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Published: 12 October 2022

Towersmash is a Play-To-Earn game inspired by the world of magic. The basic gameplay is reminiscent of games like Want, Hearthstone and other similar card games.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Towersmash is a collectible card game inspired by the Might&Magic series, in which players build decks of cards and try to destroy their opponents in matches. There are over 500 playing cards and 1 billion combinations of starter packs.

Road Map

Q3-Q4 2021

Project and design concepts.

Website set up.

First NFT sale.

Q1 2022


Promo video.

Q2 2022

Presale IDO token.

Open PvP test (main-net).

Daily PvP missions.

Q3 2022

First Land sale.

Open PvE test (version 1).

Clans, rating system.

Q4 2022

Battle pass.

Introduction of Lands.

PvP tournaments and boosters for PvP.

Q1 2023

Second Land sale.

Open tests for Android and iOS

Official game launch on PC, Android, iOS.

Retro drop for early players / investors.

Rewards to clans according to their rating.

Q2 2023

Clan battles for lands control.

Rewards for land control.

The “Joker” event (cross-chain).

Graphics remaster.

Q3 2023

Custom PvP tournaments.

Partnership’s NFT collection.

Q4 2023

Whitelist for unique NFT.

“Joker” Event.


New visuals and animations.

PvP map expansion.

Adding a global map.

About the game

This is a card game inspired by the popular Might&Magic series. The developers are trying to combine different genres into one game, and so we can also see a strong similarity with the well-known Hearthstone title. The game can be played on PC and mobile devices (Android, iOS). In the game players will encounter the main PvE mode, but one can also enjoy PvP and tournaments. Land is an important part of the game. The owner of the land can set a certain tax on it and thanks to this he or she can get a portion of the rewards that are paid to the players fighting there. Land also gives access to the possibility to participate in elections and to join the “Council of Elders” (DAO). Other game features include: clans, card and land customization system and much more. The game is not Free-To-Play.

PvE is the main game mode in which players must complete daily tasks in order to receive rewards. In this mode, you find yourself in up to three different biomes and in each of them a different boss awaits the player. These biomes have their own levels that players must pass through.

PvP: 1v1
This mode is available to all players who own a standard purchased deck of cards. During a match, players play their cards on the board to either strengthen their defense or to try to destroy their opponent. Finding the right strategy and balance between offense and defense is key. In PvP, players are divided into ten divisions. The higher the division, the higher the rewards for winning. You can advance to a higher division by winning matches (+5 division points for a win, -5 for a loss). A 1v1 match only lasts one round and continues until one of the players drops to 0 HP.

PvP: Tournaments
Tournaments are held every two weeks and last exactly 7 days. Registration for the tournament must be made three days before the tournament starts. In order to participate in a tournament, a player must pay an entry fee using the $WORB token. Once registered, the fee cannot be reclaimed. The prize pool is made up of these fees. Each tournament participant will be placed in a group according to their division. They can only participate in 20 matches per day. Players do not lose or gain any division points in tournaments.

Player requirements

It is necessary to purchase a starter pack for about 20 USD.

The time requirement is a minimum of one hour per day, so that the player can complete all the daily tasks to earn the maximum amount of $ORB.


Towersmash is based on a two token system: $WORB and $ORB.

$WORB (wrapped $ORB)
A gaming token used primarily for:

  • Staking.
  • Tournament entry fees.
  • Upgrading cards.

A convertible token with a maximum supply of 100,000,000.

  • Upgrading cards.
  • Land improvements.
  • Buying new game packs.
  • Staking.
  • Buying boosters.


Land ownership (battle tax).
Acquisition of $ORB and subsequent exchange for WAX tokens.



Analyst opinion

“A simple card game similar to Hearthstone. Staking information is not yet available and the game is still in development. The game looks nice, is simple to understand & control, and the system requirements on graphic cards are low. Players can combine cards in the game into different setups as they wish. A forced investment of 20 USD is not too large in my opinion. Playing the game will need some dedicated time. I would recommend at least an hour and a half a day to complete all the quests and earn $ORB.”



Published: 12 October 2022

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