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The Beacon
May 24, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Appealing retro design
  • Free-To-Play
  • Active community
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Minimal in-game features
  • Simplistic gameplay
  • Vague Road Map

The Beacon is a Retro-RPG game on the Web3 TreasureDAO ecosystem. Players fight through dungeons, escape their dangers, and get rewarded with loot. They can showcase their virtual space and adorn it with items, giving the game a life-like sense of community.

Official Trailer



2022: December 16 – December 17

  • Generation-0 Pet Egg Mint
  • Supply: 4096
  • Only allow list can mint

2023: Mid-January

  • Pets Hatch
  • Pets reveal their traits


  • Alpha release
  • Fuller gameplay available


  • Fuller game economics

About the game

Player Requirements

The Beacon is a Free-To-Play game that launches from the internet browser. Users will just need to connect their crypto wallet (i.e., MetaMask), add the Arbitrum One network, and make their account at to start playing. Eventually, the developers will also offer a game launcher so the users can play the game from a desktop app.


Token: $MAGIC

Total supply: 350,000,000 tokens.

Governance and Utility Token

$MAGIC is the standard token for projects under the Treasure DAO ecosystem. It is designed to become increasingly scarce. No current staking possibilities for $MAGIC related to The Beacon game exist. It will be used to purchase in-game goods.

Token: $BCN

Native in-game currency

$MAGIC and $BCN can be utilized in-game to buy different assets, like consumables and quality-of-life features. The difference is that users can't buy $BCN. However, this can change.


In this game, raffle tickets are in-game assets that allow players to win NFTs and whitelist spots that will enable pet minting. Players can obtain raffle tickets by referring paid players or connecting their social media accounts like Twitter or Discord and completing Dungeon Expeditions and Tavern Quizzes.

Regarding NFT items, free character players can only get them through exceptional cases like collaboration NFTs, raffle prizes, and Community contest prizes. At some point, gamers can sell rare NFTs for $MAGIC. It's important to note that all players will be eligible to win a subset of the token rewards and incentives as they play the game. However, the game is not specifying in detail how and which ones.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“The Beacon makes it about quick-accessible gameplay. You should not expect a lot of combat styles, a wide variety of weapons, or character classes, at least not yet. Since this game is only about to enter its Alpha version, it makes up for it with a solid and smooth engine that shows the team got its core right.

Although there isn't that much to do on The Beacon (besides grinding daily dungeons and quizzes for loot), the game does not expect you to invest much time or money into it. With its accessibility, it encourages all users to give it a try and start accumulating items that may be very valuable one day.

It's too early to talk about the project's sustainability and tokenomics. Still, it's safe to say that The Beacon looks like a little game with much promise, especially for nostalgic gamers looking to socialize in virtual spaces. The developers' vision also seems to be on point, making a profit on cosmetic aspects that more invested players will probably consume and avoiding the Pay-To-Win model altogether.

Personally, I think roguelike-genre fans and casual gamers should consider playing The Beacon.”

The Beacon presents an action RPG with roguelite elements, meaning the game features procedurally generated levels and a "permadeath" mechanic, so once players enter a dungeon, they will either complete it or get returned to the very beginning if they die. It is also known as a "dungeon crawler."

During these intense combats, players will test their skill and reflexes through the dungeon, trying to complete them in time and get the best loot possible. Characters can be upgraded during the run but are reset after it ends.

The game has three different modes:

  • Single-Player PvE: players will encounter hordes of monsters and different traps and fight independently to complete the dungeon
  • Co-op PvE: in this mode, players can group up in parties to face the dangers as one team
  • Housing System: this is a social environment for users to share and express their homes with the community. Good-looking furniture, rare items, and NFT drops are desired in the ecosystem

As a Free-To-Play user, people can fight through the dungeon, just as everybody else, but get only non-NFT cosmetics and decorations as rewards. Suppose a user wants to buy a Founding character ($40 cost denominated in ETH). In that case, they will also get a starting set of character cosmetics, decorations, and quality of life benefits with their purchase. Each Founding character will allow users to complete the daily Dungeon Expedition and Tavern Quiz with random rewards inside. Lucky players may get the week's exclusive legendary NFTs.

Finally, Blessed characters can mint pets during specific mint events. These pets have unique traits and can add helpful perks to their character.

Every week, 4 new dungeons are added to the game.