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Space Misfits
Jun 10, 2024

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Open world potential
  • Intense spaceship combat
  • Ambitious vision
  • Active community
  • Free-To-Play
  • Subpar graphics
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Expensive NFTs
  • Very few spaceships available
  • Outdated Road Map
  • Unknown team

Space Misfits is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) made on the ENJIN blockchain. It is focused on spaceship battles and world exploration.

Official Trailer



  • Procedural generated levels
  • Rogue-like gameplay
  • NFT drop mechanism
  • Player-driven marketplace
  • BITS/SMCW exchange
  • Telemetry implementation
  • Light turret/modules
  • Turret/module building


  • 7 solar systems
  • Habitat’s engine
  • All fighters/cruisers
  • All turrets/modules
  • Clone management system
  • Chat system
  • UI/UX framework
  • Disembark FPS gameplay


  • Outer solar systems
  • Ownership token management
  • Open PvP
  • Planet/space exploration
  • Logistics/carrier
  • Guild system
  • Character customization

About the game

Player Requirements

Users need to download the game’s free Alpha version and play it on the PC without necessarily connecting their crypto wallet.


There are two different currencies in the project:

CROWN ($SMCW): This is the governance token, and will be used as a premium currency that will give access to seasonal content or exclusive NFT assets in the web shop. All in-game items can be traded for CROWN at the marketplace.

BITS: is an in-game-only commodity. It is used for creating spaceships, weapons, and droids. It’s obtainable through missions, farming NPCs and CROWN staking. It is also needed to pay for refuels and ship repairs.

There is a staking program for staking $SMCW to obtain CROWN as rewards. There is no current staking program for BITS.


Players can get CROWN through events, missions, faction powerplay, tournaments, and recycling center rewards.

In the future, there will also be NFTs, skins, and in-game perks added as CROWN rewards.

Players can trade any valuable asset like turrets, modules, and weapons in the marketplace for CROWN.

Users can also stake their CROWN to earn even more through interest.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“The space MMORPG genre has been known for attracting its fanbases by having a very ambitious and long-term oriented vision. Games like EVE Online and Star Citizen have had a lot of success increasing their budgets by maintaining their customers engaged and optimistic. Space Misfits takes a simpler approach and incorporates the Play-To-Earn blockchain model, which is a good initiative.

Space Misfits manages to present a fun concept, but some of the gameplay feels a little bit repetitive, and the high-risk, high-reward situations that make flight combat an engaging experience are negatively affected by the combat’s overall design. Players will need to put their ships into full stop and strategically take shots behind cover (like asteroids) over and over again, which doesn’t feel like the high speed dynamic gameplay a spaceship battle should have.

The component that makes this project appealing is precisely what makes it hard to develop. Creating a big immersive universe takes a lot of resources, even by utilizing the procedurally generated model to render the environment. Many things could go wrong. In order to have a sustainable game universe, players should be enjoying the depth of the world they inhabit. Every important place needs to tell a story and not just simply exist as generic objects and dead empty space.

I don’t think it’s late for this project to make corrections, since it shows a lot of potential and the Disembark gameplay seems interesting. The team should introduce themselves properly and update the Road Map in order to give them more credibility. If you like the space genre as much as I do, you can try and play this game for free, however, I would not recommend investing resources in this project at this time.”

In Space Misfits, user’s play the role of a pilot, a miner, a trader, and an adventurer. This project features open-world gameplay. Users will get a basic ship when they first enter the game, and will earn in-game currency, resources, and upgrades as missions are completed and they explore different space zones.

There are different game mechanics that make up this universe. The main one is the space flight, where players search for enemies to hunt down (this is called Excursion or Rogue Incursion). The second basic mechanic is the space station environment. This is where players stand and interact but don’t go on adventures in outer space.

While in Excursion, players will face different threats depending on the area they are visiting, the type of mission they are on, and how far they have ventured off into space. There are different gates that allow interstellar jumping into other zones. More dangerous zones may have better item drops such as loot, but this also implies a higher difficulty level. Players need to keep their fuel level and overall safety in mind in order to stay alive and not lose their progress.

In the space station, players are able to take on missions, forge items with resources, manage their inventory and equipment, refuel and repair their ships, and trade in the marketplace. As progress is made through missions, mining and trading, players will earn modules, income, ships, and other assets that will improve their performance on the battlefield in specific ways.

Eventually, a third mode known as Disembark will be implemented in the game. Players will board abandoned ships inside the Excursion mode to loot for treasures and compete in First Person Shooter combat against NPCs or other players.