Kuba Lohnický

Stella Fantasy

Anime MMORPG with graphics similar to Genshin Impact. Explore the land of Verania with your characters and earn great rewards.

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  • Strong team
  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Free-2-Play


  • No Cons for the project
Rating 8
4 - Project Potential

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 - 2022

  • Website open.
  • 1st Private Round.
  • 2nd Private Round.

Q2 - 2022

  • Whitepaper Release.
  • YouTube Launch.
  • Community Events.
  • Website Upgrade.

Q3 - 2022

  • GTM.
  • Gameplay trailer.
  • WL events.
  • Marketplace.
  • NFT Character Sales.

Q4 - 2022–2023

  • Closed Beta Test.
  • Tokens public sales.
  • PC Platform Launch.
  • Raid Boss Competition Content.
  • Team Tag Assault
  • New Chapters.
  • New Characters.
  • Launch on Mobile.
  • Friend System.
  • Stella metaverse.
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About the Game

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Players will awake in a nameless forest. From that point on their character will be accompanied by a trio of adventurers – Ruby, Lapis and Linette. They’ll venture across the land of Veranian filled with numerous adventures; they’ll be completing various quests, clear Abyss Rifts, and engage in many other activities.

Main story

Players will play the main story campaign, which will introduce them to the game mechanics. Progressing through the storyline will provide significant amounts of materials for crafting.


During combat, players can freely move around the battlefield using their abilities to defeat various monsters. The player can have up to three AI supported characters by their side. When all characters reach maximum elemental value during the combat, the player will be given the opportunity to perform a powerful synchronized Stella Strike with their characters.


Most characters in Stella Fantasy are NFTs. Each player will receive a basic trio of characters, which are not NFTs. You will have an option to play directly as your characters. Players can acquire additional characters by purchasing them on the marketplace, in the Stella shop and by clearing the Abyss Rift.

Each character will have one of three roles: defense, offense, or support. Character attributes are strength, agility, stamina, intelligence and will. Characters will be equipped with unique skills, which are divided into active ones (these can be activated by the player during the combat) and passive ones, which are automatically triggered during combat. You will also have the option of crafting and working in the village.

As in traditional RPGs, characters will have levels that can be increased by gaining XP from combat or using XP potions. After a character reaches their maximum level, they gain access to the Awakening process, which will increase their maximum level and gain a new passive skill. Awakening one character will require a second character of the same rarity as a boost. A single character can go through Awakening for a maximum of seven times, regardless of whether they are the target of the Awakening or serving as a support. (e.g. one character can be the target of an Awakening four times and a support for other characters three times).


Items in Stella Fantasy are NFTs which can be sold on the marketplace. Equipment can have six levels of rarity. Upgrading equipment will require the consumption of the same kind of equipment.

Abyss rift

An Abyss Rift is a dimensional gateway serving the same purpose in Stella Fantasy as dungeons do in most MMORPGs. Each Abyss Rift will be unique in its appearance and the monsters found in it. Venturing into an Abyss Rift will require the consumption of materials earned from player´s private lands. There also exist unique Abyss rifts that are time-limited and privately owned. Another type is the Race Abyss Rift which will be open to all players, however, access to it will be auctioned in SFTY tokens. The highest bidder can clear the rift.

Team Tag Assault

Team tag assault is a mode in which players are pitted against a single boss monster. The team can be built from up to twelve characters. Participants must deal damage to the boss to compete on a global leaderboard for performance rankings. The leaderboard is reset every season

Private Plots

Players will have the opportunity to build and manage their own town infrastructure to produce various materials. Materials gained on the land can be used in advancing the story campaign, entering the Abyss Rifts and crafting armor. Materials can be obtained by assigning one of the player’s characters to certain jobs, such as cutting down trees. Productivity will depend on the character’s stats and passive skills.


Players will be given the option to craft NFT equipment that can either be used for character development or sold on the marketplace.


Runes will feature as an NFT item and are equipped on characters in the same way as equipment. Using multiple runes from the same set unlocks a special set of attributes. As a result, runes naturally hold more value than equipment.

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Player Requirements

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The game will be Free-2-Play. It will first be available on Windows PC and later on Android and iOS.

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The total $SFTY supply is fixed and will not be increased in any way.

SFTY is the governance token of the game and can be used to:

  • Acquire characters.
  • Awaken characters.
  • Craft NFTs.


Manaring is the second currency in Stella Fantasy and will only be available in-game.

Manaring can be used for:

  • Character growth.
  • Equipment upgrades.
  • Content entrance fees.
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Players can earn by:

  • Trading NFTs on the marketplace.
  • Rewards for PvP ranking in leaderboards.
  • Team Tag Assault ranking rewards.
  • Completing the Abyss Rift.
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analyst opinion

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“I used to try to actively play Genshin Impact, but I got bored of the game within a week. That’s not to say that Genshin Impact was a bad game, it simply didn’t fit my needs. Stella Fantasy is so similar that if players saw it, they’d think it was a teaser for new characters. What I found interesting about Stella Fantasy is the combat mechanics. In Genshin Impact, players always fight using one character and can switch them during the fight. Stella Fantasy changed the lineup mechanics so that all characters can fight at once and the player can switch between them. I feel like this mechanic will draw the players more into the fight and make it more fun. It will be interesting when players form groups and there will be 12 characters from 3 players on the battlefield.

The project is being developed by the highly experienced Ring Games team, the creator of King’s Raid, which won the 2019 KOREA WEB AWARD. And what’s more, Ring Games managed to raise USD 6,000,000 for the project in a private token sale round.”

Kuba Lohnický

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