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Published: 8 July 2022

Sollarion is the first online NFT hexa-turn strategy card game based on the Solana Blockchain.

Basic information

Sollarion is the first online NFT hexa-turn strategy card game based on the Solana Blockchain, which is used due to the in-game currency and NFTs. The project is designed around our community and players and will allow them to earn from everything they do, such as participating in tournaments, completing achievements, betting with other players or buying and selling on the marketplace.

Category: Free-2-Play, Play-2-Earn

Players own all cards, orbs and other game items as NFTs.

Road Map

About the game

The year is 6381…

Planet Earth has been destroyed. Humanity had to find a new home, which became the planet Dalmiri in the Solana Galaxy. This galaxy is now plagued by war. By war, which started by the human invasion and their interventions in the natural environment. And how did that happen? Some believe it was an accident, others believe it was fate.  But one thing is certain –humans received a new chance to build a peaceful life, but so far it seems they have brought nothing but destruction. It’s only a matter of time before their actions backfire on them.

There is a legend in the Solana Galaxy of a creature called Sollarion. The tale is a thousand years old and describes the creation of this galaxy as we know it today. It is rumored that Sollarion was created from very powerful magic, which he also controlled and used to help his people. One day, his planet was attacked by unknown creatures from the distant galaxy. Their goal was to colonize the planet and enslave its inhabitants, but they had no intention of surrendering without a fight, and so war broke out.

Sollarion, who fought in the war, in an attempt to protect his land, used so much magical power that his physical shell was unable to contain it, causing a massive explosion. Sollarion’s power was scattered among the planets and no trace of him remained. This magical explosion saved the galaxy from the invaders, but it also changed life throughout the galaxy.

According to legend, his magical power was stored beneath the surface of each planet and gave rise to many creatures across the Solana Galaxy. This is how life evolved on all the planets here.  Whether Sollarion died or disappeared, he remained known as the protector of this galaxy, and some cultures still worship him as their god, believing that if the Solana Galaxy came under threat, Sollarion would stop it.

In another corner of the universe was the planet Earth, whose inhabitants for a long time had no idea of the Solana Galaxy’s existence or what it held. Humankind had proven itself to be sturdy, desperate for improvement, and stopped at nothing in its quest to improve its quality of life. Humans have ignored the warning signs their own planet had sent them. They forgot how to listen to nature and focused on consumerism and technological progress, which eventually destroyed the Earth and left it uninhabitable.

When humans realized that life on planet Earth would not be possible forever, they decided that the only way to save them was to find a new planet suitable for life. The governments of every country in the world began to work together. Probes were sent into space to find this planet. People had almost lost hope until one finally completed its mission successfully.


Online card game, turn-based hex strategy.

Game modes: ranked, free mode, custom, tournament, bets.

All game modes can be played with multiple team compositions, e.g. 1v1, 1v1v1, 2v2.

Battles take place on randomly generated maps on 8 different planets. One of 8 planets is randomly selected first, then the surface and appearance of the map is randomly generated and at the same time the materials on the map are randomly generated. Then each player chooses their deck of 30 cards (depending on the type of material on the planet‘s surface). They draw to choose who will start first. Each player receives 4 random cards from their deck, which can be exchanged 1 at a time. The player who starts the first turn receives 1 energy (with an additional +1 energy on each subsequent turn).

If the player has a unit that needs a certain amount of energy to play, they can play it.

If they move a unit to a location containing a material (metal, radioactivity, liquid, or crystal), they can build a mine on that location and extract it.

Units can attack each other the moment they come within 1 playing field of each other, except for AoE abilities which are present on some selected cards.

The goal of each player is to destroy the opponent‘s portal (30 HP), at which point the game ends and the player whose portal was destroyed loses.


There are 6 different card rarities in the game:

Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic.

Each card has 4 basic attributes.

Attack – the number of damage it deals to the enemy unit.

Health – the number of damage that the unit can sustain; when this reaches 0, the unit dies.

Shield – when attacking a unit, the shield absorbs part of the damage. When it drops to 0, the unit starts losing health. The shield is restored to its original value at the beginning of each round (when the player uses this unit).

