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Zom Fi

Published: 20 June 2022

Zomfi is an action shooter where players will wander the world during the zombie apocalypse, collecting gear and defending themselves against zombies.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Zomfi is an action Play-2-Earn shooter game on the BSC network. Players will be able to navigate through a zombie apocalypse where they must collect gear and fight zombies. They use digital tokens to buy gear that will allow them to advance to other levels. Instead of static combat in one location like in many other blockchain games, players will be able to move around in a real city, making the gameplay experience more enjoyable, while also earning rewards in the form of findable tokens. Zomfi combines the increasingly popular zombie genre with blockchain and 3D gameplay like never before.

Obrázek ze Hry Zomfi

Source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18eYFI1PBHNgLHpaPyBCy_5yNS2JqpcIi/view

Road Map

Phase 1- Q4 2021
– Research
– Website launch
– Whitepaper release
– Social media
– Gameplay trailer
– Marketing
– Launch on PancakeSwap
– Airdrop
– Audit
– Launch on CMC and CoinGecko
– Exchange listing

Phase 2 – Q1 2022
– Alpha release: PC demo
– Community events and competitions
– Crafting
– Zomfi Pack Sales
– NFT marketplace
– Partnership collaboration

Phase 3 – Q2 2022
– Game Release – PC
– Release of Zed (in-game currency)
– Cosmetics / skins
– In-game marketplace
– Achievement Rewards
– Character Upgrades

Phase 4 – Q3 2022
– Game release – Android, iOS
– Cooperative PvE mode
– Clan system
– Rankings

Phase 5 – Q4 2022
– Multiplayer
– Battle royale
– Zombie-racing
– 4v4
– More Special Bosses

About the game

Zomfi will be mainly PvE oriented. Players will fight against zombies and gain experience points that will allow them to level up characters. This will give their characters access to new areas and stronger gear. Players can get up to a maximum level of 100. With every tenth level, they will earn more rewards and achievements for clearing areas of zombies. While clearing these infected zones, players will be able to find weapons or armor. These items have to be brought back to the safe zone to secure the loot.

If a player dies in the infected zones, they will only drop the looted gear. Players will also be able to engage in a separate PvP mode. A PC version of the game will be released first and later on a version for mobile devices. Weapons are required to successfully master the game. These are rated from common to legendary and can be found in the game. The rate of occurrence depends on their rarity:

Common 83.99%, Uncommon 10.00%, V Rare 5.00%, Epic 1.00%, Legendary 0.01%

Obrázek Zbraní ze hry ZomFI

Source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18eYFI1PBHNgLHpaPyBCy_5yNS2JqpcIi/view

There will be occasional places in the game where you can get tokens, and if you’re very lucky, you may even find rare NFTs. In order to secure your loot you have to make it back to base without dying.

To start playing you need to purchase the $ZOMFI token. After entering the game, you can purchase the in-game currency called Zed.


ZOMFI ($ZOMFI) – Governance token, total supply: 500,000,000 ZOMFI

$ZOMFI is the project’s core token, which is used to reward users for playing and give them access to features in the ecosystem. With its help, it is possible to participate in the management of the game (suggestions, adding/removing items from the game, etc.).

$ZOMFI can be staked to earn a certain reward.

The $ZOMFI is also used to obtain the $ZED game token.

Zed ($ZED) – game token, total supply: no fixed limit

Zed is used in the game environment. Players earn it for completing achievements and can use it to upgrade their inventory: buying ammo, medkits and grenades. Zed also allows participating in various game modes.

Obrázek Tokenu Zed

Source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18eYFI1PBHNgLHpaPyBCy_5yNS2JqpcIi/view

Players have several ways of earning financial rewards, such as staking, events, selling items on the marketplace, participating in PvP and finding rare NFTs.

Obrázek Tokenu Zomfi

Source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18eYFI1PBHNgLHpaPyBCy_5yNS2JqpcIi/view

Partners and investors

Obrázek partnerů hry Zomfi

Source: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18eYFI1PBHNgLHpaPyBCy_5yNS2JqpcIi/view


Link Johnny Yang – CEO, co-founder, Unity developer, 3D animator
Bryam Yang – CMO/CFO, co-founder, content creator, game analyst
Simon Fue – CTO, lead designer, 15+ years in graphic art and six other team members

Analyst opinion

“A zombie PvE third-person shooter with great low-poly graphics will certainly have its place in the market. The combination of PvE and Play-2-Earn is definitely a good idea. Players who don’t want to partake in classic, sometimes overly stressful shooters will love this game. However, this will still be available as a choice in Zomfi; the PvP mode will be implemented later in the game’s development. The team looks serious, active and promising. However, I noticed in the pitch deck (project presentation) that the team contains different people than presented on the website.  My only criticism would be that you can’t join the game without purchasing $ZOMFI, and unfortunately there is no indication of how many of them a player needs.”

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