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UFO Gaming

Published: 20 September 2022

UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized gaming platform that connects traditional games with the blockchain and gives players the opportunity to earn through Play-2-Earn mechanics. In UFO Gaming, players enter the Dark metaverse of the future. Each launched game will be represented by its own planet.

Official Trailer

Basic information

The Dark metaverse is an expanding ecosystem where more Play-2-Earn games will continue to be added. The first game, or planet, that the UFO Gaming platform introduces in the Dark metaverse is Super Galactic.

Super Galactic is a decentralized (DAO) game with a unique NFT collection, built on the Ethereum network and integrated in Polygon L2. The player enters the game by creating their own character – an NFT called the UFOep. To mint an UFOep, you have to farm Plasma points and the $UFO utility token first.

Assets ownership (weapons, armour, item boxes) is fully within the user’s competence, and game assets (NFTs, currency) can be transferred from one platform to another. NFT characters reach different levels and ratings. The more you play and the higher the level you reach, the higher the ranking for getting UAP. The game is based on a two-token system that supports the use of $UFO and prevents inflation.

Road Map

Q3 2021

Implementation Agreement.


Q4 2021

Litepaper and whitepaper released.

Partners published.



Dark metaverse.


Super Galactic Beta Launch.

Official launch.

PvE and PvP launch.

Virtual land.

About the game

Each game will be represented by one planet in the entire Dark metaverse sub-economy. The more planets discovered, the greater the usage of $UFO tokens and the more you can earn. Players can also own virtual land. Each planet will have a certain number of available parcels that you can buy. Players can manage their NFT land and possibly rent it out. They will use their soldiers to fight in space against enemies and space monsters. Various close-range as well as long-range weapons will help them in the fight.

UAP tokens can be used to speed up the progress of UFOep clans by ensuring healthy children. These can be then sold to the next player in line, based on their rating, which directly affects their ability to earn from daily missions.


The UFO Gaming ecosystem is based on three tokens:

  1. $UFO – UFO Gaming utility token. To participate in the game, join the UFO Gaming ecosystem, buy UAP and play the first game Super Galactic, you need to buy $UFO tokens and stake them. 50% of these tokens are owned by the community.
  2. Plasma points – permanent Super Galactic game currency, necessary for minting NFTs. The player gets these by staking $UFO and $UFO-ETH.
  3. $UAP – tokens required for NFT breeding during the game. They are only earned in Super Galactic via completing daily tasks and missions.

$UFO, $UAP and NFTs can be exchanged on the open marketplace.

Use of $UFO:

  1. Breeding
  2. Staking
  3. Participation in game management
  4. NFT marketplace
  5. Development and creation of stronger characters


The player generates profit by:

  1. NFT trades – breeding and sale.
  2. Income from NFT land.
  3. Staking.
  4. Rewards from playing.
  5. Lending NFT items.



Narek Avayan – Co-Founder and Product Developer.

Jon Bannister – Cryptocurrency Trader and Blockchain Investor at DeFi Web 3.0.

Alexander Savkin – Project Manager.

Eric Stone

Analyst opinion

“UFO Gaming is another very promising and interesting project. With the gradual increase of planets in the Dark metaverse, it will eventually offer many games. The Super Galactic game created so far is accompanied by an interesting theme, very good design and many adventures that await players. All of this will surely be enough of an attraction for space lovers and conquerors who want to claim a piece of a planet or two.”



Published: 20 September 2022

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