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Jun 4, 2024

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  • No Tokenomics

an exciting multiplayer brawl game on the Solana network. Developed by Hypeful, a company founded by a popular Spanish YouTuber, the game offers an engaging and accessible Free-To-Play experience, including off-chain gameplay.

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Q3 2022

  • Funding

Q4 2022

  • Beta Gameplay

Q1 2023

  • Soft launch
  • Blockchain testnet

Q2 2023

  • Official Launch
  • Compete-To-Earn
  • Creator Program

About the game

Player Requirements

Wardians will soon be available on Android devices, allowing players to dive into the thrilling multiplayer brawl experience. Additionally, the developers have exciting plans for the game's release on iOS, expanding its reach to an even wider audience.


In Wardians, the developers have made a conscious decision to avoid incorporating a tokenomics system. This choice is intended to prevent price speculation and maintain a balanced and fair gameplay environment. Instead, the game will solely utilize an in-game currency, ensuring that players can immerse themselves in the experience without external market influences.

Furthermore, Wardians will also feature the use of the stablecoin USDC within the game. This stablecoin provides a reliable and secure means of conducting in-game transactions and receiving rewards.


In Wardians, players can earn USDC through:

  1. Selling NFTs on the Marketplace: Players can trade and sell their NFTs for USDC.
  2. Battle Pass Rewards: Exclusive NFTs obtained through the Battle Pass can be sold for USDC.
  3. Competitive Leaderboard: High rankings in competitive events can result in USDC rewards.

These avenues provide players with opportunities to earn USDC within the game and enhance their gaming experience.




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Analytic Opinion

"Wardians is a fun game that you can try out in the alpha version on Android. You’ll definitely be able to entertain yourself for a while with it, and I believe some will spend the whole day on it. As one of the few projects, the team has decided not to release a token to avoid price speculation. It shows that the team really wanted to create a great game with the benefits of blockchain ownership and not just blindly chase after money."

Wardians is an exciting multiplayer brawl game that takes place on the Solana network. Developed by Hypeful, a company founded by a popular Spanish YouTuber, the game aims to provide an engaging experience for players. To ensure accessibility, Wardians will be Free-To-Play and will also offer off-chain gameplay.

In Wardians, players can choose between two game modes: 1v1 or 2v2. Before engaging in a brawl fight, players must select a Wardian character to battle with. Each Wardian possesses unique statistics, including HP numbers, movement speed, mana regeneration speed, and basic attack regeneration speed. Additionally, Wardians have access to nine pre-defined cards that consume mana when utilized. These cards fall into two categories: summoning and spells. Summoning cards enable the Wardian to summon foot soldiers to aid in battle. These soldiers remain active for a limited time or until the opponent destroys them. Spell cards, on the other hand, grant the Wardian control over the opponent's foot soldiers, enhance their basic attack, and inflict significant damage.

Competitive Events

At the start of each season, tokens are added to the reward pool. Seasons last for 30 days and feature competitive events. To be eligible for event rewards, players must either pay a fee in Wardian Coin or use an NFT ticket. Rewards are distributed in the form of stablecoin USDC.


The League is a competitive matchmaking event that allows players to vie for stars and ascend the rankings. Participants compete against each other to demonstrate their skill and climb the ladder of success.


Tournaments are limited-time events held within a season. These events offer players a chance to showcase their abilities and compete against others in an intense brawl. Exciting rewards await those who emerge victorious.

Battle Pass

Every player is entitled to receive rewards from the battle pass. Additionally, players have the option to purchase a Premium battle pass, which grants access to exclusive benefits, including NFT Wardians. It's worth noting that the progress of players who use off-chain Wardians differs from those who possess NFT Wardians.

Wardians is set to revolutionize the multiplayer brawl gaming experience on the Solana network. With its diverse game modes, unique Wardian characters, and engaging competitive events, players are in for a thrilling adventure. Whether you choose to participate in the League, join tournaments, or progress through the battle pass, Wardians offers something for everyone. Get ready to unleash your skills and dominate the battlefield in this immersive multiplayer brawl game.