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The Pegaxy game is based on the familiar concept of horse racing, but with mechanical Pega racing instead of horses.

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  • Well-known game concept
  • Strong team


  • High initial investment
Rating 8
4 - Project Potential

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 - 2023

  • Skill-based Gameplay
  • PegaSwap
  • Chest
  • Level-up Pega
  • User Account (Leveling)
  • New User Experience
  • Tutorial Experience
  • BGM, SFX

Q2 - 2023

  • First-time user experience (Beginner quest, daily check-in)
  • 1 New Game Mode, New Racetrack
  • Shop
  • Daily Tasks
  • Skins
  • New Skills

Q3 - 2023

  • Battle Pass (Season 1)
  • 1 New Game Mode, New Racetrack
  • Event
  • Skins
  • New Bloodline, New Skills
  • Chat
  • Guild

Q4 - 2023

  • Battle Pass Season 2
  • 1 New Game Mode, New Racetrack
  • Shop
  • Event
  • Skins, New Bloodline, New Skills
  • Tournament
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About the Game

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Pegaxy is a horse racing game where 15 players compete for top 3 placement. Each race has randomized elemental variables which include wind, water, fire, speed and more.

The game is currently being an auto-racer, but it will later switch to more manual Pega control so skilled players will be able to perform better in the game.

Rewards for the top 3 players are publicly visible in the race results chart.

In the future, stadiums will be sold bringing passive income for their owner.

It will also be possible to equip your Pega with “Gear” which can improve some of their stats (such as speed), but at the cost of some others.

The 12-month global competition called “The Grand Dash” rewards the top 60 racers every month (12 in each category, a smaller reward in PGX granted), out of which the top 15 racers worldwide are selected. These are generously rewarded with PGX tokens.


It should be noted that Pega are machines, therefore it is possible to breed “parents” with “children”, “children” with each other or with their “grandparents”.

Reproduction has its given price depending on the number of children already produced.

It is necessary to watch the bloodline and breeds. The Hoz bloodline is the rarest, the Zan the most common. When breeding, the lower rarity of the bloodline has the greater effect.

After breeding, players will need to wait for a cooldown before they can breed the Pega again.

There is currently a 50/50 chance of getting a certain gender. In the future, a food type may be introduced that could affect this.

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Player Requirements

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The time required to play varies depending on the number of races and the length of preparation before the race. Buying a Pega is the basic investment, as you need to own at least one to race. This investment can be significantly reduced by renting a Pega. You don’t pay anything for the rental itself, but the rental conditions vary. You pocket from 30 – 75% of the earnings and the rest goes to the Pega owner. It is also a good idea to make an initial investment of a few hundred dollars so that your Pega has a fair chance to win. To get better Pega, prepare 500 USDT and more (some Pega can be obtained for 20-150 USDT, but they are not that fast). You can pay with fiat currency or using a MetaMask wallet.

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The token release is well-designed, which means that the predefined inflation in the project should not have extreme effects on the token prices.


There are 2 tokens in the ecosystem: PGX and VIS.

Both run on the Polygon blockchain, PGX is the governance token and VIS is the in-game currency.

The maximum supply of PGX is 1 billion tokens, VIS has an unlimited supply of tokens. Both tokens are used for in-game transactions.

There hasn’t been any further information about token staking yet.


Exchanges: Uniswap (V3) (Polygon), KyberSwap (Polygon), DODO (Polygon).


Exchanges: KyberSwap (Polygon), Uniswap (V3) (Polygon).

Legendary Tokens (Fabled tokens)

Legendary tokens can no longer be obtained other than by purchasing them from another player, and their price ranges between 250 and 1000 USDT. This amount is not included in the minimum investment. There are also tokens at the price of 20,000 USDT, but since they are all equal, it is better to buy the cheaper ones.

There are currently 722 Fabled tokens in circulation, which is their total supply (they are burnt on use)

You need to have at least 5 of these tokens in order to turn a classic Pega into an upgraded Crowned Pega. After all Fabled tokens are used, no more Crowned Pega can ever be made.

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The player generates profit by:

  • Winning races (game rewards).
  • Trading NFT Pega on the marketplace.
  • Renting-out Pega to other players for a share of the racing profits.
  • Profits for the achievements of rented Pega.
  • Token staking.
  • In the future, passive income from stadiums purchased by the player.
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analyst opinion

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“The game is still in development, but its concept is very promising concept. The initial investment depends on your preference; it could be approximately 1500 USD for a Pega + other costs, but it is highly individual. The return on investment seems to be 2-3 years, but you can celebrate success even earlier. Stadiums and the possibility of reducing input costs by hiring Pega will also be interesting. In the future, the project will have a DAO introduced when the development of the game is completed (according to the developers).

The only criticism of the project is the graphics, which are not appealing from an artistic point of view. On the other hand, the utilization of assets is sophisticated.

The project also delivers on its promises and provides more and more user tools. Although it is still in the preparation stage, one can already find tools such as Ares (for guild management), Themis (community governance platform) and Apollo (statistics).”

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