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May 15, 2023

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  • Competition with Fantasy Premier League

Sorare is an NFT-based game that caters to football, basketball, and baseball enthusiasts. The game allows fans to buy digital cards featuring real-life athletes and speculate on their value, which is determined by the athletes' actual performances.

Official Trailer


Without any indication of timeline:

  • Launch 2023 J1 League season cards with enhanced designs
  • Share Marketplace updates, including plans for introducing a secondary market fee
  • Commit to maintaining ETH Threshold reward amounts and key parts of the gameplay experience, only making changes during select time periods, like transfer windows, where we’ll notify Managers in advance with dates and details
  • Introduce a new double-Game Week rule for players who have two matches within one Game Week. (The higher of their two Game Week scores will count.)
  • Add mystery jersey items to the Club Shop, the in-game store where Man-agers redeem coins for rewards. Here’s the latest Club Shop update.
  • Improve social sharing functionality so Managers can more easily share links to their Sorare teams with friends and on social media
  • Enhance the Manager Assistant feature with new educational tasks to facili-tate gameplay education and progression
  • Outline plans to introduce card bonuses in Capped Modes ahead of the 2023-24 European football season
  • Share more regarding our plans for a new fiat wallet system
  • Expand the Club Shop so it becomes a key part of a Manager’s Sorare jour-ney by offering real-life items like jerseys, tickets, and once-in-a-lifetime ex-periences  
  • Improve Marketplace tools to help Managers more easily identify and add optimal digital player cards to their lineups
  • Launch a new feature that celebrates and rewards Managers for building col-lections around their favorite leagues, clubs, and players
  • Enhance our extended onboarding experience so that gameplay and competition progression is more easily understood for new Managers as they ad-vance to Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique competitions

About the game

Player Requirements

Sorare primarily engages players through collecting cards that have short-term value and can be used to compete on the winning table. Players also need to keep track of their roster, the health of the players, and the effectiveness of their team's lineup. The game requires players to spend 20-90 minutes daily, with some days requiring up to 2 hours of gameplay. It is important to note that this game requires a high level of investment in order to earn a significant income.


Sorare does not have its own token, thus there is no tokenomics or stacking. The main focus of the project is to release cards featuring football players into the game's circulation. A total of 1,111 monetized cards will be released per season, while there is an unlimited number of unmonetized cards that cannot be sold or used in higher-level competitions.


In Sorare, users have the opportunity to earn in two ways. Firstly, they can purchase cards as speculation, hoping to sell them at a later date for a profit. Secondly, they can use their management skills to create a roster that earns enough points to place them in higher tiers of the leaderboard. The rewards available depend on the league level that the user is in. Currently, Sorare offers over 20 leagues, allowing users to find a league that suits their performance level. Some leagues require specific rarity cards


Sorare has formed partnerships with a significant number of football clubs, currently at 247, and continues to establish new partnerships. Additionally, the project has also partnered with the NBA and MLB. Furthermore, Sorare has collaborated with Plan A, a software development firm, to establish the first net-zero gaming company.


Sorare has gained the support and investment of reputable companies such as Benchmark, StrakWare, Accel, and Headline. Additionally, the project has also partnered with some of the biggest names in sports including footballers Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann, and Gerard Piqué, basketball players Blake Griffin and Rudy Gobert, as well as tennis player Serena Williams.


Sorare's team was established in 2018, comprising of various members with expertise in essential areas of the game such as marketing, development, and more. The key members of the team are:

  • Nicolas, CEO
  • Adrien, Co-Founder
  • Eva, CTO
  • Sylvian, Head of Engineering
  • Tu Nguyen, CFO
  • Ray Elias, CMO

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

"Sorare is a sports-themed game that is highly engaging, but also requires a significant amount of time and analysis to be successful. The game is geared towards football, basketball, and baseball enthusiasts, making it difficult for casual fans to compete with others. The project has been successful in acquiring new licenses and adding new players and leagues to the game. The rewards system is generous, but players must invest a significant amount of money in their rosters to achieve the best prizes, which can cost more than 5,000 EUR.

