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Monkey League

A new generation of metaverse e-sports that combines popular multiplayer gaming with the possibility of earning cryptocurrencies.

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  • Experienced team
  • Transparency
  • Strong partnerships and cooperation
  • Great interest in the project


  • Distribution of the token into circulation
Rating 8.5
5 - Project Potential

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 - 2022

  • Monkey NFT Drop.

Q2 - 2022

  • Pioneers Gear Up.
  • $MBS staking 1.0.

Q3 - 2022

  • Breeding capsules sale.
  • Breeding season.
  • Closed core game Alpha.
  • MonkeyLeague Marketplace.
  • Closed Beta.

Q4 - 2022

  • In-game store.
  • Public launch of PvE mode.
  • Governance token $SCORE launch.


  • Public launch of PvP mode.
  • Stadions (land) sale.
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About the Game

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Monkey League is a new generation of metaverse e-sports combining profitable multiplayer gaming with Solana blockchain technology, NFTs and decentralized finance.

The game is turn-based. The teams play 4v4 matches, where each the team always has one scorer, midfielder, defender and goalkeeper.

Matches are played between two teams and consist of a number (so far indefinite) of rounds per half. Originally, 12 rounds per match were to be played, but this was evaluated as too much during the first company-wide gaming test at the end of February 2022. Each round ends when both teams complete their turns. In their turn, each team can perform three actions choosing from the following: player movement, dribble, pass or shot, or special move. Each round ends after the player has taken his actions or clicked on “End Round”.

Each monkey has its own attributes, which can be improved by training. Based on the attributes, each action is evaluated – the higher your monkey’s attribute, the greater the chance that it can pass through an opponent’s NFT. After performing an action, our monkey encounters the opponent’s monkey and their attributes are compared. For example, in a shot, the player’s attribute challenges the goalkeeper’s agility. Similarly, when we try to go through the opponent’s defender, we will undergo an attribute check against their abilities.

While the abilities of some players are set and dictated by the monkey’s rarity (affected by its alpha score) or what they are born with (game benefits), other abilities can be trained and developed over time (e.g., shot, pass).

Besides their core skills, MonkeyPlayers aka Monkey Athletes were born with 32 traits made according to their appearance, game skills, and game perks. MonkeyPlayers have 2.5 trillion potential permutations and each trait of the MonkeyPlayers will range in rarity.

Players will have a minimum of four MonkeyPlayers with core skills, to fill all the positions needed: Striker, Midfielder, Defender, and Goalie.

MonkeyPlayers’ core skills are passing, control, accuracy, and defense. They also have two positions; one being the best current position and the other one is the position that will be the best for the MonkeyPlayer, when it reaches all its core game skills.

This is where the strategy comes on to the stage because the players are expected to position their MonkeyPlayers according to their skills and the power of the actions of their current positions. These details can be displayed on the skill cards of each MonkeyPlayer.

Breeding system

The breeding feature allows Monkey NFT holders to breed their NFTs together in order to create new MonkeyPlayer NFTs. With the breeding feature, players will expand their teams, create new teams and trade their monkeys. The Breeding feature will be represented with seasons or themes and will reward its participants with limited edition features in their newly generated MonkeyPlayers. First Breeding Season of MonkeyLeague is built around the AC Milan theme and limited edition AC Milan branded features will be applied in the new Monkeys.

Each new monkey will get about 30% of the attributes from each “parent” and the remaining third will be randomly assigned.

Three game modes will be available:

  • PvE – player vs. environment – a training mode to increase your monkey’s overall abilities – will be launched during Q2 2022, a few weeks after Pioneers Gear Up Camp.
  • PvP – player vs. player – was supposed to be launched originally in Q2 2022 with the sale of stadiums, but the sale of stadiums was postponed to the end of 2022.
  • TvT – team vs. team – every single player will play for one monkey in a team with other three players against four opponents – will be launched as the last mode (date not known yet).
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Player Requirements

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The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000 units and the initial sale price was USD 0.04 per unit.

