Ultimate Battle Arena

A project that radically changes the view on card games and uniquely combines the principles of a collectible game with the team fighttactics.

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1-Q2 - 2022

  • Testnet launch.
  • Smart contracts development.
  • Wallet integration.
  • IDO (QuickSwap) – 5 March 2022.
  • Beta release – April 2022.
  • Full version launch – May 2022.
  • The first version includes: purchase of chests, card packs.
  • AAsynchronous PvP (opponent does not have to be online to fight using his card deck – AI).
  • NFT trading on the marketplace.

Q3 - 2022 – Q1 - 2023

  • Seasonal transitions: season rankings with rewards for the best players.
  • Chat: launch of private in-game chat.
  • Tournaments: tickets can be purchased for $BOV tokens.
  • Tasks: Daily / weekly tasks rewarded with $BOV tokens.
  • Card skins.
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About the Game

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In UBA, players will collect and upgrade NFT fighters (Ultimates cards) and use them in combat to earn BOV tokens as a reward. Players fight each other using their teams (each player can use up to 5 cards). Battle results are determined by the cards played, their type and strength. Players can combine ultimate characters to create new and unique Ultimates using $BOV. The number of Ultimates’ merges is limited.

All Ultimates owned by the player are displayed in an Inventory section. Ultimates are characters that the player uses to advance and participate in automatic battles. Ultimates can be leveled up and have unique abilities that allow them to interact with other Ultimates. Each Ultimate has the following set of animations: inactivity, attack, injury, death, and special animations.

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Ultimate types

There are four series of Ultimates: common, rare, epic and legendary. Each series has a maximum level limit.

  • Common Ultimates can be leveled up to level 25.
  • Rare Ultimates can be leveled up to level 50.
  • Epic Ultimates can level up to level 75.
  • Legendary Ultimates can level up to level 100.

Classes: There are five different classes: Warrior, Tank, Mage, Support and Ranged.

Factions: There are four different factions based on avatars – Water, Earth Fire and Air.

Karty hrdinů ze hry Ultimate Battle Arena

In case you own a legendary ultimate NFT that has weak stats (which include speed, health and attack), you can get a new ultimate character with the same rarity, but with better stats by burning $BOV tokens.

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Player Requirements

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The average playing time will be 1-2 hours a day. The basic investment will be in your Ultimates cards. Card packs / chests are the most convenient way to get cards (except purchasing them on the market). It will be possible to buy them on the NFT marketplace https://nft.ultiarena.com/app/home

Packs are not available yet.

Card packs / chests can only be purchased for $ULTI tokens. Because ulti is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you will need a MetaMask wallet for transactions. Each chest contains 5 cards. Each card has a certain probability of being common, rare, epic or legendary, but each pack is guaranteed to contain at least one card from at least a rare series.

Obrázek z hraná Ultimate Battle Arena

At least 3 packs / chests per 5 cards will be needed for playing. Cards can be merged to create new ones, used in automatic battles, or sold on the marketplace. You can also continue to invest in other cards in the game. The game should not be too time-demanding, as it is quite similar as the game League of Legends and DoTA.

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Roadmapa Ultimate Battle Arena

$BOV will be the main game token for the Ultimate Battle Arena. It is not possible yet to buy it directly on the exchange, however, you can participate on the presale at this link. The BOV token will serve as a key in the gaming economy and beyond. Presales are divided into 3 different phases, each with its own schedule:

Údaje o tokenomice Ultimate Battle Arena

$ULTI token – required to buy packs.

At least $ULTI 100,000 (USD 50) is required to join the presale, and $ULTI 500,000 (USD 250) is required to receive the 10 % bonus.

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The basic Play-2-Earn element in this game are the Ultimates. These are akin to Champions in League of Legends. You can get them individually like in League of Legends, or buy a pack with random Ultimates. If you’re lucky enough to get a very rare Ultimate (with rarities working similarly as in Pokémon, for example), you can sell it Ultimate on the marketplace for a lot of money.

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Duke Vu – CEO

Founded several start-ups, designed a 3D gaming collaboration tool called iMeshup, and earned USD 5 million during his start-up career.

Wojciech Harzowski – technical director

ULTImate Tech Guru: 3 years of experience as a blockchain developer and more than 7 years experience as a software engineer.

Oskar Krzak – operations manager

ULTImate Project Manager: responsible for running social events, strategic partnerships, organizing tournaments, managing game projects and supporting UBA development.

And others…

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Beatrice Uhlírová

Beatrice Uhlírová

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