Unfortunately, this looks like another one of the scam projects. Watch out!

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  • Original idea
  • Well thought out gaming ecosystem


  • Fake Twitter followers
  • Token scams
  • Unfulfilled roadmap
Rating 5
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q2 - 2022

  • Birth of the concept of Sleep-To-Earn.
  • Feasibility study.
  • Team building.
  • Brand identity.
  • First design proposals.
  • Ecosystem structure.
  • Development start.
  • Social networks launch.
  • Token minting and marketing.


Q3 - 2022

  • Marketing activities.
  • iOS and Android application development.
  • Token listing on exchanges (IDO, IEO, CEX and DEX).
  • Pilot project completion.


Q4 - 2022

  • Application extension with trade function.
  • Multi-chain wallet.
  • Rental system.


Q1 - 2023

  • SocialFi platform development.
  • On-app leaderboard system.
  • Real community events for mental health and carbon neutrality.


Initial Phase
  • Raising awareness of the SLEEP project.
  • Creating partnerships and community building.
  • $SLEEP token launch on the BNB blockchain.
  • Establishing quality partnerships.
  • Creating awareness through media and influencers.
  • Airdrop & Bounty programs.
 Development Phase
  • Launching the marketplace.
  • Continuing to expand the community across players and other network participants.
  • Creating an attractive DeFi entry point for non-users.
  • Organizing social events.
  • Spreading awareness about mental health and the crypto space.
 Expansion Phase
  • Listing on the best exchanges.
  • Expanding the player base.
  • Increasing in-game rewards.
  • Establishing partnerships with top exchanges and other DeFi protocols.
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About the Game

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SLEEP introduced the concept of Sleep-To-Earn. The application was planned to be available on mobile devices. The entire project was to be based on the Binance Smart Chain. The earning opportunity was supposed to rely on sleeping, relaxing, and putting the phone down. The aim was to make people more aware of the risks associated with phone usage.

The game was designed to have 3 main GameFi modes with the possibility of earning the $ZZZ token:


1. Sleep mode.

2. Car driving mode.

3. Mental health and rest (monk mode).

Each game mode was thus to have its own NFT category. In order to earn $ZZZ in a given mode, you had to own the corresponding NFT.

  • Sleep category – NFT bed.
  • Driving category – NFT car.
  • Rest category – NFT Buddha.
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Player Requirements

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The game was not betime-consuming or limited in any way. Earnings were to be depended on the length and type of activity performed.

NFT mystery-box purchase transactions took place on the official website. Mystery boxes were selling for 80 USD at the time of writing (07/2022).

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SLEEP included 2 tokens:

 1. $ZZZ – Game token on Binance Smart Chain with unlimited supply.

2. $SLEEP – Governance token with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 on the Binance Smart Chain.

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  • Locking the phone while driving the car in driving mode.
  • Locking the phone during sleep in sleep mode.
  • Renting NFTs to other players.
  • Trading NFTs with other players for profit.
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analyst opinion

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"The idea of the project is very original. As for the website, some things, such as the link to Telegram, are hard to find. As of October 2022, the option to buy an NFT has disappeared and there are reports that the project is a scam. Tokens in the private sale were even supposed to be sold more expensive than in the public sale. Beware of this project!"

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Marek Štochl

Marek Štochl

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