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  • Original concept
  • Experienced team
  • Sophisticated tokenomics
  • Investors


  • Road Map delay

Rating 8
4 - Project Potential

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Currently in the first phase. The game got slightly delayed due to a naming dispute. In the end, the dispute was resolved by renaming the game from the original Syn City to Mobland.

Phase 1

  • November 2021 – creation of social networks.
  • Early December 2021 – NFT presale (8000 NFTs sold out in 18 minutes).
  • Early January 2022 – IDO (initial token offer – sold out by January 25, 2022).
  • End of January 2022 – 1st game version – we are here now (waiting for the 1st version).
  • Q1 - 2022 – creation and launch of the marketplace.

Phase 2

  • Full launch.
  • Multiple IP / universe integration with applications.
  • Farming / game DeFi (P2E model).
  • Gang wars.
  • 2nd game version / web.
  • Larger quantities on the CEX.

Phase 3

  • Country wars / Communities / Gaming Tournaments.
  • Trading with resources and goods.
  • Syn metaverse (maybe more games in the Mobland world, not just a card battler).
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About the Game

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Mobland is an action adventure role-playing mafia game in which players acquire, manage and trade resources / real estate and build and expand their gang. They also raid other gangs, expanding their empire.

Players can start with Mobland for free, and will only have to pay a gas fee for minting their NFT characters (a group of four NFT characters is required for battle). The players will generate the initial gang members for free. If they already have a team to choose from (real teammates), they can choose their own group. Once the participants, or “Synners” as players in the Mobland metaverse are called, form a team of renegades, they will be able to participate in games, join gangs, and engage in PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) battles.

The core game mechanics are based on a real-time card battler. Instead of forcing players to passively wait for their turn, they can use the character’s abilities even when it’s not their turn.

When Synners join a gang, they can work their way up to the top through daily missions, participate in events and battles, gain a reputation and assets, build a ruthless group and gain valuable allies. There are player rankings that track progress in the game.

Players can own Turfs (real estate) and obtain trading licenses in Mobland (more information about how to obtain trading licenses will be announced later), which will allow them to improve their in-game skills, experience and earnings. The Turf level determines the number and type of businesses that can be built on it. Players can own Turfs (real estate) and obtain trading licenses in Mobland (more information about how to obtain trading licenses will be announced later), which will allow them to improve their in-game skills, experience and earnings. The Turf level determines the number and type of businesses that can be built on it.

Players will be able to set up their gang’s base, build their businesses, rent out premises, collect taxes and rob and raid other businesses to loot their resources.

The higher the level of the syndicate (gang), the more businesses are supported, which means increased income and earnings for its members. Syndicates will be able to coordinate major strategic global attacks to take over the bases and resources of their rivals, and even entire cities.

Through strategy, determination and ambition, the player will be able to reach the top by strengthening, building and leading their gang. The player can even gain sufficient power to win a seat at the High Table. The High Table is reserved for the seven most powerful syndicates in the Mobland metaverse.

Syn Pass

Syn Pass is a limited NFT edition, which is the key (OG Genesis Key) to the entire Mobland metaverse. It offers its holders a myriad of unique possibilities and benefits including airdrops, whitelists, early access to information, etc. There will be only 888 SYN PASS NFTs, of which 800 are for community members. The remaining 88 SYN PASS are assigned to other community events. This is an opportunity for everyone to get a limited edition.

Syn Passes can currently only be bought on OpenSea, from players who acquired them during discord events. The lowest purchase price of a Syn Pass NFT is ETH 3.2 (as of March 23, 2022: ETH 1 = USD 3,000).

Other Blueprint NFTs will be released later in the game, but they will be different from this limited edition.

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Player Requirements

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Time demands – these are yet to be seen, but it will probably be the more, the better (the more a player plays, the better their results).

To get into the top 100 in the rankings, the player will need to reach a minimum level of 30, which requires 46,000 XP. Each hour on the server will generate about 750-1000 XP. Each subsequent level requires 100 more XP than the previous one.

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Name: $SYNR ($SYN)

Token type: ERC-20 (Ethereum)

Total supply: 10,000,000,000

Initial Mcap: USD 510,000

Starting price: USD 0.02

Current price as of March 14, 2022 – USD 0.06285
$SYNR currently on CoinMarketCap

Allocation: USD 200,000 (including 5% success fee)

Tokens in circulation: 10% during the TGE (token generation event), then 30% per quarter (the first 30% will enter circulation within the next 2 months)

Where to buy: Uniswap, Bybit, ZB.COM

The $SYN token created for the Mobland game will serve as a governance token (allowing players to vote on the rules and goals of the game) as well as for staking options. As a governance token, $SYN will become an essential part of Mobland’s Mafia-as-a-Dao management system. It will also serve as a tool for staking and subsequent revenue generation, strengthening gaming assets and earning $sSYN (synthetic SYN). By staking $SYN, the player gains $sSYN, which is used as the main in-game currency on the marketplace.

$sSYN can only be used on the Mobland marketplace and will provide users with discounts on purchases. Players can earn $sSYN only by staking $SYN.

In order for players to participate in Mobland’s governance model, $SYN token holders will be able to stake their tokens to generate $sPOWER, which they can assign to their gang leader.

This means that players will be able to choose whether to gain $sSyn (for trading) or $sPOWER (to support their syndicate) by staking.

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There are also other possibilities for earning money in the game aside from the standard NFT holding. Mobland will provide players with a number of different ways to make money in its metaverse economy.

Synners will be able to participate in group and special PvP battles and daily and other PvE challenges, rent out land and assets to other players, and sell acquired and upgraded gaming assets in the marketplace.

The core battle mode will be a card-battler, where players will be able to deploy their chosen crew to face the AI (artificial intelligence) assigned to the defending opponent.

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  • Kieran Warwick
    Illuvium co-founder
  • Justin Kan
    Twitch co-founder
  • Luke Wagman
    CoinMarketCap co-founder
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Roy Liu – co-founder

Roy works for Rainberry Inc., or BitTorrent. He leads the overall business and corporate development and marketing operations of the TRON Foundation in the USA.

TRON is one of the top 10 blockchain projects in the world, where Roy Liu is in charge of global strategic partnerships, company development as well as marketing and social operations.

Mihai Pohontu – co-founder

Business and social entrepreneur, keen on the development of promising companies in emerging markets. He currently heads Amber, a game development agency.

Past experience includes managing Samsung’s developer relations and innovation partnership programs, overseeing the operational functions of Disney’s interactive entertainment portfolio, and managing Electronic Arts’ multidisciplinary development services organization which supports 18 studios worldwide. Mihai Pohontu is the founder and former CEO of EA Romania, one of the largest gaming studios in Eastern Europe.

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analyst opinion

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“I highly recommend the game. The whole concept of the game looks very promising, especially the well-thought-out gameplay. The huge public interest in the project is also a good sign. Overall, the game seems like a great opportunity to combine playing games and making money.

I would definitely play the game and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys card-battlers. The big advantage is that anyone can play the game, as it is very easy to learn. Players can always choose what role they will take over in their syndicate.

I also recommend investing in the game token, either as a player or as an investor. The token looks very stable and is now at half price compared to mid-February. Considering the significant amount of interest in the game, I think there is a good chance that the value of the token will grow again. In addition, players can stake the tokens and gain passive income in the game.”

Ladislav Horáček

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