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It’s a challenge to become the best! Set out on an adventure on this planet, fight for ethereum, catch as many Illuvials as possible and outwit your opponents.

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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  • November 2020 – Initial prototype. (completed)
  • December 2020 – Transition to Unreal Engine. (completed)
  • December 2020 – Presale of ILV token. (completed)
  • January 2021 – Listing of ILV tokens on exchanges. (completed)
  • February 2021 – Smart contract token. (completed)
  • March 2021 – First cinematic trailer. (completed)
  • May 2021 – Staking launch. (completed)
  • May 2021 – Yield farm contracts V1. (completed)
  • October 2021 – Gameplay battle trailer. (completed)
  • Q1 - 2022 – Yield farm contracts V2. (in testing phase)
  • Q1 - 2022 – Private beta. (in testing phase)
  • Q2 - 2022 – Public beta launch.
  • Q2 - 2022 – Illuvium Zero Land Sale. (to be specified)
  • Q2 - 2022 – Illuvium Zero game launch.
  • 2023 – Mobile version.
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About the Game

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The game begins after our spaceship crash-landed on an unknown planet. There, we discover creatures called Illuvials.

The planet is divided into seven different regions. At the game launch, most regions will be unavailable, which is related to the upcoming land sale. Only two regions will open at the beginning. Over time, players will discover the world and find obelisks to teleport around.

At the beginning of the game, we also receive the Illuviary. Apart from the fact that all existing Illuvials are recorded in it, it has another great feature. If you are the first to discover an Illuvial that has not been found yet, your name will forever be entered into the Illuviary as the name of the discoverer. No one will ever delete it.

The game land is then used to play Illuvium Zero. You build many buildings, mine resources (raw materials, carbon, silicon, hydrogen, as well as the fuels crypton, hyperion and solon) and perform research. The extracted raw materials are also helpful in the game, for example to travel. If you do not own land, resources will need to be purchased at the game marketplace. The lower the level of the land, the fewer resources it contains.

The land will be one of the most expensive commodities in the game for the above reasons. There will be a total of 100,000 lands of various Tiers. The higher the Tier, the better the land. In the first sale, 20,000 lands will be available, distributed as follows:

We expect enormous interest in buying lands. These will be sold in the form of a Dutch auction. The upper price limit will be set, which will decrease for two hours to reach the price of ETH 0. When the price becomes acceptable to you, you will bid on the item – this will end the auction and you will get the land. The initial land price will probably range from ETH 2 for Tier 1 to ETH 100 for Tier 4. For Tier 5, no one dared to estimate the price even at the beginning when the sale was announced, and the creators eventually proceeded to a variant of silent auction, which will be conducted live! The entire auction will take place on the Illuvia official website.

We then undertake expeditions to find new Illuvials, shards and other resources that the game world offers. The Moz4rt robot will accompany us to analyze everything around – Illuvials, plants, shards.

While exploring, we come across a lot of different situations. There are, for example, areas where it is not possible to walk on, so you have to be careful to have enough fuel in your jetpack to fly over them. You can face pitfalls at every turn. Be prepared for the fact that an Illuvial can appear at any time and anywhere. So if we’re going on an adventure, we should definitely not forget all equipment needed to catch them.

It is definitely worth exploring the Illuvium landscapes. You will find out how beautiful and sophisticated the world the creators prepared for us is. You can find hundreds of plant species, cave paintings, huge crystal caves and many other magnificent views.

The game can also be played for free. In that case it will not be profitable and not all functions will be available, including the variety of Illuvial types.

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Player Requirements

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To enjoy the game to its maximum potential, we recommend a powerful gaming graphics card (min. RTX 3060 TI or better) and ideally a gaming computer. However, the team is also working on less graphics-demanding versions to make the game more accessible.

In terms of time, the main game will be in the style of “the more, the better”. If you want to belong to the top rankings, you must have enough free time in addition to a bit of luck with discovering Illuvials – an estimated 8 hours a day. Illuvium Zero is not as time-consuming, but you need to be flexible. For example, when your building construction or research is completed, you have to assign new tasks.

