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Thetan Arena
May 9, 2023

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  • Simple controls
  • Graphical design
  • Quick battles
  • Available for PCs and mobile devices
  • Continuous game development

  • Tokenomics

Thetan Arena is an e-sports game based on blockchain technology. You can connect with your friends, create a team, and use your skills to fight against others and earn funds.

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Q4 2022

  • Thetan Rivals Launch
  • Thetan Rivals Tournament
  • Guild System
  • Social System
  • Streaming System
  • Monthly game content update


  • Thetan World Introducing
  • Avatar Heroes
  • Avatar Pets
  • New Battle Royale Game
  • Battle Pass
  • Social Event
  • Avatar Objects
  • Thetan new game

About the game

Player Requirements

The game can be played on mobile devices and PCs. To buy a premium hero in the marketplace, you will need a Metamask wallet and enough THC in it. The required playtime depends on the rarity of your hero, but an estimate is at least 1.5 hours per day.


The two main goals of game tokens:

  • Reward players for interacting with Thetan Arena while motivating them to use tokens for transactions to create an internal circulating economy.
  • Decentralize Thetan Arena ownership and administration.

Thetan Gem (THG)

Total supply 420,000,000

THG can be obtained in-game for participating in tournaments and special events organized by Thetan Arena, such as completing certain quests, beating other players, introducing new users to the game, and participating in the administration.

Use of THG tokens:

Players can request a THG token for gTHG earned in the game.

To claim a THG for the first time, a player must have had an account for at least 12 days. After that, players can claim once every 48 hours.

A fee of 4% will be charged based on claimed gTHG. The minimum charged fee is 5 gTHG.

THG token release schedule:

Thetan Coin (THC)

Total supply: unlimited

Tokens are earned by playing the game.

Battle: The amount of bonus $THC from each battle depends on the type of hero you play with.

Quests: you get quest points for completing tasks in the game. After earning enough quest points, you can exchange them for $THC.

Ranking rewards: the higher your rank, the higher your rewards.

Thetan Coin ($THC) is the main currency used in the Thetan Arena environment. It is used in the following activities:

  • Buying a Thetan Box: a Thetan Box contains a hero to fight with or sell in the Thetan Arena marketplace.
  • Buying heroes in the marketplace.
  • $THC can be used to reward streamers when streaming games.

Use of THC tokens

Players can request a THC token (Thetan Coin) for gTHC earned in the game.
To claim a THC for the first time, a player must have had an account for at least 12 days. If you purchase a premium hero, you can claim a THC immediately. After that, players can claim once every 48 hours. (For players who have not made any purchases in the marketplace before, another condition for the first THC claim is Bronze 5 level).
There are minimum and maximum THC claim limits, which vary according to the trustworthiness of the accounts. The trustworthiness of an account is determined by many factors, including the number of battles played, the ranking, the total volume of purchases in the marketplace, the points earned in battles…
The transaction fee of 4% of the claimed THC will be transferred and charged in gTHG. The minimum charged fee is 0.3 gTHG.

Staking is available from 1 April!

The duration is from 1 April 2022 to 15 October 2023.

The creators set a limit of 5,000,000 THG. The positive news about the staking is that 20 % of the fees are paid in THC. The used THC will be “burned” and thus its price should increase.

You can choose from two options on the official staking website:

Flexible Stake and High Rewards Stake (Stake&Lock)

Flexible Stake
Flexible Stake and High Rewards Stake.
The THG reward is received daily and can be withdrawn at any time.
APR is up to 80% on this program.
Flexible Stake allows us to withdraw the staked THG at any time.

High Rewards Stake (Stake&Lock)
Your THG + NFT can be locked for 180 or 360 days.
In this variant, it is necessary to own an NFT hero and the THG limit is set to 100 per hero.

If you want to stake THG 1000, you have to own 10 NFT heroes.
The reward is received daily in gTHG which can then be moved to a MetaMask, turned gTHG into standard THG (convertible on PancakeSwap), but it’s for a fee.
The APR is up to 240%.

During the lock period, it is only possible to collect the daily reward, not the staked THG + NFT.
The rarity of the hero does not matter (common, epic, legendary) and neither do the battles played (gTHC battles).

ATTENTION: The staked hero will vanish forever, so I would recommend to stake heroes that already have the maximum number of battles played!

This allows for higher returns and is more beneficial for participants.





Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“Thetan Arena had a successful start. In November 2021, it was the only MOBA game in the crypto world, and even now it has no competition. The graphics are attractive, the game modes are appealing, and the game is easy to control. Another huge advantage is its cross-platform nature, as you can play the game on PCs and mobile devices. What slowed Thetan Arena down a lot is its tokenomics. The ATH price of the THG governance token is USD 21.19, the ATH of the THC game token is almost USD 1. However, BNB was initially used on the marketplace, meaning there was no use for the THC token. This, together with its unlimited supply and the overall market situation, led to a steep drop in the prices of both tokens. Only THC has been used in the marketplace since February 2022. The developers have offered several favourable conversions from $THC to $THG and are preparing token staking. The most recent step taken by the game has been the launch of in-game tournaments in which the best will receive $THG rewards.”

