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Town Crush

Published: 19 August 2022

Town Crush is a puzzle game with similar graphics to Town Star. It is a game based on a similar principle to Candy Crush but with one main difference - it is a Web 3.0 application. The principle of the game is simple and involves logically matching identical items to achieve explosions that add points and mix up the items in the game field.


Basic information

In this game, as in Candy Crush, the goal in each round is to beat a set point limit, after which your farmer continues on his way. When you complete a level, you earn stars that can be used to buy more lives or so-called Eggsecutioner bomb. The game was created by Town Star art director Warren Marshall and a few selected stars from the Gala Games team. Town Crush is used as a test game for Gala Games’ new blockchain. It is therefore a game development-phase. As of the end of May 2022, there weren’t any NTF or token sales.

Road Map

Gala Games does not create Road Maps. This leaves the door open for adaptation during development. I’ve pieced together this unofficial Road Map based on public information:

Development undisclosed.

2Q: They unveiled the game and ran the first community alpha test in April. A second test will take place in June.

4Q: Beta release (author’s opinion only).

About the game

You are a farmer in the world of Town Star, moving through locations on a map. On each level you have a score limit that you must beat within a set number of moves. Most of the levels are not difficult, however you will need a chicken bomb for harder ones (with higher score limits).


Every level is a different playing field, and sometimes they are just harder. If you run out of lives, you can buy more with stars. Sometimes you also have to reach for chicken bombs. These will help you complete levels without losing lives.

Puzzle combinations:

– 3 matched in a row, 3 matched in a column = explosion.

– 4 matched in a row, 4 matched in a column = explosion + one charged piece left in the field.

– 5 matched in a row, 5 matched in a column = explosion + one Tesla left in the field.

– 4 matched in a square = explosion + a chicken bomb drops onto the playing field. After the impact, you get a bomb-loaded item.

Charged item: A shiny item that, when included in an explosive combination, activates an explosion along a row or column. Depends on the move.

Chicken bomb: An item even brighter than the previous one. When plugged into an explosive combination, it creates an explosion in a 3×3 field around it.

Tesla: An electric girl who, when activated, randomly shoots a certain number of beams into the game field, significantly mixing up the items in the game field.

Combining these special items will result in an even more massive explosion, which in rare cases will wipe out almost the entire field, giving you a real sense of satisfaction.

In the first test, which was for Gala Gold members only, there were a total of 16,880 players and 412,482 rounds played. In this test, every micro transaction was conducted on the blockchain. These transactions included lives, chicken bombs, and stars needed for purchases. A blockchain scan was also running at the same time, allowing me to see the transaction records on the blockchain.

Players from the first test were given the Eggsecutioner Chicken Coop NFT. Probably for testing purposes, but also to allow Gala to make it easier for them to get rewards in the second test. This NFT will produce free chicken bombs and will likely be taken away from everyone later. Players who wished to purchase stars were able to do so in May using TOWN tokens from Town Star.

Player requirements

All you need to play is an Internet connection. You can play the game on your mobile, tablet and computer. I personally tried the game on a MacBook, where the game is displayed in mobile format.


There is no token yet. There was a test on the Gala Games’ test blockchain where we could buy in-game items with the Star Token, but that was it. The tokens were removed after the test.


The Play-2-Earn mode is not yet available. Only Gala Gold members can play 12 new rounds in the second test, as part of the May Mayhem gaming celebrations. Anyone who plays all 12 rounds will be entered into a group of people among whom Gala Games will distribute USD 400,000.


No partners and investors are involved.


The team composition is non-public information. However, information on three people can be traced:

Warren Marshall

Presented as the father of Town Crush. Co-founder of Gala Games. Discord name: @WarrenM#8990.

He has nearly 20 years of experience making AAA games. He has worked on many games and franchises, including Wheel of Time, Unreal Tournament, Gears of War, Fortnite, and We Happy Few. He has extensive experience with both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

He writes the 3D Artist blog for game developers: https://80.lv/author/warren-marshall/

YouTube Channel – Game art practices, tips, career advice: https://www.youtube.com/c/WarrenMarshallBiz

Sample 3D library: https://warrenm.artstation.com/

Personal website: http://www.warrenmarshall.biz/

Derek Jarvis

April 2021 – present. Technical lead for blockchain development.

He has many years of experience in web development and server management for puzzle games.

Discord name: @Doc#3498.

He previously worked for many years in 3D CAD programs with a focus on automation. A passionate programmer and gamer. He has often had to set up new databases and write custom software to help the team and improve the quality of their work.

Gala Blog: https://gogalagames.medium.com/gala-games-welcomes-derek-doc-jarvis-f932f2fa8ce9,

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/derekjarvis/

John Osvald

June 2021 – Director of Games, in 2Q 2022 focused purely on onboarding new studios.

Osvald has 15 years of experience in the games industry with a focus on Free-2-Play games.

Discord name: @Robotron#1580.

As director of games, Osvald has also overseen Town Crush. Over the past year, he has been posting frequently on LinkedIn about the amazing direction Gala Games is taking, attracting people from his network to work at Gala Games.

– Head of Product Management for Mobile Games – Electronic Arts (EA).

– Senior Vice President for Zynga.

– Chief Executive Officer – Carnivore Inc. (ClanHQ communications gaming app).

– Other senior management or marketing positions.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josvald/

RocketReach: https://rocketreach.co/john-osvald-email_2359697

Analyst opinion

“I see Town Crush as a good game for all players who like this type of puzzle game. If you play Town Star as well, you will literally experience the “Gala Ecosystem”. A nice example of this is the egg warehouse from Town Star. You’ll be passively getting chicken bombs into Town Crush with this NFT. This creates a cross-game NFT benefit, suggesting that the Play-2-Earn effect in this game could also benefit from the success of Town Star, and vice versa. If I also see Play-2-Earn potential in this game, I’ll keep an eye on it.

The game features good sounds and the Town Star theme song. I believe the good sounds and music are the work of the sound engineers Gala hired for their own game development a few months ago. The graphics are similarly good. I didn’t come across anything that would bother me when I look at it.

A similar game, Candy Crush, peaked at nearly 100 million daily players, over 500 million downloads, and saw as much as USD 850,000 in casual daily transactions in 2013. These numbers make it clear that Town Crush may be a sleeping giant.

The game is running well, even though it is on a blockchain that is still being tested. However, the release of the blockchain itself poses a lot of risks.

First – possible delays in the development of the blockchain.

Second – from a security perspective. Town Crush will have its own “sidechain/parachain” on the Gala chain, which will also have a bridge to Ethereum. Bridging is one of the weakest security points in the cryptocurrency industry – see recent hacks like Axie bridge, Thorchain etc.

Third – onboarding. Acquiring new players is the hardest part of the business in the classic gaming industry.

We will have to wait for NFT, token and Play-2-Earn news. When it comes to development, Gala Games are a bit secretive. They can arrange billboarding in major plazas around the world, like they did with the TWD VOX series. This is why I think the marketing will come when the time is right. The studio is sitting on a pile of money that they intend to invest – specifically USD 2 billion. They invested USD 400 million in the gaming industry in 2021. These numbers, along with knowing that they have people with experience and connections to industry pros, give me the impression that we have a lot to look forward to.”

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