The Mera

The Mera is a futuristic open-world game built on the Binance Smart Chain network and features a decentralized economy where players can buy and sell items. Players can create custom characters to participate in general modes for free and convert them to NFTs to join in more activities and optimize profits.

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  • Graphics
  • Free-To-Play
  • Customizable characters and NFT


  • Requires investment to earn profits
  • In-game items/currency may lose value
  • Long-term sustainability unclear
Rating 6
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 – 2023

  • Dating mode
  • Fashion shops and Art Galleries
  • NFT land sales
  • Game center 1 (Dance moves)

Q2 – 2023

  • Game center 2 (Shake hand)
  • NFT Bridge
  • VR vacations (travel destinations)
  • Other traditional brands
  • Expand the new specialized area

Q3 – 2023

  • Motion tracking Alpha
  • Item marketplace
  • Chat (voice)

Q4 – 2023

  • Motion tracking (Beta)
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About the Game

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The Mera is a complex of multiple cities developed to give users an interactive experience. This futuristic game will delight players seeking an immersive and interactive gaming experience.

The five main cities of The Mera are as follows:

  • No.1 City is the most modern, with all the latest technology and machines to help citizens
  • No.2 City combines technology and tradition with old and new architectural styles
  • No.3 City is an ideal place for couples to date and honeymoon, with a comforting and relaxing atmosphere
  • No.4 City is a lively seaside city with beautiful beaches and is considered one of the most livable cities in The Mera
  • No.5 City is an old architectural city with ancient buildings kept almost intact and still used today

Players can fully immerse themselves in the world of The Mera. They can team up with other Meracians to take on hordes of enemies and have mindless fun in various activities and events. Within The Mera, players can customize their character and assign them a fashionable look.

The Mera offers a variety of activities for players to enjoy, including:

  • Game Center: the game center offers various games for players to play, such as billiards, arcade games, and more
  • Outdoor Events at Stage: the Mera offers various outdoor events at the stage, such as concerts, fashion shows, and more
  • Mall/Plazas: the mall/plazas offer a variety of shops and restaurants for players to explore
  • Exchange Building: the exchange building offers players various in-game currencies and trading options
  • Casino: the casino offers various gambling games for players to play, such as slots, roulette, and more
  • Battle Royale: players can participate in the Battle Royale game mode and compete against other players to be the last ones standing

The Mera released its first hyper-casual game mode, called Aquapark.

Players can play for free without the chance of earning rewards or pay an entrance fee that will go to a reward pool.

The Aquapark game consists of water slide races. The first player to get to the bottom of the water slide wins the race. The maximum number of players per race is 8.

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Player Requirements

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Players can join the game by signing in with their Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. These players will not have the possibility of purchasing an NFT or earning rewards.

Players who join the game by linking their MetaMask or WalletConnect accounts, will be able to purchase NFTs and earn rewards.

The game has an Invest-To-Earn model.

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Token: $FIWA

Governance Token

Total supply: 10,000,000,000

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

The FIWA token can be used for the following:

  • Staking
  • Paying in-game fees
  • Purchasing items in the marketplace
  • Governance & voting rights
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Players can earn rewards by:

  • Playing the challenges and games in the Game Center Building
  • Trading items with other players
  • Watching ads
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analyst opinion

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“The Mera seems like a great game. The different cities and various unique environments and activities could keep players engaged and exploring for a long time. Overall, it seems like a well-designed and thought-out game that could be fun for those who enjoy open-world gaming.”

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Matyáš Kopčák

Matyáš Kopčák

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