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Step Hero Multiverse

Published: 27 July 2022

Step Hero Multiverse is an RPG game with a fantasy theme that uses the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon blockchains.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Step Hero Multiverse is an RPG game with a fantasy theme that uses the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon blockchains. The game combines attractive game stories, inspired by ancient Greek culture, interesting gameplay and sophisticated graphical elements.

Step Hero Multiverse is a great place for Play-2-Earn gamers to bring extraordinary gaming experiences and lucrative earning opportunities.

Various games will be launched gradually on the platform. Some of them will be Free-2-Play, others will require NFTs to play.

The whole ecosystem works with a unified economy built around the $STEP and $HERO tokens. They serve as currencies for payments and rewards.

Currently, the platform is available only on a PC, but a mobile application is also planned. However, individual games are already available on mobile devices.

Road Map

Q2 2021
Website and NFT launch.
Whitepaper available.
$HERO token release.

Q3 2021
$HERO listing.
Public sale.

Q4 2021
Trailer launch.
Alpha version.
Multiverse creation.

Q1 2022
Game version for mobile devices and PCs.

New games in Step Hero Multiverse.

About the game

Players will have the choice of playing different games in the Game hub section on the official website. Game hub is the NFT game library of Step Hero Multiverse.

Games will have diverse in genres, gameplay and earning mechanics. Some will be Pay-2-Play and others Free-2-Play. However, all available games will be Play-2-Earn, so you will be able to earn by playing.

All games will use the $STEP and $HERO tokens.

$STEP and $HERO token holders will be able to play all games in the Step Hero Multiverse ecosystem. Currently, the first 2 games are available.

  • Step Hero Arena

Game trailer

PvP battles in the game arena.

Each user gets 1100 Elo points when connected to the arena. If he or she wins, Elo points and $STEP tokens will be added to their account. In case of a loss, Elo points will be deducted. Elo is the basis for calculating one’s ranking.

The player has 10 turns per day.

PvP matches will be drawn by random pairing in the system.

Each season takes 3 weeks, with a subsequent 3-day break. Elo points will be reset before the new season.

In the first season, the players were distributed a prize of $HERO 225,000 (USD 6,000).

This is a Pay-2-Play game. Players will need the required NFTs to enter the game.

  • Gunfire Hero

Game trailer

Gunfire Hero is a bullet-hell game. Players only have to control the movement of the character, shooting is automatic. The goal is to eliminate as many of the monsters moving on the map as possible. Players have to avoid enemy shots to get the highest possible score.

This is a Free-2-Play game.

When players enter Gunfire Hero, they randomly receive 1 of the 9 characters available in the game.

Players can improve the number of stars of their hero for the Hero shard and Hero medals dedicated game currency. The maximum number of hero stars is 5. Each character can reach up to level 80.

The higher the level / number of stars of the hero, the higher the player’s chance to win.

  • In each of these games, players can earn game tokens and NFT rewards in the form of rare items. These can later be upgraded and sold on the game’s marketplace.

Player requirements

An NFT character will be required to enter some games.

The game is based on awarding prizes over a period of time, which means that if players want to earn as much as possible, they also have to play as much as possible to place at the top of the leaderboard.

Windows 8 + / macOS is required to play.



Players will need NFT game characters for various Pay-2-Play games. All the necessary characters are available on the official marketplace. They are divided according to rarity, from common to legendary and mythic.

The rarer a character is, the better his or her level 1 statistics. These then grow with each new level. The difference between common and mythic characters in statistics is really huge.

With the launch of other games, it should be also possible to buy NFT equipment and weapons on the marketplace.

NFT staking

Players can stake their heroes to earn a passive income every day. The daily reward will be calculated according to the staked character’s rarity.

NFT staking is available HERE


How to earn in the game

In the game, players can earn by holding the game NFTs, improving their characters and subsequently selling them.

Furthermore, they can earn by getting rewards from time-limited events in various games. The higher a player is placed, the greater the reward.

Users can also stake their NFTs and get game tokens as a reward.

Later, the birth of heroes should be added to the game, allowing players to use game tokens and other characters to create a completely new NFT hero.


Players can encounter two game tokens.

$HERO – the main game token

Name: $HERO (Step Hero)

Total supply: 100,000,000

Currently in circulation: about 13,000,000

Initial price: USD 1.3162

Current price: HERE

The token can be purchased on the following exchanges: MEXC, Hoo, BitMart and Hotbit

Token distribution

Private sale: 25.25 % – 25,250,000

Public sale: 2.40 % – 2,400,000

Game development: 7.85 % – 7,850,000

Marketing: 15 % – 15,000,000

Game rewards: 14.50 % – 14,500,000

Liquidity: 20 % – 20,000,000

Advisors: 5 % – 5,000,000

Team: 10 % – 10,000,000

$STEP – the governance token

Name: $STEP (Step Hero Soul)

Total supply: not specified

Initial price: USD 0.3028

Current price: HERE

The token can be exchanged only on PancakeSwap


Gabriel Vu – company founder and director

Has more than 10 years of experience in the e-commerce industry as a partner of the Amazon, eBay and Facebook global platforms. Also has 8 years of experience in developing mobile applications.

Lilly Nguyen – marketing director

In addition to holding a Master’s in International Marketing Management, Lilly Nguyen has 6 years of experience with major companies in Vietnam, such as VidGo, Vingroup and Viettel Telecom. She will be in charge of marketing growth and other creative roles.

Lucifer Nguyen – technical director

Founder of sPhoton Technology and Deverion. In addition, an experienced software developer who has won prestigious programming awards, such as 1st prize in MSP Vietnam’s hackathon 2016 and 2nd prize of the Vietnam National Imagine Cup 2015.

Stephen Dong – head of technology

More than 8 years of experience working directly with large clients and IT suppliers, including 2 years in the field of blockchain. Created the comprehensive technical architecture of Step Hero with his skills and insights into decentralization protocol architecture, scalability and system security, and DeFi solutions.

Krillin Tao – creative department

15 years of experience in artistic communication and game design. One of the creators of the animation application for kids and a participant in the Bluebird Awards – the largest competition for game developers in Vietnam in 2016. Received the “Best Game Idea” award in Gamejam from FPT Arera Hanoi in 2012.


Analyst opinion

“This is a really interesting project that will provide players a variety of games on its platform. Some will be free, but others will need a special gaming NFT. The great thing is that all of the games will be Play-2-Earn. I can recommend this game for users who are new to the industry and do not want to spend immediately on a gaming NFT. Here they can try everything for free and even get in-game rewards for it.

As for game tokens, I’d rather be more careful there. The price of both tokens have dropped by a factor of almost 50 since they were listed. Now they have a really negligible value, so it may be a good speculative investment, considering that the project seems very interesting.

The gaming community is very large, they have over 100,000 followers on almost all social networks which also indirectly suggests that the project will be of high quality.”

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