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World Eternal Online

Published: 1 September 2022

World Eternal Online is an MMO with League of Legends mechanics, player-driven economics, and blockchain integration. Players can slay huge bosses and conquer territories in this dynamic and ever-changing world.

Official Trailer

Basic information

World Eternal Online is a sandbox MMORPG with a Play-2-Earn economy. Players experience adventures in a vast world, killing monsters, gathering resources and crafting items.

About the game

Players control a single character with a MOBA-style interface. If you’ve played games like League of Legends or Dota, you’ll feel right at home. However, you will find yourself in a huge MMO world with thousands of other players. As players explore the world, monsters, resources, dungeons, created cities, and world-changing events await. You’ll be able to encounter bosses roaming the world and join those who are attacking them. Players will be also able to join a guild or establish their own, build  headquarters, and conquer rival guild’s territories.

Berry bushes and gold mines are scattered all over the world. Players can leave their pets at these resource sources, to collect raw materials. On occasion, some animal pets will be able to find rare resources. Players will be divided into different nations. They can attack players from other nations in zones designated as PvP.

Also, players will be divided into three groups, but one player can easily be a part of all three groups at the same time.


These players will collect heroes, fight monsters, win events and team up with other adventurers. They generate the most resources because they make up the largest population that accumulates resources by gathering raw materials and killing monsters within the game.


Artisans create and repair equipment for adventurers. There will be two types of artisans: blacksmiths and alchemists.

Land barons

Land barons are players who have purchased a land deed and claim an empty city in the world. Each empty city has a set of building parcels. These parcels can be rented out to artisans and guilds.

Player requirements

Requirements will vary depending on the group the player wants to join into. Anyone will be able to become an adventurer without any necessary purchase. If the player wants to become an artisan, he has to possess a blacksmith or alchemist license. If he wants to be a land baron, he has to buy a land deed and then a city. The game will be released on PC and mobile devices.


The current intention is that there will be many other currencies in the game, but only one token. The token could be used mainly to:

Pay artisans for their services.

Artisan building upgrades.

City upgrades.

Players will not be able to trade equipment and potions, as this would make the marketplace a very tough competitor for artisans.


Players will be able to trade their NFT characters obtained during gameplay. They will earn more depending on the  group that they belong to.


The main ways to earn tokens are:

Quests and events.

Random drops from raid bosses and dungeons.

Selling recipes and materials to artisans and land barons.


Artisans have a higher earning potential than adventurers. Players will buy  equipment, potions, animals, etc from them.

Land barons

Land barons have the highest earning potential in the game. Artisans will pay them to rent out building parcels within their city.



Core loop

Vincenzo Alagna – CEO and technical director.

Dan Chao – President and game designer.

Analyst opinion

“In my opinion, the game is not that different from other MMORPG games. Looking  at the game’s economy, I immediately see clear differences between other MMORPG or blockchain games. Players will not be able to trade and buy resources between each other to protect artisans. According to the project’s logic, it makes sense, but I believe that only time will show if it works.”

Kuba Lohnický

Kuba Lohnický

Published: 1 September 2022

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