Cornucopias "The Island"

Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is a large-scale Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn and Learn-To-Earn game based on the Cardano blockchain where players can own and be rewarded with land, real estate and other NFT-based assets.

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  • Highly interesting tokenomics
  • Clear whitepaper
  • Varied game environment


  • Forced investment to progress further in the game
Rating 8
4 - Project Potential

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 - 2021

  • Project research and planning.

Q2 - 2021

  • Cardano Blockchain Connector.

Q3 - 2021

  • Website release, creation of YouTube, Discord, Twitter accounts.

Q4 - 2021

  • $COPI token on Binance BNB Smart Chain network.
  • TikTok and Instagram launch.

Q1 - 2022

  • Launch of NFT sales of Sprinter and Gti Javelin game vehicles.
  • $COPI token on Cardano network.
  • NFT Marketplace launch.
  • Mobile Game release for Android devices (Internal Pre-Alpha).

Q2 - 2022

  • Free NFT – Bubblejett Sprinter OG edition.
  • COPIWiki – Cornucopias Wikipedia launch.
  • NFT land sale – in themed zones.
  • Mobile game release for Android/Apple (beta version).
  • PC game release UE4/5 Metaverse.

Q3 - 2022

  • Stake-and-Earn – NFT staking launch.
  • Guild formation and membership launch.
  • NFT sales of crafting tools and Home Bubbles.

Q4 - 2022

  • Mobile game update for Apple and Android (completely public).
  • A selection of land maps in themed zones on the website.

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About the Game

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Cornucopias “The Island” combines gaming with real-world commerce, giving traditional and e-commerce companies the opportunity to sell and promote their brands, goods and real-world services to hard-to-reach audiences they have not previously had access to.

In Cornucopias “The Island”, players can create and customize their avatar to their liking – design your clothes, facial features as well as the character’s body shape. Clothes and accessories can be customized for each character and can also be bought or sold as NFTs within the game in the player community. It is possible to buy land and create new assets during the game. More creative players can design their own items, such as coffee tables, beds and other household furnishings, which they can then display in an “island blueprint” that other players can then purchase, gather the necessary materials, and then craft as an entirely new NFT item in-game. Once created, the creator can enjoy these items in their virtual abode (the Home Bubble) or sell them to other players. Some items will be of great help in completing quests. There will also be animals and creatures with different properties and abilities for characters to move around the Island. In the center of the Island is the city zone (The City) where players can shop at NFT stores.

The smallest territorial units of the Island are the plots that players can buy. After purchasing a land plot, the player can develop it with different types of buildings: residential (house, apartment, skyscraper, tent), commercial (business, bank, shop), industrial (wood, water, metal processing), agricultural, recreational.

Home Bubble

A home bubble; a focal point that is unique to each individual and in which game assets and NFTs can be stored. All players will get their own bubble for free, which will include a plot of land with two trees and a hammock. The aim of the game is to expand and develop this space.

Starter Island

The starter Island is a learning zone for the PC game. Players will be assisted by NPCs to learn basic game mechanics including crafting and quests in a colorful tropical island setting.

Themed zones

Themed zones are huge, technologically advanced floating domes that encompass vast landscapes. Each zone has a unique style, story and features. Players can explore them, socialize there, discover quests and seek out adventure.

Zones will be divided into districts where NFT land is parceled out and players can own it. These plots are available in five sizes, with each size gradually increasing in value and utility.

Privately Owned Custom Domes

These customizable domes are large floating domes with NFT plots owned by players that serve as venues for games and events.

The player designs the environment of the custom dome and creates its contents using a combination of templates and land building tools. These can for instance be race tracks, forts or stadiums.


In each zone, it will be possible to play a series of minigames that are thematically relevant to that zone. During the game, the player will be rewarded for completing challenges, mini-games and/or reaching milestones.

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Player Requirements

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The token of the game is $COPI, which can be found on the Binance BNB Smart Chain and on the Cardano blockchain. The Cardano blockchain is a secure, decentralised, autonomous and flexible platform on which various blockchain games can be built. Cornucopias “The Island” aims to become the largest NFT marketplace on the Cardano platform. The only place where the $COPI token can currently be purchased is PancakeSwap.

Changes to the Cornucopias “The Island” game and its development, or rule choices, will be decided by the owners of NFT land, other NFT assets and Cornucopias tokens.


In order to play and gain access to exclusive areas of the game, a player must stake their tokens, for which they will gain access rights. With more tokens staked, the player will be able to access more areas and will reach higher character levels. NFT staking will also be possible on the Island, allowing users to obtain specific items for in-game consumption or for trading with other players.

There are two rewards for staking:

  • Rewards in the form of Cornucopias coins.
  • Rewards in the form of Cornucopias NFTs – these can be kept for in-game investments or transferred to the marketplace.
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The game allows you to generate three sources of income:

  • Play-To-Earn, where the player will receive cryptocurrency earnings for playing mini-games.
  • Build-To-Earn will allow creative players to earn money by selling their manufactured items as NFTs to other players.
  • Learn-To-Earn, where Cornucopias’ collaboration with education centers will bring the opportunity to learn and earn rewards by playing educational minigames.
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Rob Greig
Research, development (blockchain, desktop, cloud), project management

Josh Jones
Marketing, blockchain and leadership, YouTube channel owner

Geoff Hewett
Development, design and blockchain

Anthony Renicks
Quality Assurance and Customer Relations

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analyst opinion

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“Cornucopias “The Island” is a sophisticated and really interesting game, which to some extent reflects the real world and specifically encompasses the creation of physical assets, their sale, trading, expanding property, building profits and all this in the form of fun games. I really like the possibility of changing the game environment thanks to thematic zones, and the mini-games related to each zone are also interesting. The game is not monotonous and you definitely won’t get bored with it. Having an entrepreneurial spirit will be an advantage, but if you are creative and can predict the future, your profits will skyrocket thanks to the creation of in-game NFT’s. I’m really intrigued by the game and will be happy to play it.”

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