One of the biggest risks for the project is the potential competition from the Premier League, which is trying to develop its own NFT project. If successful, it could limit the number of Premier League players available in Sorare. The game offers opportunities for profit through speculation, but it's important to carefully consider each investment as the value of a card can be affected by player performance and injury. Overall, I recommend Sorare for sports enthusiasts who enjoy combining their hobby with the potential to make money."

Sorare offers a unique gaming experience, which includes the ability to join the "SO5" game, similar to Fantasy Premier League, where players can select their lineup and earn points based on the athletes' real-life performances. The game is free-to-play, but players can invest in it to participate in more lucrative contests and Play-to-Earn challenges. The game features competitions lasting 3-4 days, with the only ongoing competition being football SO5, where players can earn weekly rewards. With Sorare, players can access players from more than 247 clubs and 42 leagues in football, all NBA basketball players and all MLB baseball players. The cards are sold separately, not in packs.


Sorare cards have different rarity levels such as Common, Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. These levels do not impact the gameplay but do affect the number of rewards earned. In order to monetize the cards, players must acquire rare cards as common cards cannot be sold for profit.

Each card has the following information on it:

  • Player’s name
  • Position
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Season
  • Team
  • Number
  • Card type (rarity)
  • Number of cards in circulation + serial number

The game is separated into three sections based on the sport:

Sorare: Football

The main goal of Sorare: for Football is to get licenses for all top 5 leagues in Europe (so far, they only have full licenses from the German and Spanish leagues).Players must form a team of 5 players (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, striker, and substitute).

Users then earn points based on the actual performance of the selected players. New players will be added to the game over time, as a full license is always required to have the player in the game.

The team manager has to ensure that the selected players have games in the upcoming week to earn points for the winning table. Also, players must be checked daily to ensure they have not gotten injured or dropped from the roster. The game also reflects current events by adding special tournaments; for example, for the World Cup in Qatar, developers added a "Global Cup" where players can only use players participating in the World Cup and compete for valuable prizes separately from the rest of the game.

Sorare: MLB

Players must assemble a team of 7 players, including a pitcher, relief pitcher, two infielders, outfielder, batter, and substitute. Points are earned based on the performance of the selected baseball players. The game features all MLB baseball players and some of the league's legends as unique cards. To earn maximum points, the team manager must keep track of each player's form and health.

Sorare: NBA

Players take on the role of team managers and select a team of 5 basketball players. They earn points based on the actual performance of their chosen players. However, it is important for managers to pay attention to the form of each player as it can affect their performance. Points are awarded for points and assists made by the basketball players. Conversely, a player's performance will be negatively affected if they are on the court when a "3-point" is received, are suspended, or do not finish the game. The game features all NBA players from the current season. The rarity of the cards a manager has in their lineup also affects the points earned for a good performance.

Basic investment

Players have the option to invest in better cards than their starting cards. The cost of these cards varies depending on the specific selection of players. For example, players from the Asian Football League may be cheaper than stars from prestigious clubs, while in MLB and NBA, players from lower parts of the leaderboard or with poor performances may be cheaper. The game uses ETH to purchase cards within the ecosystem, but credit card payments are also accepted. Sorare also provides players with an automatic wallet when the account is created. The minimum deposit for the game depends on the league the player chooses to participate in and earn points. For example, beginner leagues require a maximum of 2 rare cards, which can cost between 100 and 1,000 EUR, depending on the card and player chosen. Global All-Star requires a minimum of 4 rare cards and a maximum of 1 regular card, but it is disadvantaged by 50%. When investing, choosing rare cards with above-average ratings (55+ and above) and super rare cards with ratings of 45+ and above is advisable. Rare cards are priced around 300 - 1,500 EUR, while Super Rare and Unique cards cost around 500 EUR.


It is important to be cautious when building a team and purchasing cards in Sorare, as meeting the necessary limits and choosing players with good form can greatly impact the game's profitability. Careful team building and smart marketplace shopping decisions are crucial for success in the game.