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May 18, 2023

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An MMORPG game in which players will explore a diverse world of floating islands. In addition to earning rewards by defeating mobs and completing quests, players will have the opportunity to get rewards from other players in PvP. Unfortunately, the team is not very active on social media, so we recommend exercising caution.

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No Road Map existing.

About the game

Player Requirements

The game will be Free-2-Play, and the characters will not be NFT. There is no investment required to start playing.


There will be two types of tokens in Skylandia: redSky and blueSky.

RedSky will be used to purchase basic resources, and items such as wood, stone, health potions, etc. The supply of redSky will be controlled so that its market value does not motivate players to save instead of spend.

BlueSky can only be earned in PvP or in marketplaces - there is no way to earn it by killing monsters. BlueSky tokens will have a fixed maximum supply, and no more will ever be minted. They will be burnt in daily in-game events to control their supply and maintain deflation.


Players can earn in-game as follows:

  • By selling NFT items, resources, and islands on the marketplace
  • By completing quests
  • By getting items from killed monsters, bosses, and players, and then selling them on the marketplace
  • By fighting in the arena
  • By offering mercenary services
  • By receiving a guild salary
  • By collecting taxes from guild members




The team will be revealed later. For now, they want to keep fundraising, partnerships, and team building in-house.

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“The Skylandia project offers an elaborate game concept. To make things more interesting, they have created two Whitepapers, with the second focused purely on gameplay. I really like the gameplay and Tokenomics. A completely unique mechanic is the ability to change character classes. What strikes me is that the team is anonymous. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t make it public. Perhaps there are inexperienced people in the team, and they want to keep it a secret until they get some well-known partners.”

Skylandia is a PvP and PvE MMORPG in which you play as a single character from a third-person perspective. The game has no leveling system. The player’s progression will depend solely on their skills, primary and secondary item attributes, and their synergy.

The world of Skylandia consists of floating islands that contain neutral villages in distinct biomes, such as forests and beaches. The player starts with a base character, for which they must select a class. The class is determined by items, such as armor, weapon, or amulet, and by their primary and secondary attributes. These will grant access to certain spells and skills.

If the player decides they no longer want to be a warrior but rather an archer, they can visit the marketplace, sell their warrior items, and buy archer ones. The game also offers the option of hybrid character classes. However, their attributes will not be as strong as if they specialized in just one class. Once players exceed certain attribute thresholds, they will unlock Heroic classes that give them powerful abilities. For example, a Warrior with high enough strength will become a Barbarian, keeping their current skills and abilities but also acquiring new, more damaging ones.

It will be possible to assign one of seven elements to items. Each element forms a synergy with one other element, and is weaker against another. For example, Fire synergizes well with Lightning and Earth, is strong against Ice, but weak against Water.

Players should carry tools to get resources from the islands, for example a pickaxe to get stones and ore. With the right combination of certain resources, gathered from islands, monsters and bosses, players will be able to craft items on the workbenches that can be found in villages. However, crafting does not succeed every time. The higher the tier of the crafted item, the lower the chance of success.

There will be many quests in Skylandia that players can complete to earn blueSky and redSky tokens. Players will have access to weekly quests, content quests, and event quests.

Additionally, bosses - exceedingly powerful monsters that take the combined effort of many players to defeat – will appear in Skylandia. They can spawn randomly on certain islands, or in the battle arena during timed events. Once the event is over, these bosses will never reappear, making their resources particularly rare.

During certain events, a boss named Island Nemesis will appear on an island. These bosses are extremely powerful, and it will take more than eight players to bring them down. All the players who caused some damage to the boss will have a chance to obtain one or more rare items. PvP is disabled during these events to allow all the players to participate.

Players can participate in arena fights individually or in teams. There will be a new ELO ranking each week. The higher up the leaderboard the player is, the higher the blueSky token reward. Unlike the open-world PvP, defeated players won’t drop any items upon death.

When a player dies in the open world and is not immediately revived by their teammates, they are at risk of losing all their items and resources. After a player dies, there is a small chance that Lady Death will appear and offer them the chance to keep their resources or items in exchange for blueSky tokens. If a player is defeated by another player, a portion of the defeated player’s tokens is received by the winning player.

A player can choose to offer their services as a mercenary in exchange for blueSky tokens. Villages will have job boards on which players and guilds can offer contracts to mercenaries.

Although it is possible to play solo, there are many monsters and bosses that are too powerful for individual players. Moreover, individual players make easy targets for other players in PvP zones. Therefore, players can create or join a guild to find companions and explore the world together.

Guilds can trade resources, items, or even islands. Each guild has its own vault in which they can store their blueSky and redSky tokens, resources, equipment, and other items. To attract skilled players, guilds can offer salaries to their members. Conversely, guilds can impose taxes on their members in exchange for protection or participation in guild activities.

Guilds control forts that can be upgraded to give certain advantages to their members, such as the ability to teleport to the fort from any neutral village and vice versa. When a new player joins the game, they won’t be allowed to travel to other islands until they complete a certain series of quests.

There will also be minor islands in Skylandia that can be owned by guilds or individual players. Players can build farms on them to earn passive income in the form of basic resources, or purchase a workbench. To access a private island, other players have to pay an entry fee set by its owner.

Players will be allowed to own mounts, which can be obtained by defeating monsters and bosses. Mounts will allow players to move faster through Skylandia without having to stop in villages.