The goal of Thetan Arena is not only to create a successful e-sports game, but also a gaming platform that connects cryptocurrency owners with players and streamers. The vision is to create a sustainable ecosystem making gaming, sharing and peer-to-peer in-game exchange famous around the world.

To achieve this, Thetan Arena needs to meet the following conditions:

  • The game has to be genuinely attractive and fun so that players are interested in participating every day for many years.
  • It also needs useful features that help bring players together like Guilds, Guild Wars and Guild Quests. Players have to be connected inside the game and communicate like a society in miniature.
  • The streaming system has to directly support streamers on popular platforms such as Facebook / Twitch / YouTube and the Thetan Arena streaming system. Players can use Thetan Coin ($THC) and Thetan Gem ($THG) to reward streamers.
  • Digital asset owners should be deeply connected with the players. It doesn’t matter whether they are players or someone who works with players to create a perfect and invincible winning team. Everything is underlined by the transparency of blockchain.


When players first join Thetan Arena, they get three basic heroes who can’t be sold and cannot use bonus awards from wins.

Thetan Arena heroes can be divided into several groups.

We split heroes according to their skills into:

  • Tanks – designed for front-line combat and initial defence against enemy attacks.
  • Assasins – deadly and quiet killers who can quickly engage in combat, destroy the target with a single combo and retreat unnoticed.
  • Marksmen – deal the most damage. These heroes have less HP, but usually the highest DPS (damage per second) by the end of the game.

Each hero has their own unique ultimate ability, according to which we split them into Common, Epic and Legendary. These groups determine the hero’s gTHC winning bonus.

We can also categorise heroes by their skin into Normal, Rare and Mythic—the skin determines the maximum number of battles a hero can participate in.

For some, a disadvantage of the game may be the limited number of battles per day from which they are entitled to receive rewards in the form of gTHC. After this given number of battles, you can continue to play with the hero but will no longer earn any gTHC. Fortunately, the number of battles is reset daily at 24:00 CET (Central European Time), meaning you start the game the next day with a clean sheet.


For some, a disadvantage of the game may be the limited number of battles per day from which they are entitled to receive rewards in the form of gTHC. After this given number of battles, you can continue to play with the hero but will no longer earn any gTHC. Fortunately, the number of battles is reset daily at 24:00 CET (Central European Time), meaning you start the game the next day with a clean sheet.

Game modes

Several game modes are available:

  • Battle Royale (Solo / Duo) – 12 players try to survive on the battlefield as long as possible to be the last person standing. Game duration is 4 minutes.
  • Tower Siege 4 vs. 4 – in this amazing mode, players are divided into two teams. The task is to demolish the other team’s tower. Game duration 5 minutes.
  • Super Star 4 vs. 4 – the “parent” Superstar produces stars that you collect to earn points. The team that collects the most stars wins. Game duration 4 minutes.
  • Deathmatch 4 vs. 4 – the main goal is to eliminate as many opponents as possible. Game duration 3 minutes.
  • Custom Battle – want to create a game to play only with your friends? You can create your own battle and invite them to play together. Variable player numbers.


After each battle, all the heroes will receive rewards in the form of gTHC tokens. The reward is based on the result of the battle and the rarity of the hero (winning bonus). Basic rewards:

Winning bonus based on rarity and skin:

This bonus is awarded to the winning team. The first three players get this bonus in Battle Royal Solo and the first two in Battle Royal Duo.

NFT Tokeny v Thetan Tokenomice


Free-2-Play players have three basic heroes available to earn game tokens (gTHC) during the current season. With these three free heroes, you can earn enough tokens to buy new, premium heroes in the Thetan Marketplace. However, you need to get to a higher level to use the gTHC.

Free vs. premium heroes

A free hero offers less opportunities to earn tokens than a premium hero. It is not possible to buy, sell or trade a free hero. A free hero also cannot participate in special events or evolve into a Thetan hero.


You can play and earn in many ways in Thetan Arena:

  • If you don’t want to invest money in the game, you can take part in battles with a free hero. You will collect game rewards in the form of Thetan coins ($THC), which can be sold in the market or used to acquire premium heroes, but only after reaching Bronze 5 level, which will take some time.
  • You can also get premium heroes by opening a Thetan Box, for which you need a combination of $THC and $THG. Players can earn higher winning rewards with premium heroes. In addition, you can also use premium heroes to participate in various special events to earn even more $THC and $THG. If you want more, improve your skills and conquer the rankings.
  • As an NFT holder, you can treat premium heroes as digital assets, meaning acquiring income by actively fighting in the arena. Premium hero owners may conclude private agreements with real players, conclude direct peer-to-peer agreements to hire heroes, and share the rewards obtained through cooperation. Players unable to get these premium heroes can still cooperate with you in earning digital tokens and thus optimize both their and your digital assets.
  • As a player who takes the time to improve their skills and abilities, you can optimize any heroes and become a partner in the ecosystem.
  • As a streamer, you can stream games to attract players, and be rewarded for this by the Thetan community.