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Jun 4, 2024

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • No Pros for the project
  • Complicated tokenomics
  • Poor gameplay
  • Pay-To-Play
  • Pay-To-Win
  • Not enough info
  • Closed-loop economy (more crystals = higher level, higher level = more crystals)
  • Unknown team

Stellum is a Play-To-Earn NFT game in which players control an NFT astronaut character and travel from planet to planet, finding crystals and resources.

Official Trailer



  • Game ideation
  • Website development
  • Smart contract development


  • Tokenomics
  • Social media presence
  • Community building
  • Influencer partnerships


  • Alpha test
  • Ambassador program launch
  • Marketing and economy testing
  • Smart contract audits


  • Official launch
  • Liquidity pool creation
  • Crypto platform partnerships


  • NFT collection marketplace listings
  • Promotional events with crystal rewards
  • Local SM communities building


  • Stellum events
  • New game mechanics introduced

About the game

Player Requirements

Players need to have a MetaMask wallet to buy $STM and be able to play.

This game is web-based and can be played on PC with any OS, as well as on mobile devices.



Total Supply: unlimited

$STM can be used to:

  • Stake
  • Buy NFT characters
  • Buy resources like crystals
  • Level up NFT characters


Players can earn $STM by:

  • Staking
  • Selling their NFT characters
  • Swapping resources obtained on planets (like crystals)

To earn crystals, players must spend energy to extract them from planets. Each planet has different energy requirements to extract the same number of crystals.

Crystals can be converted to $STM in a 1:1 ratio.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“Stellum is a token idea, but it does not feel like a game. It is impossible to distinguish gameplay from tokenomics, speculating, or investing, which makes it more like a cryptocurrency project. The game is about obtaining crystals and trying to level up NFT characters with the purpose of generating even more crystals, which makes it feel like pure speculation within a closed-loop economy that does not make a lot of sense.

The game does not leave any room for strategy or skill and even worse, even those who like simple, luck-based games won’t be satisfied, because Stellum does not offer any random prizes to make it a bit more fun.

The mechanics of the game are like a complicated version of staking, and the formula is a repetitive, closed-loop economy, with the concept being “earn crystals, level up, and earn more crystals.”

Trying this game requires an investment, and I would not recommend doing so, unless you are comfortable with pure speculation.”

Stellum is a Play-To-Earn NFT game that combines tokenomics with conventional gaming to create an environment in which players can make money by traveling through space and different planets, collecting resources (crystals) and leveling-up their NFT characters.

Players control their own NFT character and move through space, going from planet to planet with the goal of extracting resources. There are many types of planets, some of which are richer in resources than others.

NFT characters have the following stats:

  • Experience multiplier: increases the XP gained when earning new medals
  • Referral program level boost: allows players 7 extra levels to upgrade the NFT character
  • Flight time boost: the more players have, the longer they can fly between planets without waiting
  • Event reward multiplier: after level 11, the higher the level, the higher the rewards earned by participating in main events
  • Crystal-to-energy extraction ratio: this determines how much energy is required to obtain a certain number of crystals. Every planet has one, but players can affect it according to their level

All these stats can be increased every time the NFT character is leveled up. Players can make planets increase in level too, meaning that they yield more resources per day, and have lower energy requirements to extract them. To unlock a new planet, players must level up the current one to level 30 (out of 50 levels in total).