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About Rocket Unit

I am a visionary, an expert on mind maps and, since 2017, a fan of blockchain technologies. I like BTC, DeFi and GameFi. In 2021, I realized that the crypto space is expanding so fast that it will be necessary to specialize to maintain the value of knowledge. This is why I’m interested in the METAVERSE, especially in GameFi. The Gala Games are among my favorites, and here I won the Discord role of CZ ambassador for my activity and knowledge.

I am a P2E player and Node operator at Gala Games. I also own a couple of plots of land in Somnium Space - I have a Gala Games building on one, and my YouTube channel about education on the other. It’s only been connected to the crypto field so far.

I enjoy learning new, especially highly applicable, things, such as biohacking, health, communication, technology, programming, martial arts and networking. I studied mechanical engineering in Ostrava, managed a year on an Erasmus+ program, and have several years of experience in the field. I have been actively trading for more than three years. I haven’t lived in the Czech Republic since 2022. You can currently find me in Paraguay.