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Published: 13 October 2022

Wizardia is an online strategy Play-To-Earn game with unique NFTs at its core. Immerse yourself into the magic of this game.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Wizardia is an online turn-based game with RPG elements. It is built on three basic gameplay pillars:

  • Innovative turn-based combat.
  • Player-driven game development.
  • Character development based on upgrades.

Players earn rewards from Wizardia through their investment.

They are also rewarded for the time and effort they put into the game.

You can look forward to a richly developed story and a distinctive visual style, combining fantasy and dark sci-fi. Wizardia is the work of the acclaimed studio Locura and the art style of the game is also very nice.

Road Map



– Launchpad + DEX/CEX listing.

– Smart Contract Audit.

– Staking program.

– Arena Genesis NFT public sale.

– Community reached 200K members.


– Wizards NFT sales.

– Community reached 400,000 members.

– Tournaments (Battle Arena alpha version).


– Global tournaments.

– Base building.

– Marketplace.


– Full game launch.

– AR integration.

– Mobile app.

About the game

This is a turn-based game with RPG elements (character development, artifact upgrading and item production). Players earn, upgrade and use wizards (NFT) for combat in both PvE and PvP modes.

The game mechanics are similar to well-known titles such as Raid: Shadow Legends, Age of Magic: RPG and others.

The combat in Wizardia is turn-based and requires clever thinking and effective use of abilities. At the beginning of the game, the player assembles a team of three wizards and equips each of them with an artifact and other items. The matchmaking system then selects an opposing player depending on the type of game mode and the player’s experience. Matches consist of several rounds, each with a set number of turns. All actions of wizards on the playing field are carried out during one turn, but must not be in cooldown from previous rounds. During a turn, the player can choose to play active spells with the wizard or skip a turn to refill energy. The duel ends when all three wizards in a team have been incapacitated. The winner receives a reward and the loser a consolation prize.

The game provides many opportunities for players and investors to succeed in the Wizardia economy. Valuable tokens and NFTs can be traded both in-game and on external exchanges.

There will be an option for free play (F2P) so that players can learn the basics of the game and master it.

Player requirements

Players must purchase 3 wizards as well as $WZRD tokens.


The $WZRD Token (WiZaRDia) is the basic utility token and in-game currency.

Tokens can be spent, earned or exchanged in and out of game by any player.

The $WZRD token is a utility token with staking, stability, rewards, and yield farming features.

$WZRD is a cross-chain token on the BSC and Solana networks.

In order to build a long-term and sustainable gaming economy, 300,000,000 $WZRD tokens were released in circulation.

Players can spend $WZRD tokens to gain rank and increase the Wizard’s rarity.

The use of tokens can be divided into player-to-player and player-to-vault mechanisms:


Players can trade resources with each other, primarily obtained in the arena, in exchange for $WZRD tokens.


Players who own Arena genesis NFTs receive passive royalties in the form of $WZRD tokens (a share of the Arena transaction fees).


You can stake a portion of your $WZRD tokens and earn a percentage as a reward over time. This is done through the staking pool.

Different pools with different percentages will be available to meet everyone’s needs.

Rewards for staking will be transferred to your crypto wallet after the selected period. Wizardia has 3 lock-in periods: 4, 8 and 12 months.

Unique discounts for Charlie Gaming readers:

5% discount on Arena genesis NFT – https://wizardia.io/ref=0qjpw914n8

5% discount on Wizard NFT – https://wizardia.io/ref2=0qjpw914n8

5% discount on Market genesis NFT – https://wizardia.io/ref3=0qjpw914n8code



The Wizardia team includes more than 30 experts in the following industries: business, blockchain, video and board game development, design, marketing, community building and support.

Analyst opinion

“Wizardia has really nice graphics and the RPG and turn-based systems are also well made.

I like the fact that you can try the game in F2P mode before investing in it. You can learn the game first, then decide whether to invest. The Wizardia team is trying very hard to push the price of their tokens up. Buying NFTs is simple. After buying their token and staking it, you can get some of that percentage as an extra profit if you dedicate your time to the game.”



Published: 13 October 2022

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