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Superpower Squad
May 29, 2023

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  • Graphics
  • Strong team
  • Gaming experience
  • Well-known partners
  • Only for mobile phones

Superpower Squad is a multiplayer third-person shooter game that combines elements of MOBA, RPG and Roguelike, giving players an exciting and unique gaming experience.

Official Trailer



  • Game Mode: Battle Royale
  • Beta Demo
  • Game Mode: Death Match
  • Guild System and NFT Marketplace
  • New Game Modes: Sniper Fight, Zombie Crisis, King of the Battle
  • Initial NFT Sale
  • Token Generation Event
  • Launch Play-To-Earn Battle Royale Mode


  • Influencer Campaigns
  • New Game Mode: Emergency Action
  • Advanced NFT Skins
  • Ranking Gameplay
  • Tournaments
  • Home System
  • UGC Tools

About the game

Player Requirements

Players can try the game for free, but they must purchase or rent one of the NFT characters to activate the Play-To-Earn elements.

In addition, players will be required to pay an entry fee before the beginning of the fight.

As such, the game is very time consuming and requires quite a large amount of skill.


Users encounter a dual-token model in the game.

Governance token

Name: Superpower Squad ($SQUAD)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Original price: $ 0.0335


Governance token holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn passive income. With staking, they will also gain voting rights on future updates to the game.

In-game token

Name: $ECG

Total supply: Unlimited

Usage: Reward token for winning battles, completing daily tasks and ranking high on the leaderboard. Also used for renting, upgrading and synthesizing in-game NFTs.


Players have several ways to earn in the game. For enthusiastic players, the better they get at each mod, the more they can earn. In addition, each month they can rank on the top players’ leaderboard and earn better rewards.

More entrepreneurial users can buy more in-game NFTs and then rent them out to gain passive income.

Staking, selling NFTs or investing in a token, will also help them earn more.



  • Everest Ventures Group
  • Ankr
  • KuCoin Labs


The team comprises around 60 members who are all engaged in different fields.

The team’s core members are engaged in game production and have more than 10 years’ experience in their professional fields. They have worked together for 6 years.

Greg Gopman – co-founder and CEO

More than 5 years’ experience building Web 3 projects

Pony Zhang – co-founder and CTO

More than 15 years’ experience with gaming projects

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

"This is a well-developed game in which players will definitely not be bored. There are plenty of game modes and ways to earn.

The graphics and effects of each attack are also great. In addition, each player can choose a character according to their preferences.

The game will reward the most active players, so there is no risk of Pay-To-Win, but users will have to sacrifice a lot of time in order to rank well.

The project has partnered with many well-known companies and has a very experienced team behind it.

In addition, the developers are always coming up with new updates, so players have a lot to look forward to.

I definitely recommend the game, as everyone can try it for free and then decide whether to invest and try to earn by playing it."

Superpower Squad is a Free-To-Play, Play-To-Earn third-person shooter game that consists of gameplay incorporating elements of MOBAs, RPGs and Roguelikes.

The developers' primary focus was to give players a great gaming experience. After that, they started to implement Play-To-Earn elements into the game.

Players can choose from 7 different modes in the game. 4 of these modes are PvP SOLO and 3 are PvE team battles.


Battle Royale

Players fight against 11 others on a randomly selected map from Grass Canyon, Battle Depot and City.

The battle lasts 6 minutes before a toxic storm comes to end the game. Also, from time to time, players must also hide from airstrikes.

Players are given a weapon to play with at the start, which they use throughout. However, they can find crates with energy boosts around the map that will improve their stats.

Entering the game costs a certain amount of in-game tokens, and rewards are distributed according to the result achieved.

Death Match

This is a 12 player battle with no rules, in which users have unlimited respawns. By collecting energy balls, they increase their stats, but when they are killed, they lose them and start over.

At the end, players are rewarded according to the number of kills and deaths. The game ends when someone reaches 20 kills or after a time limit of 5 minutes.

King of the Battle

30 players parachute onto an island where a toxic storm is gradually closing in. Users who remain outside the safe zone will be poisoned, and unless they move quickly to the safe zone, certain death is expected.

All players start with elementary weapons, but they can search the island to find better weapons and equipment.

The last player standing wins the game.

Sniper Fight

The rules are the same as in King of the Battle, but the game is played by only 12 players, who can only use snipers. Again, the last player standing wins.

Team battles

Gem Battle

Players will compete in 5 v 5 teams. A gem will appear in the arena every 8 seconds.

The rules are simple: the team with the most gems after 3 minutes wins the game.

If a player is killed, all the gems they gained will drop out and can be picked up by someone else.

Zombie Crisis

A maximum three-man team must try to survive 10 rounds of incoming zombies.

After each round, players will receive small rewards, but the zombies will get stronger and stronger.

Players will win the final reward if they defeat all the incoming opponents.

Emergency Action

The three-man team must defeat a mutated monster that blocks the only supply route.

The players' task is to defeat the monster and get supplies as soon as possible.

The faster they defeat the monster, the more rewards they will receive.


Each hero has their own unique weapons, abilities and characteristics. Heroes perform differently in different situations and each has certain attacking moves. Appropriate use of the hero's abilities will increase the players' chances of victory.

There are four different hero rarities: classic, rare, legendary and mythic. Each hero randomly gains their passive ability by unlocking a certain number of chests. This results in the uniqueness of each character.

Players will encounter three character types in the game:


Combat-ready tanks should always guard the frontline of the battle. Tanks will absorb most of the damage when protecting allies with a heavy-duty armory. Tanks have a huge number of HP and deal medium damage, but are very slow.

The 5 tanks in the game are Grohl, Jerry, Flying Tiger, Wukong and Glass.


Units that are meant to deal as much damage as possible to enemies. These heroes have very little HP, deal very high damage and are very fast.

The 9 DPS units are Villa, Ryan, Adam, Elena, Hamlet, Halley, Linn, Jubei Chan, and Yasmin.


Support units empower the team, control the enemies and reduce their abilities. These units have all their stats balanced - HP, damage and speed.

The support units are Dolores, Julio, Incredible Man, and Sisi.