The token (MBS) was launched on December 21, 2021 at 3 pm CET. The token is listed on the Solana blockchain and can be purchased on the decentralized exchange (DEX) Raydium. Another DEX where the token can be purchased is ByBit and Serum DEX. It is also located on centralized exchanges FTX, Gate.io, Liquid and BitForex.

Monkeys are sold only on the secondary marketplaces magiceden.io, ftx.us, solanart.io and solsea.io. The lower purchase limit is around SOL 6. You only need one NFT to play the game, but of course you can use up to four. You can own as many as you like.

NFTs were originally sold by the project for SOL 2 per NFT, but we will no longer get such a price. Some limited NFTs have been sold for more than SOL 200.

Marketing / Listing – 2.5 %, i.e., 25,000,000 MBS

Partners / Advisors – 2.0 %, i.e., 20,000,000 MBS

Development – 5.0 %, i.e., 50,000,000 MBS

Team – 12.5 %, i.e., 125,000,000 MBS

Players and Ecosystem – 58.0 %, i.e., 580,000,000 MBS

Liquidity – 5.0 %, i.e., 50,000,000 MBS

Launchpad – 1.0 %, i.e., 1,000,000 MBS

Private sale – 14.0 %, i.e., 1,400,000 MBS

Token currently on CoinMarketCap

The token is being gradually released into circulation. The total supply of the token will be released 60 months after token listing.

There will also be another game token: $SCORE.

This is a governance token that will be used to vote on the future steps of the game. The token will be also used as a reward for $MBS holders. The users who hold the $MBS token the longest will generate the most.


From December 22, 2021, it is also possible to stake the token via the Raydium Liquidity Pool. The staking was also launched on the Gate.io exchange.

On the Raydium exchange, it is possible to withdraw the rewards from staking at any time, as well as the staked funds, so it is flexible.

The Treasury

The Treasury is the core of the feedback that drives demand in the ecosystem. Once the game is running, the Treasury will store fees and direct sales in the game’s metaverse.

The Monkey League Treasury will generate revenue from transaction fees collected at the game store and marketplace, breeding fees and more. Players who stake $SCORE in the Treasury will also receive $SCORE rewards for their share.

In order to build healthy liquidity for both tokens, Monkey League will reward providers of liquidity for various $SCORE and $MBS pairs.

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In addition to the standard possession of NFTs, you can of course earn by playing matches to win the game token. In addition, it is possible to earn by owning a stadium where we could host matches of other teams, or support the team that wins as a passive spectator. Another profit option is opening lootboxes and completing missions.

Currently, the project hosts a lot of competitions before the game starts, where it is possible to win MBS, help improve the project, or compete with the community.

It is also possible to earn by staking.

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The project is the brainchild of Israeli duo Raz Friedman (Product Director of Playtika company) and Shahaf Bar-Geffen (Co-Founder and CEO of COTI).

The Monkey League game revealed its entire team at the end of February during the BootCamp week. Its complete composition can be found here.

System architecture

The team of engineers working on the project are blockchain experts. They have been part of the teams that created layer 1 protocols (a layer 1 protocol, sometimes called the implementation layer, refers to the system associated with the core architecture of the blockchain network and defines its rules and parameters, such as its consensus algorithm, blocking time, transaction throughput, etc.), DeFi applications and exchanges.

The development team was behind some of the world’s most successful games, generating billions of dollars in revenue over the past 15 years.

Artwork from world studios

The creators use their experience and networks. They use the best studios to produce design art. Monkey League collaborates with the same studios that created the artwork for games like Call of Duty and Fall Guys and with top developers such as Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds.

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analyst opinion

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“I highly recommend Monkey League. It is a fast growing project with a unique game concept that goes high and has strong partnerships and very wide membership base.

The demand for project NFTs exceeds the supply. The speed of the growth of the project is outpaced perhaps only by the growth of the team itself, which consists of real experts with experience.

Last but not least, the project is not afraid to admit mistakes and improve on them. The project is very transparent. Although the game itself has not been launched yet, it appeared, for example, in a Forbes article where it was recommended.

A slightly unpleasant thing for investors may be the fact that the token will be released gradually within 60 months after listing, which may lead to a price decline. However, with each month the decline will be milder, essentially insignificant.”

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