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Published: 15 September 2022

The project is primarily intended for football enthusiasts. The game lets fans speculate by buying cards showing real football players and hoping their value will appreciate. This value depends on the real performances of the individual players.

Basic information

Sorare issues NFT cards showing real football players that you can speculate with or collect. Using these cards, you can participate in the SO5 game, which offers very interesting financial rewards. The game is currently available on the website and in the mobile app, currently in a beta version.

In the beginning, it is a Free-2-Play game in which you receive free cards. However, later, you’ll want to invest in the game to be able to participate in more profitable competitions in the Play-2-Earn environment.

Road Map

The project does not have a Road Map.

About the game

The game has no story. It’s purely about NFT cards, the value of which depends on the performance of the real players depicted on the cards. The advantage is their immediate usability in the SO5 game. The cards are not sold in packs, but separately.

How to play?

Cards are divided into different degrees of rarity: Common, Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique. The rarity does not affect the course of the game, but the reward obtained.

Common cards have no monetary value. You need to purchase new players, and these must be active if you want to use their cards in the game.

Cards have levels that are earned for in-game points.

Each card contains the following information:

  • player name
  • position
  • age
  • nationality
  • season
  • team
  • number
  • card type (rarity)
  • number of cards in circulation + serial number

In the game, you will assemble a team of 5 players (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, forward and substitute).

Everyone earns points based on their real-world performances. Additional cards or winnings may be released into circulation at a later date.

The team manager has to ensure that the selected players have matches in the coming week in order to earn points for the winnings table (see the example below). You will also need to check your players every day to see whether they are healthy or have been dropped from the line-up.

Basic investment

Players can invest in better cards than the basic ones. The investment depends on the actual footballers selected. Players from the Asian league are likely to be cheaper than stars from prestigious clubs.

ETH is used within the ecosystem to purchase cards, but payment cards can also be used. Sorare has its own wallet, automatically generated for players after they create accounts.

The minimum investment depends on the choice of the league the player wants to participate in and in which they will earn.

The Rookie League requires a maximum of 2 Rare cards, which cost EUR 5 to EUR 13,140 (prices are set by auction). A card with a rating of 45+ can cost EUR 800 to EUR 1,400. This means approximately EUR 2,000 will be required, depending on which cards the player chooses and how lucky they are during the purchase.

Global All Star requires a minimum of 4 Rare cards and a maximum of 1 Common card, which however suffers a 50% disadvantage. Players with better cards will compete here, so they should be interested in owning the best ones. If a player cannot afford the best card type (Unique rarity), they will aim for 2 Super rare cards and 3 Rare cards. In terms of investment, it is advisable to choose Rare cards with a higher-than-average rating (from 55+) and Super rare cards with a rating from 45+.

Rare cards cost around EUR 2,300 to EUR 2,800, so 3 Rare cards will cost around EUR 7,500. Super rare and Unique cards cost around EUR 1,000, so ideally you should invest EUR 5,000 in 5 cards of the highest rarity.


Don’t be swayed only by the rarity levels of individual cards. Be sure to meet the necessary limits and don’t buy the wrong players.

Your profitability from the game is purely dependent on your decisions when building your team and making purchases in the marketplace.

Player requirements

Players are primarily concerned with collecting cards whose value can be appreciated in the short term and thus placed in the winnings table. They also monitor the line-up, the health of the players, and the performance of their team. The game will take up 20 to 90 minutes per day, even though it does not involve any significant activity. On more demanding days, players might invest up to 2 hours in the game


The project does not have its own token, so there will be no staking or tokenomics. Fans are mainly interested in the release of football player cards into circulation in the game.

Card release into circulation

A total of 1,111 monetized cards will be released into circulation per season. There is an unlimited amount of non-monetized cards, but these cannot be sold. They also cannot be used in higher-level competitions


There are two ways to earn in this game. You can either speculate with the game cards with the aim of increasing their value, or place them in the winnings table (see “How to play”). Below is an example of tables from different competition levels and their winnings.


The project has currently established partnerships with 233 clubs, and more are being added. Without a license, it is not possible to have players from the given club on Sorare.

For other investors, see the image below.


The team understands the subject matter and has the competence to achieve its goals. On the other hand, it does not mention how many previous projects it has participated in. It still has lots to work on, however.

Analyst opinion

“The project is very time demanding and requires the user to be a true football fan.

The initial investment when buying active players may be more than EUR 5,000 if the user wants to have a chance to place in the winnings tables.

The English Premier League has been looking for a similar NFT solution of its own. If it succeeds, it could put Sorare in danger – especially when it is not clear how the cooperation with clubs works or how long it will last.

If a card cannot be used in the SO5 game (due to player injury, retirement, etc.), it may lose all its value.”



Published: 15 September 2022

All analyses by Johny

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