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A Play-2-Earn farming simulation for game lovers, inspired by the American countryside.

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  • Verified and popular game concept
  • Large space for mini-game updates
  • Well-known and experienced consultants


  • Game tokens
  • Graphics
Rating 8.5
5 - Project Potential

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Phase 3 – Q1 - 2022

  • Game version No. 1 launch (January 2022).
  • Marketing, partnerships and attracting more users.
  • Marketplace launch.
  • NFT sales.

Phase 4 – Q2 - 2022

  • Improved graphics and gameplay.
  • Marketing, partnerships and attracting more users.
  • Game version No. 2 launch.
  • More minigames added.

Phase 5 – Q3 - 2022

  • Complete HappyLand metaverse launch.
  • Game version No. 3 launch: 3D graphics, player avatars, multiplayer, laboratory, new laboratory seeds and upgrades.
  • Marketing, partnerships and attracting more users.

Phase 6 – Q4 - 2022

  • 3D game.
  • Marketing, partnerships and attracting more users.
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About the Game

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The goal of this farm game is clear – to become the best and wealthiest farmer in the entire metaverse. The game works with seasons, each of which will last one week in the game. In each season, different crops are sown and harvested, which stimulates game dynamics. To achieve the highest production, players have to select suitable seeds for a given season.


To become a farm owner, you have to first create an account linked to your MetaMask wallet. The player’s data will then be stored in the HappyLand system. Upon entering the game, the player will have a farm and a warehouse. Land can be purchased through the HappyLand store or exchanged with other players in the game marketplace. Purchased land can be used, for example, to plant trees.

Sowing Cycle – Fruit

Seeds for growing crops can be purchased for game tokens. Seed production varies depending on the seed type, the cultivation process, and the land rarity. Each plant type has a different harvest time. It will not be possible to harvest the fruit without long-term care.

Planting Cycle – Trees

The trees will be available on the map from the very beginning. They can be harvested by spending in-game time and tokens, which will generate random woods with different levels of rarity. The player can harvest up to 5 trees a day when they reappear on the map. Trees can be used, for example, for the construction of houses or building upgrades.

Factory (production machine)

The factory function will be locked until players reach a certain level (not specified yet). The factory construction takes some time, depending on the level and construction type. However, a token can be used to shorten the construction time.

The factory allows players to produce final products of agricultural plants. These products can be utilized to perform everyday tasks or for trading.

Factories are used to produce all available game products. Each product has its own production recipe, which requires players to own the appropriate factory type.


The laboratory is a place where players can breed agricultural plants or animals, but also improve the land to create a version with higher rarity and value. The higher the level players reach, the better seeds they can unlock. To make it more interesting, the time of successful seeds cultivation will not be predetermined and will be completed randomly.

Pets and Cattle

In addition to planting, players are offered a diverse and rich system of cattle and other animals, such as dogs or cats.


To improve fun and increase the players’ income more efficiently and more easily, HappyLand provides minigames that are based mainly on interaction between players.

5% of the mini-game rewards are taken as a winning fee and will be automatically transferred to the liquidity pool, which serves as a bonus game fund.

How to earn in the game

In addition to holding NFTs and playing mini-games, you can earn by trading with other players or staking.

For example, players can buy 1 wheat seed for $HPW 70 to plant on one parcel. This produces 40 wheat plants, each selling for $HPW 3. They will get $HPW 120 from the subsequent sale on the market, which means that they earned $HPW 50 on their initial investment.

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Player Requirements

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The game is playable in a browser on any device. There are no special requirements.

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Name: $HPL

Type: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Total supply: $HPL 400 million

Current price: HERE

Where to buy: PancakeSwap, DigiFinex, Decoin

All tokens should be in circulation within 20 months from listing.

The token will be distributed as follow:

  • 28% on Play-2-Earn game opportunities ($HPL 112 million)
  • 22.5% into circulation during private sale ($HPL 90 million)
  • 1.5% into circulation during public sale ($HPL 6 million)
  • 12.5% ​​for the team ($HPL 50 million)
  • 15% marketing and partnerships ($HPL 60 million)
  • 1.25% liquidity on DEX and CEX ($HPL 5 million)
  • 9.25% reserve ($HPL 37 million)
  • 6.25% staking rewards ($HPL 25 million)
  • 3.75% for consultants ($HPL 15 million)

In addition to the $HPL token, the project also offers the $HPW (Happy Land Reward Token) token. This is a game currency, which is needed for payments in almost every game activity. It also serves as the main reward token. Players will earn rewards by harvesting and selling products. In addition, they can be rewarded by exchanging $HPW for any other token.

Players will spend $HPW on growing seeds or raising animals, which can subsequently be sold. Basically, for every action in the game where you can make a profit, you need $HPW. In addition, players can use the token to unlock other NFTs used for land upgrades.

Initially, $HPW will be distributed to staking users. Specifically, $HPW 201,600 will be distributed as additional rewards (besides $HPL) to all users.

Current price: HERE

Where to buy: PancakeSwap


$HPL staking means depositing $HPL to earn rewards and other benefits. This allows $HPL holders to have a passive income while retaining their $HPL ownership.

The longer a player stakes, the more attractive the rewards will be. The rewards amount will be also affected by the number of deposited $HPL. The minimum staking time is two weeks. However, most investors will usually have tokens inserted for a longer period (at least 2-3 months). By depositing $HPL, players earn additional $HPL, generating passive earnings and increasing their capital over time.

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Khoa Phan – Company founder and director

  • Co-founder and CEO of Tazogames, 15 years of experience in software and game development.
  • Research on artificial intelligence in St. Petersburg, Russia

Dinh Le – Marketing director

  • 7 years of experience in transforming games into applications.

Minh Nguyen – Lead developer

  • 11 years of experience in software and game development.
  • 7 years of experience as a game project manager.
  • Master’s at Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

Tazogames – Game studio

  • For many years a top game development studio in Vietnam.


Stani Kulechov – Aave founder and director.

Santiago R Santos – Investor – specialized on DeFi and Web 3.0 metaverse.

Kieran Warwick – Illuvium founder and director.

Kenzi Wang – AU21 Capital and Cere Network co-founder.  

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analyst opinion

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“The game looks really interesting. Especially for farming and HayDay game style lovers, this really hits the spot. Very simple game mechanics can soon make a profit for hard-working players. The community is very large. That’s why I think the game is worth a try. The big plus is that Kieran Warwick is also interested in the project and invests in it.

Nevertheless, I would not recommend investing in the token. It has fallen below USD 0.05, and the declining trend persists.”

Ladislav Horáček

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