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The Paradox Metaverse

Published: 23 Septmeber 2022

Paradox is a futuristic open-world Play-To-Earn game created by experts using Unreal Engine 5. The whole game is supported by a full-fledged crypto-economy with several income sources.

Základní informace

This multiplayer game with an open world and quests, set in a sci-fi environment, gives players freedom. The individual aspects will benefit players not only in the game, but also in the real world, providing them with an AAA-level gaming experience. The game can be played by anyone, but some options can only be obtained and used with an NFT character – owned or borrowed. The NFT assets that can be used in the game are fully modifiable while remaining on the blockchain.

Unlike many projects in the crypto industry that promise to create games after funding from the initial NFT or token sale, Paradox is self-funded and already in development under the Paradox Studios banner.

Road Map

Q3 2021

Paradox Studios designed and developed the game concept.

Paradox Studios has entered the development phase.

Q1 2022

Alpha game version testing.

Q2 2022

March – closed Beta testing.

April – project public release (Discord, social media, gameplay video, etc.).

May – minting, $PARA presale, NFT and token staking.

June – digital partnership announcement, official $PARA token release.

July – game launch.

About the game

Paradox City is a utopian city built by architect Kain. He acquired this metropolis thanks to the singularity unit he stole when he betrayed the main character in our story, Dexter, on their last mission. Dexter seeks to overthrow his former ally Kain and get revenge. Players can also select other major characters. Each of them can be used in different ways because of their different characteristics. These characters are called Paradoxians, and there are seven of them:

  • Dexter – leader of the Rascals gang
  • Billy – Dexter’s right-hand man
  • Cain – the architect of Paradox
  • Darwin – thief and black-market trader
  • PCPD – Paradox City Police Department (AIPD)
  • Osiris – “The Sorcerer”
  • Samurai robot – AK1R0, Ronin (Akiro)

Players have freedom – they can explore and do whatever they want, engage in missions and follow the story, or develop an in-game community.


We only know that the team is preparing the $PARA token. However, its exact use is not yet known.


You can earn in-game rewards by playing missions with your character, and using other game assets such as land, clubs, and cars. Rewards can be earned even when you are not connected to the game (offline) by renting a character to another user. Another way to get an offline reward is by NFT staking.


Paradox is financing the game itself, and development is already underway under the Paradox Studios banner.


  • Amio Talio (founder).
  • Fasial Tariq (co-founder).
  • Robert Jamborski (lead developer).
  • Zuzanna Daszewska (project manager).
  • Muhammad Yousaf (Web 3.0 smart contracts developer).
  • Karen Garchaa (head of marketing).
  • Charles Mapira (marketing coordinator).
  • Amar Takodra (business development manager).
  • Renai Barford (3D graphic artist).
  • Matthew Losiak (senior Unreal Engine developer).
  • Mikael Monten (Unreal Engine developer).
  • Junru Tao (Unreal Engine developer).
  • Armaan Uddin (game developer).
  • Amol Khugshal (3D animator).
  • Karan Dogra (3D animator).
  • Igor Starostyuk (digital fashion designer).
  • Julia Belyakovich (digital fashion designer).
  • Karen Artyan (digital fashion designer).
  • Maria Malko (digital fashion designer).
  • Reza Matin (smart contracts developer).
  • Mayur Kale (smart contracts developer).
  • Amit Desai (IT architect).
  • Shahraq H. (advisory board).

Analyst opinion

“The game initially interested me very much. Unfortunately, after a closer look at the tokenomics, the overall game story and the team, I came to the conclusion that the whole project is aimed at making a quick profit. The project founder, in particular, gives me a “money, money, money” impression. He presents himself on social networks as a rich person, and probably also finances the project, but it would be better if he only watched it from a distance.”

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