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ILV – governance token

Token contract address: 0x767FE9EDC9E0dF98E07454847909b5E959D7ca0E

Exchanges where it can be bought: Binance, KuCoin, Crypto.com and many more.

A full list of exchanges where to buy ILV token is available here.

Maximum supply: 10,000,000 tokens / 3 years

The token cannot be used in the game or to buy land.

Illuvium popis tokenomiky

Token prices in given sales phase:

Pre Seed: ILV 1 = USD 1

Seed: ILV 1= USD 3

Team: ILV 1 = n/a

Treasury / Launchpad / Yield farming / In-game rewards: ILV price determined by the market, ILV 1 = USD 642 as of March 31, 2022.

ILV on CoinGecko

Pre Seed a Seed: 2 million ILV tokens from the Pre Seed and Seed phases are currently locked for 1 year from the start of their sale and should be unlocked at the end of May 2022 (cannot be staked now).

Team: 1.5 million ILV tokens are distributed among the game creators. Of these, 1.4 million is intended for top management. These tokens are also locked for 1 year and will start to be released at the end of May 2022. However, most tokens are locked for 3 years, which means that the creators want to prove that they take the game as a serious and long-term project. The remaining 0.1 million ILV is distributed among the other members of the Illuvium team and locked for 1 year.

There are concerns that after the tokens’ release at the end of May 2022, there will be massive sales and a price drop. However, since the token is still rising in price, this theory is unlikely, because token holders would be against themselves if they reduced the price of something they hold. Should there be a massive sale of tokens, the development team has a plan to remove as much selling pressure as possible by offering investors to buy their tokens immediately. Instead of gradually releasing tokens over a period of more than a year, they will receive their funds immediately and these ILV tokens will be in the Illuvium Treasury. These can then be used for further repayment of income from staking etc. In this way, the team will literally wipe out half of the selling pressure that could come after May 2022, and the ILV token should not have a problem with rising in price or at least maintaining its price during these periods.

Treasury: tokens that are not held by an individual. They are intended for sponsoring and marketing of the game, promotional items or financing game trailers and TV shows. Essentially anything to support awareness of Illuvium. Their use is voted on at the Council meetings. 150 tokens are used every 3 months as a reward for Council members.

Launchpad: about 680,000 tokens have been sold to the public and are the only ones that can be staked so far. The rest of the tokens were added to the Treasury.

Yield farming: 3 million tokens are reserved as a reward for staking. These tokens will be paid out over a period of three years so as to benefit those who purchased the tokens at an early (riskiest) stage. Revenues will decline over time (3% decrease every two weeks). 20% of these tokens are for rewards from staking the ILV itself and 80% are for rewards from staking through Sushiswap (the higher the risk, the higher the reward).

In-game rewards: 1 million tokens will be used for in-game and tournament rewards. Thanks to this supply, Illuvium is expected to host the largest tournament in the history of e-sports. This would attract great public interest in the game and the price of ILV could rise rapidly.

Maintaining the value of ILV

All in-game payments are made using ETH or sILV2. These payments, as well as payments from other supporting Illuvium games, sales of promotional items or advertising, are stored in the Illuvium Treasury. Every two weeks, commercially available ILV tokens are purchased from Treasury funds, which are then distributed among those who stake ILV. So those who stake ILV receive shares from all the mentioned revenues (Revenue distribution = RevDis).

ILV-based tokenomics will be used in all upcoming games released by Illuvium. Therefore, this token will have a long-term use.


Token staking

Rewards: up to doubling of staked tokens and receiving a share of all game revenue.

Reward withdrawal options: at the start of staking, you choose whether to receive rewards in the form of ILV (tradable token) or sILV2 (token used in the gaming environment).

How to stake ILV?

ILV tokens can be purchased on the above mentioned exchanges and stored in the MetaMask software wallet. First you need to transfer the ETH to the wallet to pay the Gas fee. The current transaction duration for each Gas fee value can be found at gasnow.org.

