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The Parallel

Published: 12 June 2022

A world made of blocks that you can collect and build your own NFTs with!

Basic information

The Parallel is a metaverse that at first glance looks like a cheap copy of Minecraft. It’s a world made out of blocks, but it will evolve and you will be able to create almost anything in it.

Obrázek světa the Paralllel

Source: https://theparallel.io/

With the unlimited creative power of imagination, players are the designers of their own world and can collaborate with others to build the limitless universe of The Parallel.

Player creations will be protected by secure copyright ownership through Hydra, a technology that goes beyond current copyright protection. This technology uses artificial intelligence to scan identities to ensure that each NFT created is unique – no two NFTs have more than 85% of their features in common. This means that players can take ultimate ownership of their unique creation and generate revenue from licensing or renting the NFT itself without having to worry about potential plagiarism.

The creators are focusing on the Enjoy-To-Play direction. They are creating a world strategically designed to give each player full autonomy. They want players to make money doing what they enjoy, not what the founders enjoy. In doing so, players have the opportunity to earn REAL money in the form of the $PRL cryptocurrency or valuable NFTs. Want to be an adventurer? An artist? An architect? A sculptor? A warrior? A singer? In The Parallel, it’s all possible.

The long-term goal is to create a community of creators who enjoy what they do: to acquire a collection of masterpieces and materialize the largest crypto community of crypto enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts in the crypto world.

Road Map

Phase 1
NFT Box Sale
NFT Paragon Creator

Phase 2
1st Game: Ascension Private Test
1st Game: Ascension Alpha Test
1st Game: Ascension Launch
Next Games Runes Hunter Series
SDK integration for Game Developers & Entertainment Studios
VR Action Game Integration

Phase 3
Open-world Concept Art
Land sale
Openworld Alpha Test
Openworld Beta Test
Open-world launch

About the game

The world is made of Runes, which are collected and made into various other things. In the first game that will exist, there should be an option to cut down trees in order to get Runes. Each such mining operation will be transparent and players will be able to monitor their progress.

Suroviny ze hry The Parallel

Source: https://theparallel.io/

You will also be crafting Paragons from the Runes. Paragons are characters, buildings, monsters… created by you that become your NFT.

The next game will be inspired by the Squid Game series.

For now, basic Paragon crafting has been launched, but we’re still waiting for the Hydra protection system and better creator tools.

Player requirements

The project does not require specific time commitments, you can play it in your free time. Some races or events may only occur at specific times, but otherwise you are free to play, mine and create whenever you like.

Moreover, the game is not graphically demanding and no special equipment is required.


There are many ways to make money in the game. It is either by playing games that the developers plan to implement and run, or by mining rare Runes that will be sold on the project’s Marketplace. Here it will also be possible to sell creations made from Runes that you craft yourself.

Each of your creations is an original and no one can build the same. The maximum possible match between works cannot exceed 85%.

You can build controversial characters, well-renowned artworks, or your own original pieces of art.


The total amount of tokens is 1,000,000,000 Parallel Units (PRL).

The token was listed at 14:00 CET on 28 December. It is listed on the Binance Smart Chain and can be found on the decentralized exchanges PancakeSwap and Hoo.

The token is intended to be used for staking and farming, but also as a fee and payment unit on the marketplace and a reward in games.

The token price as of 22 April 2022 is USD 0.064.


There will be another token in the game: the PowerStone. Its quantity is unlimited and it will be used as currency in the metaverse.

Graf tokenomiky projektu the Parallel


Staking was launched at the beginning of April and you can stake directly on the main project page: https://theparallel.io/mining.

For the time being, you can also get basic Runes from staking.



Louis Nguyen – CEO, over 5 years of experience in blockchain and fintech.

Bui Ba Hien – COO, CEO Box Studio 10 years of experience in marketing and gaming industry.

Tým projektu the Parallel

Project Advisors

Harry Holmwood – 28 Years in the gaming industry, member of Sony’s Playstation launch team, Co-founder of Stardew Valley, CEO of Magicave

Hung Dinh – Founder of RADA, JoomlArt, DesignBold, VIC Partners

Santiago R Santos – Crypto-asset investing at ParaFi Capital, Co-founder of Roca Capital, advisor of Synthetix

Analyst opinion

“We had the opportunity to watch the game from the beginning, when it looked like a cheap copy of Minecraft, but in the crypto world. The project pretended that it could not and would not have competition. When the token was listed, it made a show that I hadn’t seen before and you could see that the project was completely confident in its every move and its perfection.

Only they were wrong and the opposite was true. The token didn’t make any kind of boom, the project initially failed to launch the staking and the delay lasted over  a quarter of a year, and the development of the game got stuck on the otherwise brilliant Hydra protection feature. Repeated tagging on discord wasn’t that interesting and therefore more than half of discord followers abandoned the project. So, the game is stagnating and people are leaving; the project even gives most of the reactions to its announcements itself.

It’s really like a cold shower: the fast paced project has hit a wall and its momentum is gone, interest has waned and while the project still has potential, it had much more promise.

Once launched, the metaverse will continue to be quite interesting and offer many opportunities to capitalize on it. It is therefore up to you to consider whether the project deserves your favor.”

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