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May 9, 2023

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An engulfing card game full of spells and battles. Test your strategic thinking and create your winning team!

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Q2 - 2021

  • Card delegation system update.
  • SPS token private sale completed.

Q3 - 2021

  • Daily SPS distribution.
  • Map of Praetoria.
  • Guild Brawl system updates and enhancements.
  • Adding Gladiator cards to the Brawl system.
  • Chaos Legion edition launch (another basic set of Splinterlands cards).

Q4 - 2021

  • SPS DAO.
  • SPS rewards launch for Land Expansion mode.
  • Splinterlands Land Expansion full version.

About the game

Player Requirements

The game can be played for free. However, in order for a player to receive rewards of real value and exploit the full potential of the game, he has to obtain the Summoner’s Spellbook. It can be purchased at the gaming marketplace for USD 10 via PayPal or for various cryptocurrencies (HIVE, BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.). You can then choose a unique account name, access the keys to your blockchain account, unlock rewards, etc.

Without the Spellbook, you can play the game for free, learn the game mechanics and start collecting cards. However, you cannot earn any rewards, participate in tournaments or trade on the market.

Each player has access to a basic set of cards. Additional cards can be obtained by purchasing booster packs, purchasing specific cards from other players, or by earning them via daily and seasonal tasks.


SPS token established on the BSC network.

Listed in July 2021 on MEXC,, etc.

Total supply – 3,000,000,000.

The DEC token is the game currency.





Dr. Jesse “Aggroed Reich

CEO and founder – in 2014, he created his own game with the help of Kickstarter. Prior to founding Splinterlands, he worked as a professor and then worked in an educational software development company.

Matthew “Yabapmatt Rosen

CTO and founder – has extensive experience in game design, computer programming and blockchain technologies.

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“The game looks really good. It has a sophisticated card system, and while it may seem easy to play at first, mastering a strategy for a successful fight will take time and experience. If you are interested in this game, I definitely recommend first playing without the initial investment to master the game mechanics.

There are only two people behind the whole project, which is quite remarkable. At the same time, it gives the impression that the game will not be as sophisticated in all aspects. The graphics are of a lower quality, but the game is designed so that successful players are rewarded, which works. The game enjoys a fairly large membership base, which points to its popularity.”

Splinterlands is a digital collectible game based on the Hive blockchain. As with Axie, you create a collection of cards with different abilities and statistics.

The cards are divided into common, rare, epic and legendary, determining their value. Another division is according to their usage in battle – summoners, monsters and gold foil cards.

Summoner are the main cards that summons other fighters into the game. Each Summoner has buffs, debuffs, or abilities that affect monster cards of own team or opponent’s one during the battle. Summoners do not gain skills or improve statistics when leveling up. With each new level, they can summon stronger monsters.

A monster belongs to a specific class (fire, water, earth, life, death or dragon) or is neutral. As levels increase, monsters obtain better statistics and gain new abilities.

Gold Foil summoner cards are rarer than others. Each gold card played during a battle also provides an additional 10% of the reward for winning (game currency).

When you win, you move up the ladder and advance to higher leagues unlocking higher level cards and bigger rewards. With 3 wins in a row, you get a bonus and your rating doubles. You can play tournaments for a prize in USD.

Each player creates a team of up to 6 cards from their Splinterlands collection. Then, according to a unique set of rules that make each match different, the battle is performed automatically in a fast action format. Unlike classic TCGs (trading card games) such as Magic: The Gathering or Pokémon, the battles in Splinterlands are quick. Each takes only 2-3 minutes.