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Titan Hunters

Published: 12 November 2022

Inspired by Minecraft’s ambience, Diablo’s gameplay and Voxel’s design, TITAN HUNTERS is a Free-To-Play game on Binance Smartchain combining NFTs with MMORPG.


Basic information

In TITAN HUNTERS, you slip into the role of a hunter on his discovery of secrets in an astonishing world full of miracles and mysteries.

Look out for loot and uncover secret areas in multiple difficulty-progressive levels or participate in legendary battles to fight Titans, alone or in the co-op mode with other players.

The experienced team behind TITAN HUNTERS’s dream is to create games as successful and engrossing as League of Legends, DOTA 2, PUBG or Fortnite, that is easily accessible gameplay for everyone, playable on Android, iOS and PC.

In the second phase, the plan is to expand TITAN HUNTERS universe to open the possibility of having different types of gameplay in distinct game worlds. Players may include their favorite character creation and gear, to  join different games. The game itself will  become a game universe, called Guniverse.

The final phase will allow players to create their own games using TITAN HUNTERS’s proprietary engine. These games can then be played by other users and will allow players to buy, sell, and create virtual items to decorate their avatar.

Start playing without an initial investment and only mint a NFT that you already own, where you know the NFT’s value. Titan Hunters’s motto is “Free-2-Play”, “Free-2-GetIn”, “Free-2-Understand” and “Free-2-HaveFun”.

Road Map

Q4 2021


Staking Campaign.

NFT Sales.

Minigames & Community Events.

Alpha Testing.

Q1 2022

Beta Test on Testnet.


Official Launch on PC & Mobile.

Q2 2022

Co-op Mode.

Adventure Mode World 2.

Q3 2022

Voice chat in Co-op Gameplay.

Adventure Mode World 3.

Q4 2022

Active Skill (8th Item).

Adventure Mode World 4.

Q1 2023

Guild System.

Adventure Mode World 5.

Q2 2023

Event System.

Guild Activities.

Adventure Mode World 6.

Q3 2023

Guild Wars.

Adventure Mode World 7.

Q4 2023

Other Game Modes.

About the game

TITAN HUNTERS offers two different play modes: Adventure and Co-Op.

In the Adventure mode you start an endless journey full of surprises and breathtaking emotions. The ultimate hunting experience, fighting many kinds of monsters and bosses promises gamers many rewards and excitement.

Each monster and area have their own characteristics and behavior; you can interact with the environment, such as trees and fruits. Here you will find all the resources you need to upgrade your guns and gear.

In the Co-op mode, you fight side by side with other users to slay mighty titans. Build a team with other players and combine your unique skills, personalities and combat styles to fight the enemy with teamwork.

Rewards from boss battles can be much more valuable than those in the Adventure mode.

Defeating monsters, bosses and titans will grant you resources and in-game coins ($COIN), which can be used to purchase gear and guns.

You can receive gear and guns via two methods: by crafting them with crystals or purchasing them directly using your $TITA token.

Update your Hunter Rank by beating as many bosses as you can. The higher your rank, the more likely you are to find rare items and bosses.

Player requirements

You do not need to have $TITA nor do you have to buy any of the game NFTs to start playing.

You can play TITAN HUNTERS on Android or iOS. In case you wish to play it on a PC, you need to download an emulator, such as BlueStacks or Wakuoo.

Go to https://app.titanhunters.io/register and create an account using your email address.

The website will send an OTP code to your provided email address. Enter the code and click “Verify”.

You will be redirected back to the main page. Now click “Login” and then “Link” to link your account to your Metamask wallet address, which you have to sign once it pops up. 

Then you may create and customize your character.

Each character has 6 gears for diversity, which has 1 main stat and 3 random sub-stats. Once completed you are ready to play.

When you are convinced that your gear or guns are good enough, you can purchase them as NFT and start upgrading them.


All tokens  are on Binance Smart Chain.


Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

The $TITA token is used in-game for:

  • Summoning NFT items.
  • Crafting & auditing items.
  • Staking
  • Governance participation.
  • Buying & selling NFT items on Marketplace.

The staking of $TITA is possible with a TITA-BUSD pool with an  APY around 80%.

In the past, it was also possible to stake TITA to receive gun chests.


Unlimited supply.

The $TCOIN token is the main currency and is not sold to players directly. You can earn $TCOIN through special events in the game.

$TCOIN is the fuel of Titan Hunters internal economy and can be used for in-game activities and upgrades.



Unlimited supply.

In-game currency, which can be earned from battles, events and quests and can also be used for in-game activities and upgrades, such as purchasing, upgrading or fashioning guns and gear.


TITAN HUNTERS offers three ways to earn:

  • Stake your $TITA by joining the $TITA LP Pool.
  • Play the game and farm in-game NFT items, which you can then sell on the Marketplace.
  • The top 10 best players of the season (generally lasting around 1-3 months) will be rewarded with $TITA.

Ranking up your character. With each rank you reach, you will get a small amount of coin and stats bonus. The higher your rankings, the more materials, ingredients and coin drops you will receive in the Adventure mode.



Analyst opinion

“The team behind TITAN HUNTERS is well versed in the gaming industry, with 8-10 years’ experience in game designing, visualization and development. 

They have strong partners backing them up, such as gate.io or Exnetwork Capital.

$TITA is not only available on DEX, but also on CEX like MEXC and gate.io.

The TITAN HUNTERS team is very active on all their social media channels as well as their own blog, which has many articles.

TITAN HUNTERS is available on all platforms, Android, iOS as well as for PC. To be able to play it on a PC, you have to download an additional emulator.

An advantage of TITAN HUNTERS is that you do not need to invest any money, may it be crypto or fiat, to be able to start playing. This game is 100% Free-To-Play. After having tried the game and used its in-game NFT items, you can purchase the NFT items of your choice and upgrade to use them. There is also the possibility to join via scholarships, which are posted in their Discord channel.

There are three different tokens in the game, $TITA, $TCOIN and $COIN. Unfortunately, when to use which is a little bit confusing. For example  both $TCOIN and $COIN are mentioned for the in-game currency and both are used for upgrading gear and guns. In which case which of the both is needed or if both can be equally used for upgrades, however is unclear.

The concept behind TITAN HUNTERS is well thought out and has potential. The retro graphics are nice, they teleport you back to your childhood.

I think TITAN HUNTERS is a good option to Play-And-Earn. Especially because you can try it first, and then decide if you like it before deciding to invest. If you have a lot of time to play, it is a good way to farm many NFT items, which you can then use in the game for a better gaming experience or sell them on the Marketplace and earn on the side.

The staking opportunity is a plus as well, and it makes the investment part of it more appealing.”

Lara Hegedüs

Lara Hegedüs

Published: 12 November 2022

All analyses by Lara

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