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I got into video games at a very young age. At six years old, I was already playing NES games like Contra, Mario, Metroid, and Tetris. From that moment on, I was always involved in video games, with most of my experience being on Nintendo consoles and PC games, playing Age of Empires 2 on GameSpy, or going to my friend’s house to play Super Smash Bros. I always liked multiplayer and coop games in which I could interact with friends and make new ones. Nowadays, I still play games, with World of Warcraft being one of my favorites. Videogames have taught me many things, from new languages to being patient and getting through difficult situations. I also like the way games are made, programming, the art, the music, and then everything working together to give the player the most immersive experience. It goes without saying at this point that I basically like everything about video games.

Overview of the projects analyzed by Samuel


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