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May 9, 2023

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Valhalla is a turn-based strategy game by Floki which will use a token of the same name - FLOKI.

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About the game

Player Requirements

Required play time is not specified. Due to the variety of activities that can performed in the game, game time is not limited. The game should not be demanding, so an integrated graphics card and a stable internet connection should suffice.


The FLOKI token is used for all game transactions. You will be charged a 3% fee for each. The fee is divided between game development, charity, and partners.
The token can be obtained on the BSC or ETH blockchain:

You will be able to transfer $FLOKI between blockchains using bridges.

In the game, you will be charged when buying items such as seed crops for farming or a boat. $FLOKI can be obtained for winning fights or by selling items on the marketplace. Staking will be possible on, so far only on the ETH network. Unfortunately, there are no details and a tutorial on how to do this should be published soon.





Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“Valhalla looks like an interesting and simple game, which you can currently try on the official website What I find even more interesting is the Floki company, which has large partners. I checked a few of them at random and you can really find tweets and articles about establishing collaborations. The entire fan base is large, especially on Twitter. It is said that the whole idea came out when Elon Musk gave his dog the name Floki. One of the biggest partners is Million Gardens Movement, a non-profit organization of Kimball Musk, Elon’s brother. Floki’s marketing has a large budget of USD 500,000, helping to set a billboard on The Times Square and advertising on more than 30 buses in London. Another goal of Floki is a university that is trying to fill the gap in the knowledge of crypto for another billion users who will discover cryptocurrencies in the coming years. The university should be headed by Dr. Amanda Kavner.”

Valhalla is a turn-based strategy game that focuses on tactical skill. In addition to using your hero’s magical abilities to damage your opponent, the key factor is the strategy that decides the outcome of battles.

Valhalla will contain top-notch game mechanics, including all game interactions and upgradeable NFTs supported by the blockchain technology. Players will be able to communicate with each other, track their progress and meet in a metaverse.

Valhalla will be completely unique, and the powerful Play-2-Earn mechanics will offer players:

  • Farming mode.
  • In-game characters called Vera.
  • Sophisticated combat system.
  • Possibility to own their ship.
  • Items system.

Players will be able to obtain and accumulate FLOKI tokens in this way.

Vera will be a unique, upgradeable NFT. Thanks to graphics, runes, statistics, and abilities, you can improve Vera and unlock other elements which will make your Vera even rarer.

Valhalla will also motivate people to spend FLOKI for quicker game progress. This increases usability and demand for the FLOKI token.