Speed – the number of hexes on the map that the unit can traverse in one round.

Each card can have 0 to 3 abilities, which fundamentally affect how the card can be used. Making a deck of cards with correctly selected abilities is essential for winning.

There will be many abilities in the game, but for now we will introduce only a few:

Shield ignore – damage goes straight to the enemy unit’s health.

Magic portal – possibility to place units on the surrounding fields.

Big Shield – Shield protects all your units around.

Players are able to buy card packs with SLRC tokens, SOL or via PayPal.

3 types of booster card packs will be available:

Star pack – 1 rare card or better, 4 common cards or better.

– Constellation pack – 1 epic card or better, 1 uncommon card or better, 3 common cards or better.

Supernova pack – 1 legendary or mythic card, 1 rare or better, 1 uncommon or better, 2 common or better.

Prices will be published with the first version of game.

Players are also able to get packs from tournaments, achievements, battle pass etc.

Player requirements

The game runs on the Unity Engine, which allows the game to be released on many platforms.

Cross platform multiplayer support is a matter of course.

The first version of the game will be for Windows and MacOS.

After testing and improvements, we will prepare versions for Android and iOS.

The time commitment for playing is not yet known. However, it is not necessary to play the game. When you purchase a planet, you earn passive income for each fight that takes place there.

Players can purchase card packs with SLRC tokens, SOL or via PayPal.

Players can purchase a Battle pass with SLRC tokens, SOL or via PayPal. Battle pass contains rewards in the form of NFTs including Decks, SLRC tokens, Orbs, Avatars, NFT Bases, skins etc. Rewards will be published with the first version of game. A Battle pass season will be 3 months long.

On the main planet Dalmiri, each registered player gets their own base with a portal from which they send their army to collect Sollarion crystals. The bases that players receive for free are small and ordinary, and won’t be good enough for everyone. Each player will have the opportunity to get better bases by completing difficult achievements or from the battle pass directly in the game. Players will also have the opportunity to participate in the minting of rarer bases. Details will be announced. The benefits that the player gets from a better base:
• forge needs less SLRC.
• discount for battlepass (up to 100%).
• free pack every season.

Players have the opportunity to buy and own a part of the planet where battles take place. If someone owns this land, they will receive a percentage of the player‘s win for each match played. The minting of these plots start before the game is released, so that it is possible to start earning already as soon as the game is released. NFT Lands are an opportunity for passive income, even if you are not an active player. All of these NFT Lands will also be listed on commonly available marketplaces.


SLRC tokens can be obtained by:

  • Winning matches and tournaments.
  • Forge – disassembly of in-game NFTs.
  • Staking rewards.
  • Referral rewards.
  • Passive income from owning an NFT land.
  • Achievements.
  • Battlepass.


Name: Sollarion Crystal

  • SLRC tokens – are SPL tokens on the Solana blockchain. Users can use SLRC to participate in the game, buy cards on marketplace, bet with other players, win in matches and tournaments etc. Staking rewards are paid in SLRC tokens as well.
  • SLRC Token Address: SLRCdL7ZiF8UUHCMqoeCCYhb4FDoHwDJG6MgEmVb9is
  • SLRC Token stake-holders will be able to influence the development of the game through voting. The greater the number of staked SLRCs over a period of time, the greater the weight of the vote. We will publish the exact conditions soon.



KPK Games s.r.o.

You can see the team composition on our LinkedIn profile – https://cz.linkedin.com/company/kpkgames

The game is being developed by 3 Czechs who, after several years of experience in the field of cryptocurrencies and video games, decided to develop their own NFT game and eventually an entire metaverse. Their plans definitely don’t end with Sollarion!

Analyst opinion

“A game from Czech developers who don’t want to rush anything, take their time in development and want to give space to early investors and reward those who are responsible for the promotion of the game. At first glance, you will be impressed by the game’s detailed graphics, but also by the reward system. There are several game modes to choose from, and with the ability to build your own decks or, conversely, to disassemble the cards into individual pieces at the Forge, you won’t get bored with the game anytime soon. We will definitely continue to follow the game and stay in touch with its creators.”

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