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May 18, 2023

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  • Encourages artists
  • No information about the team
  • Disorganized

TaleCraft is a PvP Play-to-Earn NFT card board game developed on the Avalanche platform. It mainly focuses on crafting your NFT items to improve and become stronger in the game.

Official Trailer


Q3 Phase – 2021

  • Social media release
  • Website release
  • Seed round
  • Private round
  • IDO platform partnerships
  • ICO platform partnerships

Q4 Phase – 2021

  • Token generation event (TGE)
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listing
  • DEX listing
  • Partnerships with other Avalanche projects
  • Audit
  • Special marketplace
  • App launch
  • First package launch
  • First Alchemist Chest sale
  • Crafter pool launch
  • First weekly reward and burn
  • Guideline calculator
  • Achievement system
  • Crafting game testnet campaign

Q1 Phase – 2022

  • New package upgrade for alchemist card
  • Artist package platform launch
  • CEX listing
  • Cross-chain extending
  • Board game 3D & VFX update
  • NFT integration system for launchpads
  • First special package
  • Craftable platform launch

Q2 Phase – 2022

  • Hyper casual game mode
  • Unique artist series

Q3 Phase – 2022

  • Chess mode game reveal

Q4 Phase – 2022

  • Metaverse launch
  • Sandbox game mode

About the game

Player Requirements

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Token: $CRAFT

Token Supply: 30,000,000

Players can buy chests with the token $CRAFT to start their journey of crafting new and better NFTs cards. Also, players have the possibility to purchase cards of any tier category from the marketplace. And finally, users need $CRAFT to craft new cards.

Players have the possibility to stake their $CRAFT. All  fees originated by crafting will be collected in a pool and that in turn will be rewarded. Also, users can increase the APR by staking stable $YUSD coins and using their crafted NFTs. They will get rewarded $CRAFT coins.

TaleCraft offers an ecosystem for the long run. With every chest that is being opened, 50% of the tokens are being burnt and the other 50% add liquidity $CRAFT - $AVAX for the economy. Also, the lower level NFTs will be burnt which will keep the supply of cards very limited and constantly decreasing.


Players can earn money in just a few ways.

When players play against each other and win, they not only get rewarded for winning the match, but also get mentioned on the leaderboard. The leaderboard gets reset every week, rewarding that week’s best players. This provides two opportunities of winning $CRAFT.

Also, players can earn substantial money by crafting their cards and then selling them in the marketplace for $CRAFT.




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Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

"Let us just start with the fact that the team is nowhere to be found. They are not on their website nor on their whitepaper, which makes me skeptical of the project. However, they are very active on twitter posting every week about new upcoming things. The truth about the project is that it seems like the board game was not as great as they thought it would be, so players were focusing more on the craft system. This made the team re-think their project, so they created “Craftable” which is a platform that will allow users to craft, create, trade and vote. The board game is no longer available and basically all those new game mode updates are now in the past.

On the bright side, one thing I like is that the project allows artists to submit their work as NFT and some of them will be a part of the collection.

In conclusion, even though it may appear like they are on the right path, I would not be so sure about that. I am still very skeptical about the project because of all of these changes in such a short amount of time and lack of information about and from the team."

TaleCraft is an NFT card board game, where you play against other players to earn rewards and consequently, craft your NFT cards into better ones. In order to get your first NFT cards to play the game, the player needs to buy a Chest or buy the cards directly from the game’s marketplace. There are more than 160 cards available and each one of them has its own tier and crafting method.

The Chest System gets the most common NFT cards, called Element Cards. Chests are being sold every week for 10 $CRAFT + 0.1 $AVAX fee. In these chests, the player will get only 4 cards: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. These NFTs are the lowest level tier, however, by crafting two of them together the player will get a brand new NFT card.

The Crafting System consists of the player combining and crafting cards together to create new NFT cards. Nonetheless, the crafting process comes with a price. Depending on the card’s level, it will cost the player anywhere from 1 to 5 $CRAFT. Also, the waiting time for the item to be crafted varies between 30 minutes to a  week, depending on the card’s level.

There are 5 different card tiers:

  • Stone Tier: The lowest tier cards. They can be created after crafting 2 of the 4 elements cards. They cost 1 $CRAFT and take 30 minutes to be created
  • Iron Tier: They can be created by crafting Stone Tier cards. These cost 2 $CRAFT and take 2 hours to be created
  • Silver Tier: They can be created by crafting Iron Tier cards. They cost 3 $CRAFT and take 12 hours to be created
  • Gold Tier: They can be created by crafting Silver Tier cards. They cost 4 $CRAFT and take 1 full day to be created
  • Philosopher Tier: They can be created by crafting Gold Tier cards. They cost 5 $CRAFT and take 1 week to be created

After the player creates their deck of cards, they can join 3 different leagues to play in, depending on the power (number) of their cards:

  • Junior Alchemist League
  • Senior Alchemist League
  • Master Alchemist League

Once the player joins the league, the game consists of 3 different rounds. Each round, the player must choose a card from their inventory and place it on the board. The player with the highest card wins the round.

There is also another game mode called Achievement Mode. This game mode incorporates  missions and tasks into the game. The player has to fulfill them in order to get a reward.