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Super Racer
Jun 5, 2024

Overall Rating

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Project Potential
  • Free-To-Play
  • Experienced team
  • Small community
  • Very little information about the project
  • Average graphics

An NFT racing game developed by Little Guy Games and built on the Solana blockchain. The project boasts unique and customizable NFT vehicles, which players use to play the game.

Official Trailer


Q1 - 2022

  • Release of the first half of the NFT vehicles

Q2 - 2022

  • Release of the second half of the NFT vehicles

Q3 - 2022

  • Staking and token generation

Q4 - 2022

  • Fusion of NFT vehicles (upgrading)

Step 1 - Competitors will be able to stake their vehicles and generate VROOM tokens. Each vehicle will generate 1 VROOM per day. Later on, NFT rarity bonuses will be applied. Damaged cars will still generate VROOM, but with a lower value

Step 2 - Qualifying Races

Step 3 - After each race, cars might be damaged. These can be repaired in the garage by paying in game tokens

About the game

Player Requirements

Players only need to have a Solana wallet connected to the game.


Governance Token: $ERTH

Total Token Supply: n/a

There is no further information about $ERTH use cases.

In-game Token: $VROOM

Total Token Supply: n/a

$VROOM is not tradable and can be used to repair damaged cars.

In-game Token: $SR

Total Token Supply: n/a

$SR holds real value and can be converted to $SOL. It can also be used to repair damaged cars.

Players can stake their NFT cars to earn $VROOM.

Damaged cars can still be staked, but they will generate less VROOM in proportion to their damage. Damaged cars can still be entered in qualifying and final races, but their performance will also be reduced. Repairs will take place in the garage and will cost VROOM/SR tokens. Again, the cost will be proportional to the damage.


Players can now register their cars into tournaments, which are being announced on the game’s social media accounts. There, they can race against other players to win prizes, such as NFTs, $USDC, $SOL, and others.

However, the developers are planning to change this by allowing players to register their cars into a qualifying race every Saturday. each of which features only 8 cars selected from the whole list of entrants. The best 2 cars in the qualifying race will qualify for the finals on Sunday, and the winner of this race will be rewarded with either NFTs or $ERTH tokens.

Players can earn $VROOM tokens by staking their cars. and they can also earn various rewards, such as $SR, $ERTH and NFTs, through weekly tournaments and the season's leaderboard.

Finally, players can trade NFT items in the marketplace for $SOL in return, which can then be converted to $SR.

In addition, the game will offer monetization through advertising with its virtual billboards. These billboard spaces will be available for sale in the later stages of the game's development.




This game is developed by Little Guy Games, whose studio was founded in 2009. The team has many years’ experience of developing simple games, and the studio itself has 20 full and part-time employees and freelancers. All work on the game is being done in Unity. The team has worked on several high-profile games, including The Last Sky (PC adventure), Home Run Derby VR, Major League Baseball VR, and Little Bandits (mobile RPG).

In addition, they have worked on several other video game projects for major clients, such as Konami, 5th Cell, Iron Galaxy, Capcom, and Twisted Pixels.

Link to the developers, here:

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“I personally believe that Super Racer looks super fun to play, either with friends or competitively. I see it as being like Mario Kart but in the crypto world, which I think is pretty cool. The team behind the project looks very solid, as they have been developing

games for the past 12 years. Additionally, the game is currently Free-To-Play, which is an advantage for everyone who is looking to try it out, although it is still unclear if this will change in the future. On the other hand, there is very little information about the project itself. Having limited information and displaying the litepaper on a Medium article makes the project looks unprofessional and untrustworthy. Even though they are trying to keep the community updated, there is uncertainty because of the lack of information about the present and future of the project. As of right now, it is too early to give a final verdict on the game and its potential.”

Players choose vehicles and drivers for the race. By adding drivers to the game, the developers want to create an RPG element to the game. In addition, each car will have its own unique driving characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, special abilities and upgrade options. Similar features will also apply to the characters.

Super Racer has a seasons leaderboard, with two seasons per year, each consisting of 23 races. There will therefore only be 2 winners each year, each of whom will receive an NFT reward, $ERTH tokens, and a championship trophy.

As of right now, races are time-based, which means that players are not competing against others in real time. Instead, each player will race and be timed to determine who is the winner. However, the project will develop real-time races after the baseline features have been completed.

Players can also collect NFT cars to play the game, but this is not currently mandatory. There were only 555 vehicles minted, all of which can now be purchased and sold on Magic Eden.

In the future, there will be 5,555 vehicles.

There are 7 types of vehicle, ranging from sports to off-road or truck. Each of the vehicles has simple graphics.


Combining two NFT vehicles (Fusion) will give you one upgrade, unlocking rarer parts of each vehicle.