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The Next World

Published: 22 September 2022

A blockchain Battle Royale game, inspired by Call of Duty. A graphically stunning shooter that will bring enthusiasts a whole new experience and level of gaming.


Basic information

Acquire genetically modified soldiers, equip yourself with cutting-edge weapons, head to the war zone, and fight for your future. The Next World (TNW) is a shooter inspired by Call of Duty and developed using Unreal Engine. It offers a perfect graphical and gaming experience, supplemented by Play-To-Earn and blockchain technology. The game is supported by experienced developers and has strong ties to a series of e-sports communities. In addition to Play-To-Earn, there is also Watch-To-Earn, where users can earn rewards just by watching the game.

Road Map

Q4 2021

  • Game idea
  • Pre-marketing

Q1 2022

  • Website launch
  • Presale
  • NFT soldiers
  • Trailer release
  • IDO

Q2 2022

  • Marketplace Beta
  • Audit
  • Game demo version
  • NFT weapons
  • Marketplace launch
  • Staking

Q3 2022

  • Alpha test
  • Beta test
  • Listing on centralized exchanges

Q4 2022

  • E-sports gamer show
  • Official game launch

Q1 2023

  • NFT rentals
  • Battle pass
  • 1st Grand prize war

About the game

The Next World has been gradually developed from several preceding variants, eventually splitting into two basic subgenres: FPS (first-person shooter) and TPS (third-person shooter). Unreal Engine gives creators in many sectors the freedom and capabilities they need to create cutting-edge spectacle, captivating visualizations, and immersive virtual environments. You can look forward to adventures in different areas around the world, which will enhance your gaming experience. The very large map covers many locations, like a desolate rural mountain ridge, a ravaged city, and many others.

There are two Battle Royale mode variants (solo and team). In addition, TNW also has several other modes, such as: Guild war, Leaderboard (ranked games), Battle pass, and World class tournament.

Battle Royale

Parachute into a virtual environment and fight to be the last one standing, or team up with friends or other players and beat other teams on a continuously shrinking map.

Battle Royale further consists of Free-To-Play and Play-To-Earn modes. We can further divide it into:

Casual match – zhere, thanks to the Shoot-To-Earn mode, you can get some rewards but you will need a good sight.

Ranked match – divided into several skill categories:

  • Rookie
  • Veteran
  • Elite
  • Pro
  • Master
  • Legendary

Guild war

Guild war is a weekly event where you can take part in a 60-player (30v30) clash using NFT bots and tanks that you can own or rent from the marketplace. A guild has to submit a request to participate, and only three will be allowed to join the game. The winning guild will be rewarded in TNC, TNG, or NFT tokens. It will then remain at the top of the leaderboard and wait to be challenged by another guild.

Battle pass

Players have to purchase a Battle pass to participate in this mode. A Battle pass is valid for one month, allowing players to complete quests for rewards. Daily, weekly, and monthly quests are available in the Battle pass mode.


Leaderboards will be available for players with the highest ratings. The rankings will be refreshed every week and the ranked players will receive rewards. Winners who also won in the previous month will receive extra bonuses. The Leaderboard is where experienced players show what they can do, and where they can earn the most TNG tokens.


$TNG is the main token underpinning the entire The Next World ecosystem. Total supply is 5,000,000,000 tokens. $TNG will serve as a means of exchange between players, a governance token, and can be also used for staking and farming. Players can use it to purchase items, or to get advance access to Alpha or Beta testing.

The $TNC token is primarily intended to strengthen the gaming ecosystem. It has an unlimited supply, but issue and burn rates will be strictly controlled to maintain reasonable inflation and game balance. TNC can be earned by winning in the Guild war, Ranked, and Battle pass modes, or by levelling up in Battle Royale. The amount of $TNC earned in each match is determined by class. Players use the TNC token to buy weapons, new characters, or other things on the marketplace.


There are several earning options in the game.

Shoot-2-Earn – or Play-To-Earn. Active players can earn rewards by playing their preferred game modes, such as Casual or Ranked in Battle Royale.

Stake-2-Earn – staking allows players to earn rewards for their assets, and is open to anyone who wants to join. Simply deposit your cryptocurrencies or NFT, and earn rewards.

Support-2-Earn – players can support their favorite player or team, and win a ticket they can then exchange for prize. This option will be available for High-tier games only.

Watch-2-Earn – players can connect to The Next World live stream, enabling everyone to earn by watching matches. Although most people actually only watch matches, they get nothing for it except the entertainment – this is what The Next World wants to change.



Analyst opinion

“If The Next World shooter is properly prepared, it will be one of the more popular and successful games. We are still in development, and both Alpha and Beta are still quite far away. I think the extensive inspiration from Call of Duty is a good thing, and a very good move. Call of Duty Warzone is currently a very popular game. A Play-To-Earn option is a must in this genre. In terms of graphics, it is quite clear that Unreal Engine is being used very well. I hope the game will not have any Pay-To-Win elements, because that would really degrade the experience. As an avid FPS player, I will definitely be playing this game.”

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