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Tank Battle

Published: 17 July 2022

Tank Battle is a strategy game in which users can cooperate with teammates in PvE mode or fight for rewards in PvP mode.

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Official Trailer

Basic information

Tank Battle is a completely new type of game which offers diverse game modes. Players will not be successful in the game if they play alone. It is beneficial for players to reach out to their friends to join their battles for valuable rewards. Strategic and team thinking between players is the key to gaining valuable resources, upgrading their tanks and creating an unbeatable unit that will conquer worlds. A first version of the game is available on the website, and all you need to do to get started is register and connect a crypto wallet. Upon joining the game, you will receive two free tanks which cannot be sold. Game is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Road Map

November 2021
– Art design and game development.
– Whitepaper.
– Website version 1.0.
– Gameplay demo video.

December 2021
– Website version 2.0.
– Building community Phase 1.
– Private sale.
– Smart contracts audit.

January 2022
– NFT marketplace.
– Pre-sale of NFTs.
– Public sale & listing.
– Beta testing of the game.

Q1 2022
– Release of version 1.0.
– Release of the game for Android.
– Auction and rental of tanks.
– CEX listing.

Q2 2022
– Model updates.
– PvP mode.
– Season 1 tournaments.

Q3 2022
– Publication of map.
– Alliance war mode.
– iOS version.

Q4 2022
– Modernization of the interface.
– E-sport Season 1.
– Adding new features.

About the game

The minimum number of tanks needed for a battle is one and the maximum number is five. Tanks are divided into several classes and all have different characteristics that help the unit in different tactical situations. The arrangement of a unit requires a well thought out winning strategy.

PvE – Players can place one to five tanks in each battle. Users can see their opponent’s tanks before the match, so they can deploy their units and devise a strategy that will increase their chances for victory.

PvP – Players can engage in battle with an entire unit of three to five tanks and fight against others. The selection of opponents will be based on the player’s level. Users will choose one random opponent and prepare for battle.


$TBL is a governance token that is officially used throughout the game. Its use cases are as follows: staking, farming, trading on the marketplace and buying NFTs. There are total of 1,000,000 $TBL tokens available which can be purchased on DEX.

The game also uses gold, which can be exchanged for $TBL and vice versa. Gold is the most valuable in-game currency. It is used to purchase crates and almost all in-game features, and helps reduce transaction confirmation fees, among other things.



Analyst opinion

“A colorful effortless mobile game with tanks, where Play-2-Earn is the big attraction. The game offers countless ways to upgrade your tanks to gain an advantage and win battles. This exact principle reminded me of the game Cats: Crash Arena, which was very popular in 2018. The ability to combine units on the game board to support each other and achieve a certain effect for everyone evokes the auto-chess genre to me. The game is very simple and will probably be highly addictive.”

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