There are two staking options – ILV token pool or Sushi LP token pool. Staking disadvantages are relatively high: the gas fee and the fees applied for the collection of rewards. Fees can be easily calculated using a calculator by youtuber Vetemor: ILV transaction fees – Google Sheets (the file has to be saved to a PC to be edited) – this problem will be eliminated by staking v2.

ILV token pool – you only need to purchase an ILV to stake.

Sushi LP token pool – first you need to provide liquidity through Sushiswap. (app.sushi.com/swap)

Annual staking yields (APY) as of September 13, 2021 (revenues decrease by 3% every 2 weeks):

ILV token pool – APY 72.89 %

Sushi LP token pool – APY 544.93 %

Sushi LP token pool has a higher Gas fee and higher fees for collecting rewards. Generally, this staking option is more difficult and riskier.

It is possible to choose a staking length from 1 to 52 weeks – the more weeks, the higher the annual rewards.

Reward collection options:

ILV – rewards in the form of ILV are staked themselves in the ILV pool for 12 months. ILV cannot be used in the game or to buy land.

sILV2 – the rewards are immediately unlocked and ready to use in the game or to purchase a land and have the same value as ILV. sILV2 cannot be staked.

Staking is not just about collecting rewards, but mainly about trust in the game and the desire to be a part of its future success.

Game token sILV2

It can be used in-game, for example to buy land, travel across regions or to improve the crystal used for fighting.

Token contract address: 0x7E77dCb127F99ECe88230a64Db8d595F31F1b068

The sILV token was originally used. On January 3, 2022, an error occurred in staking contracts that inadvertently allowed to obtain an unlimited number of sILV. Illuvium DAO has temporarily suspended collection of sILV until the launch of sILV2, where the bug is fixed.

sILV2 uses the same ERC-20 token contract as ILV and has an identical in-game use.

How to get sILV2?

There are two options :

1) The above mentioned reward for staking ILV.

2) By purchase in the marketplace.

It is already possible to purchase sILV2 in marketplaces that are not officially offered by the Illuvium team, but these should be the sILV2 that users have already obtained from ILV staking.

If you decide to buy the sILV2 from an unofficial pool, always check the token contract address!

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There are many ways to earn in the game. Virtually all things in possession are NFTs, from resources extracted from land, including land on Illuvium Zero, through shards and plants, weapons, equipment and blueprints to Illuvials. NFTs can be sold for money. Holographic Illuvial characters will also be very attractive and extremely rare. The demand for them will be huge.

You can also earn money by staking a token on the project website illuvium.io. Staking is described in the tokenomics section.

You earn money by fighting other players for ETH, but you can also earn as a spectator by betting on individual battles. You can get additional game rewards from the arena, where you do not fight with other players, but against Illuvials controlled by computers. The more rounds you survive, the better the reward should be. An example of such a fight can be found here.

PVP souboj Illuvium
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Partneri projektu Illuvium
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The team consists of more than 150 talented and promising experts in the corresponding fields. They form an international DAO. The main founders are the brothers Kieran, Aaron and Grant Warwick. They already have experience with five start-ups. The oldest Aaron brought them to the crypto world. The whole team can be found here.

Bratři Warwickové z týmu Illuvium

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analyst opinion

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“Just after watching the trailer, I got an incredible desire to start playing the game. The developers really want everything to be perfect – from the music to stunning graphics. The game itself has a thoughtful and exciting story and cute creatures called Illuvials. Furthermore, we can earn by playing the game. For really demanding players, the game will have the opportunity to find so-called “Easter eggs” (something unexpected, hidden and surprising, which goes beyond the world of Illuvium) and reveal the biggest mystery of the whole game: what Illuvium really is.

There’s a really strong team behind the project. They interact very actively with the community of players and investors on social networks. Whenever a problem arises, they react immediately and solve it to the satisfaction of the whole community. I consider it a big plus that they take into account the comments of the community and tune the whole project to perfection.”

Beatrice Uhlírová

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