditional ownership.

District land – a set of individuals can merge into a group, which can then decide to buy and own plots of land. This land can be auctioned in the market or buildings can be built on it.

Public land – this land is intended for public use. Here, people can gather for discussions, to relax, exercise and more.

Public roads – different to regular public land, but also used by the general public.

The first sale of land has already been completed, and the next is scheduled for Q2 2022, although the exact date is not known.

A total of 3,100 plots out of 15,000 were sold.

4,000 Sin for one plot, i.e. about USD 1,000 (December 2021).


$SIN – a total of 1,000,000,000

Can be purchased on gate.io, MEXC burze and KuCoin


Can be staked here

Lock for 75 days, APY 120%

Metamask – BSC network


Source: https://www.sinverse.com/home


Development team of Sinverse Project

Source: https://www.sinverse.com/about-us

Analyst opinion

“The team continues to participate in the exhibitions in Dubai, such as Gitex Global and joining community building sessions on Twitter. Demo videos from the mini games are being shared on their social media and development updates are made monthly. The OG Staking pool filled up after just over a week and no further staking pools have been announced yet. The community on Discord is not active very much but the questions are being answered in order to help the newcomers. A secondary marketplace which is connected with the game wallet is being developed currently. However, personally I don`t think the updates and the developments made on this game are quite satisfactory compared to the other games out there. Especially if we consider the fact that this game is a copy of GTA, expectations will always be high and the criticism will be out there. So, unless the game developers create something really amazing, my opinion on this game will not be very positive.”

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