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The Bomb Crypto
May 18, 2023

Overall Rating

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Project Potential
  • Big online community
  • Various game modes
  • It requires an investment to play

The Bomb Crypto is a Play-To-Earn NFT game that focuses on fighting monsters, mining coins, and collecting NFT heroes.

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Q3 – 2021

  • Buy hero
  • Hero stats & upgrade
  • Hero rescue
  • Buy house
  • Treasure hunt mode

Q4 – 2021

  • Add marketplace
  • Add story mode
  • Add new skins

Q1 – 2022

  • VIP & stake
  • New story mode level

Q2 – 2022

  • Add new battle mode
  • Add leaderboard
  • Add Amazon Survival

Q3 – 2022

  • Add vote
  • Add auto mine

Q4 – 2022

  • Add NFT drop in PvP
  • Add market NFT in game

About the game

Player Requirements

Players need to make an investment of around 10 $BCOIN or the equivalent of one Bomber Hero to join the game.


Token: $BCOIN

Token Total Supply: 100,000,000

$BCOIN is used to buy and sell NFT items in the marketplace as well as upgrading the NFT Heroes.

Players have the chance to stake $BCOIN to receive daily interest.

There are two forms of staking that the project offers:

  • Staking on Website
  • Staking in-game

Also, users can stake $SEN to earn $SEN rewards.


Game users have the opportunity to earn $BCOIN by mining them and completing tasks in the Treasury Hunt Mode. The Story Mode is a good way of earning $BCOIN by playing and completing every level. However, the players’ best chance to make big money is through the PvP and fighting against other players, since every player must pay an entry fee and the winner gets the such paid tokens as a reward.

Additionally, players can trade their NFT characters in the marketplace for $BCOIN in return.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“The Bomb Crypto project seems to be a fun game to play when you do not have a lot of free time on your hands. The game offers three game modes, you don’t even need to be present for one of them. It also seems like the players can earn tokens very easily. For the more dedicated gamers, there is the PvP game mode where they can play against each other to prove their skills, and earn tokens faster.

The project has a huge online community across almost every platform, which give us a sense of security that they will stay put. This definitely gives me the impression that they are here to stay for good.

The only downside I see is the fact that you have to invest in a hero to start playing the game. However, I believe that buying just one NFT character would not be that expensive. So, I think it is pretty affordable for everyone.”

The Bomb Crypto is an NFT game with a Play-To-Earn system, where players have the opportunity to fight monsters in various game modes and collect NFT characters.

The game offers three game modes:

  • Treasure Hunt Mode: players send their bomber heroes to plant bombs in the mining areas to find $BCOIN. Players can leave their heroes working while they go do other tasks
  • Story Mode: players pick one of their heroes to take part in each level of the story mode. This mode consists of destroying all monsters to pass on to the next level. Players have the chance to receive $BCOIN by breaking blocks and killing monsters
  • Battle Mode: PvP mode, where players fight against each other. Players need to pay an entry fee and the winner takes the majority of the loser’s tokens.

Treasure Hunt and Story Modes will reduce the hero’s energy after each task or level. Heroes will then have to rest to restore their energy. Players can also own a house, which will increase the hero’s charging speed.

NFT Heroes have different stats that will depend on their rarity level. These stats are Power, Bomb Range, Stamina, Speed, Bomb, and a Special Ability. The rarity level goes from Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic to Legend. The higher the hero’s rarity level, the higher his or her stats will be.

There are a few ways to collect the NFT characters:

  • Rescue a hero: in the Treasure Hunt Mode, there is a rare possibility that users may encounter prison blocks which locks a bomber hero
  • Buy a hero: players can buy the NFT heroes through shops and marketplaces
  • Auction: a P2P marketplace where users are allowed to buy and sell their NFT items. $BCOIN is the only accepted payment

Bomber Heroes can also be upgraded in the game. It will need other same level bombers and $BCOIN to perform the upgrade.